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The Casa

Posted by Gexx on March 23, 2009


So today I got my camera working. It consisted of finding two AA batteries. You wouldn’t think that would be too hard, but until I went on my cleaning jag, I could never find two batteries at the same time.

orion Orion sez HI!

neci Neci is recharging her lasers!

This is my seedstarter:

I used a 16 quart rubbermade-type tub. The inside is lined with aluminium foil. The lid has Christmas LED lights poking through holes I drilled with my power drill.

Does it work, you ask?


I do believe that it does.

Outside, I have:
My pear tree.

The plum tree still looks like a stick. (so you don’t get a picture)

Random bulbs everywhere

This year’s garden:

and next year’s garden:



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Stupid Cat

Posted by Gexx on March 22, 2009

How stupid can my cat be?

Neci, the one who’s always sick, has decided, while I was gone, to eat a chunk of string. So now she is shitting out a length of string. It’s absolutely disgusting because fecal matter clings to it. I just discovered it this afternoon, so I cut it close to her butt. I heard that pulling on it can just damage the intestines, so I figure I’m up for a few days of poopy string cutting.

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Sick Kitten Edition

Posted by Gexx on March 7, 2009

I wanted something sweet for dessert.  I poured myself a glass of scotch.

Look at These

 I would order them if they were in my size. But, alas, of all the sizes to be out of, mine is included at the moment.  But perhaps it’s a good thing since I need to watch my finances.  The cool thing about the company here is that they use all reclaimed/recycled materials.  In the area, their stuff is sold at Mast General Store and at some other place out west (go to the simpleshoes site).

So my kitten:
Yesterday I came home and noticed a few spots of watery puke.  I wasn’t too worried since normally after they heave up a hairball, a few seconds later (and in another room) they puke up a thinner batch.  So i went looking for the substantial deposits.  There were none, but I caught Neci in mid puke. It was thin. Then she did it again. And again. And again.  I cleaned them up and picked her up.  She was more cuddly than normal and when I set her down she curled up and chilled.  I figured it was a stomach bug and we would go to the vet the following day if it continued.

That evening she didn’t puke much more, she slept right next to me.  This morning, however, I woke up at 5AM to cat-hacks.  And sure enough, it was the same style of puking.  Then she ran off and I had to check all sorts of hiding places to find her.  About 7AM I got up and got ready. 8AM I had her in the carrier… no drama there so she really must not be feeling well… and we went to the vet’s who opened at 8.30AM.  We sat in the parking lot till they opened and as soon as the door unlocked, we were in.  The vet got to us rather quickly.  She felt around and confirmed what I embarassedly thought was the most probable. 

She was constupated. 

But to rule out anything else, we were going to have an xray.  Which would also show fecal matter to confirm the constupation diagnoses.  We had the xray and sure enough, there was a whole line of poo from her butt to her stomach.  Poor Kitty!!

The doctor said that we should do an enema, and she offered to keep the kitten for the day so she didn’t “explode” (doctor’s words) in my house.  I took her up on that offer and went to work.  This afternoon I picked her up.  Apparently she hadn’t pooed defecated much, so the doctor warned me she might still “explode” in my house.  Ah well.  If the puking doesn’t change by Monday, we’re to come back in.

So we go home.  And she pukes again.  And again.  And she goes to sleep.  I pick her up and massage her belly to promote the poopage and she stays there for over an hour.  Then she gets up and wanders.  I realize it’s a good time for our 2x daily pill, so I retreive her and we have a battle of wits.  She thought she could spit it out later, but NO! I caught it and covered it in petroleum jelly (their fave snack).  Then we had another fight.  Poor kitten!

When I let her go, she ran off and I didn’t see her agian for hours.  I started to get worried that she slipped outside when my neighbor or when Morgan showed up.  Just now, while typing, she appeared from under my bed and puked on my favorite shoes, my bra, and then somewhere in the other room.  I should probably try to figure this out now. 

Poo. both as an imperative and an explitive.

btw – I love Broadway Vet Clinic.  They’ve treated us very well.

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