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link love

Posted by Gexx on April 29, 2009

Every now and again I add some links to my account that can only be described as “odd,” so I give them the tab “bloggable” or “blogable,” dependant on how i feel like spelling.  Here are a few:

The first is a website devoted to preserving words that are currently falling out of parlence through adoption.  If you want to add some veteratorian flosculation to your rhetoric, Save the Words is where to go.  Magistracide is still available ;).

The second is an article, “Marijuana in Beer“, which is about ::drumroll:: marijuana in beer.  Simply: an important part of the beer process includes hops, so what if we were to switch things up a bit and dryhop with the flowers of the female pot plant.  And for the record, I can’t type “marijuana” without hearing in my head “mer[EE-JEE-wanna”.

The third is another article, “Hipster Economy,” by Jack Neely of the Metropulse, Knoxville’s local free biweekly.  An economical paradigm I’ve been touting for a while has been that spending money locally will stay more among the “normal” people and less will go to the fatcats of the multinationals.  The article is a correlary of this: lay off a local hipster who frequents local businesses and the local economy suffers.



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Pasta Making

Posted by Gexx on April 4, 2009

Last night M and I made pasta. I had been wanting to use my pasta maker for quite a long time and I finally cornered M when we both had time. I had a bag and a half of semolina flour, and I wanted to use it ALL!

The recipe on the back of the bag stated:
1.5 c semolina flour
2 eggs or 3 egg whites beaten
2 tbsp water
2 tbsp olive oil

I had 6 cups of flour, so I mixed that with the 8 eggs, 1 cup water, and 1 cup olive oil (1 liquid tbsp= 1 liquid oz). The dough had the consistency of batter, so I added some wholewheat flour I have. Eventually it got to a doughy consistancy.

Come to find out, I should have added either the whole eggs *or* the eggwhites, oil, and water. So I had enough liquid for twice as much flour!

Flour Flour Everywhere

Using the machine, we learned that we still needed to continually add flour to the dough, which makes sense as the dough gets thinner and then cut into noodles there is more surface area. That’s why there’s so much flour in this:

We planned to take the noodles from the machine and then hang them, but so many broke and ended up on the floor.

Rack o Pasta

Structurally Unsound
We eventually made a line where noodles were lined up on dish towels until they were a little stiff and then finished up being hung. After they dried (hopefully) sufficiently, they were tossed in flour again and then placed in freezer bags. Out of 3 pounds of flour and 2.5 hours of work, we probably ended up with 3 pounds of noodles due to breakage.
Top of Stove

However, it was a learning experience, and I made a yummy bolognese sauce last night to put with part of our creation. They were really awesome, which I guess in the end, is what matters!

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Posted by Gexx on March 28, 2009

A Softer World

A Softer World

A Softer World

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image post

Posted by Gexx on March 25, 2009

A few things I’ve found:

And something silly – It’s easier to realize how silly a song is when it’s slowed down.

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A regular Monday

Posted by Gexx on March 3, 2009

Answer to the riddle… and I’m going above and beyond. I found a 9 letter word that can be reduced: splitting, spitting, sitting, siting, sting, ting, tin, in, I

I found an awesome streaming NPR site: KAXE ( ) out of Grand Rapids.  They play a bunch of Jazz/Blues/World/Americana.  And their news/Human Interest are a whole bunch of green/enviro/soc articles.  For example, I just heard about a green Bar Mitzvah and a promotion for a piece of coal miners realizing that just what their impact was (what their labor was worth, that they could interrupt the power supply). Oh, and the weather is a high of 20… in Grand Rapids.  Not surprising.

What did I get done:
2- Go to Target and get new bins.
4- Check BookMovement site for accuracy
9- keep room clean


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To accomplish by Tuesday PM

Posted by Gexx on March 1, 2009

Morgan and I went to McKay's today after brunch.  Girl Scouts were selling cookies.  Unfortunately I didn't have any cash on me. 😦

My friend Kazen sent me to an NPR site with a full listen to Neko Case's new CD.  She's really starting to grow on me.

There is a common English word that is seven letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains a common English word — from seven letters right on down to a single letter. What is the original word, and what are the words that it becomes after removing a letter at a time?

Todo list.  How exciting am I?

1- Finish Midterm
2- Go to Target and get new bins.
3- Meet w Dr. A
4- Check BookMovement site for accuracy
5- wrap/get Bday gift to friend
6- make seed starter
7- determine new layout for dining room
8- mortgage
9- keep room clean

That looks admirable.

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