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Todo Before Thesis Crazyness

Posted by Gexx on May 10, 2009

So the plan is to start my thesis work on Wednesday. I’ll go out, map the area, and we should be ready for shovel-time. Until then, though, I want to try to get things in order on the home front. After all, M will be having his birthday here!!
So here’s a list of what I need to do
1- get a waterproof journal
2- get paperwork set up for site
3- fix leaky faucet
4- clean bathroom, like, really clean, for guests
5- pick up kitchen
6- pick up extraneous stuff from office
7- wrap up extra glasses in kitchen
8- purchase food/supplies for M’s party
9- figure out if I still have a picnic table or if it has officially died
10- find another table

11- mow the backyard
11b – mow the front yard
12- another sweep of poison ivy
13- move aquarium stuff into basement
14- install coat hooks in living room
15- pick up stuff covering couch
16- take out recycling
17- prepare recycling buckets for party
18- get vermiculture started
19- get cake recipe and supplies (recipe secured from co-worker’s wife)
20- weed then mulch the garden
21- spray garden w my natural bugspray recipe
22- plant new basils
23- repot vigorously growing plants
24- make vegan salad

25- make potato salad

(edit 1230PM Wednesday)


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Posted by Gexx on May 4, 2009

I had the wierdest dream last night. To start off, let’s go over today’s events.  First, I needed to be at the museum at 8AM in order to prepare for 100 kindergarteners showing up at 8.30.  My boss is out of town, so it’s just me and one other grad student.  They came 30-some at a time about each hour for an hour.  So they left just after 12.  I then clean up.  My only other obligation is to print out a paper and deliver it to my professer before 5.30.

So my dream:

I get to the museum on time and prepare, but instead of kindergarteners, highschoolers from Kentucky show up.  That’s ok. I do the program, they head out, I clean up.  Suddenly, one of the students shows up and says “I was in the bathroom, where is my class?”

I panic and try to find my boss’s office, which is nowhere to be found.  I try to call her teacher, we try to call her parents. No one is to be found, so I have no choice but to drive her back to Kentucky.  I do that, and I return at 7PM.  My paper was due at 5.30!!!  I rush to the department and try to explain this to my professor.

He stares at me and says:

“Well, you should have thought of that before.”

And I woke up.

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The Problem with “Women’s Health”

Posted by Gexx on April 2, 2009

I’m part of that marvelous special interest group that McCain pointed out as not really important because we require “airquotes.” The group that requires “Women’s Health.”

I need my annual exam.  Previous years I’ve gone to a Family Practitioner whose practice had a slightly subtle anti-choice bent.  The first time I didn’t catch it, but the second time I went, there were signs all around about how the clinic respects “the sanctity of life.”

This year I looked for someone else. The Walgreen’s next to my house has a walk in, Take Care Clinic, so I went over today to check it out. Walgreen’s is the only place in the area I’ve been able to get PlanB, so I felt comfortable going there. I go to find that the clinic, while it states that it offers a woman’s physical and that it takes my insurance, does not write prescriptions for birth control. The FNP there helps me by calling around to previous places she’s worked at including the Repro Health Clinic that is right next to M’s where anti-choice posterholders are gathered every morning.

I get into my car and call a few other places that she recommended to find that to use my insurance I need a referral from … someone, but no one knows who. I go home and go online to call the University’s Health Services. The first number I call, marked “Family Planning” is for the county’s FP office, but they tell me I need to call the appointment line for the UHS. So I do. I can get an appointment / referral through them, but only after I pay $82 because they consider me “part time” even though the rest of the University considers me full time. And I need to wait more than two weeks to get the appointment.

So I call the Repro Health Clinic again. I can get in on Monday. It’s about $90. And I know I can get parking. The woman on the phone reminds me of their location, I mention that I see the poster holders there every morning. She says they’re their best advertisement. We giggle.

I think that we have an issue when I get better, faster treatment at similar prices when I DON’T use my insurance.

The Health Care Debacle proven through anecdotal evidence.

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just one more tree

Posted by Gexx on March 29, 2009

So I discovered that my Orient Pear (Pyrus communis) is *not* self pollinating. At least, that’s what the Arbor day foundation tells me, and if I can’t believe them, who can I believe.


So after calling around to see who sold the required Kieffer pears (Pyrus communis x P. pyrifolia), which are in fact self fertile. M and I ventured to Pope’s Garden Center in Maryville to pick one up.

While there, I picked up a started seedling of Mr. Stripey tomatoes and a four pack of hot peppers.

On the way home, it started to rain and got significantly colder, so I set the tree on its side (it’s really windy) to be planted tomorrow when it will be back in the 60s and sunny

So the current list of trees are:
Stanley Plum
Orient Pear
Keiffer Pear

I’m considering purchasing an Apricot tree from the Arbor Day foundation as well as some forsythias and lilacs to create a flowering boundary between my house and the industrial storage yard next door. They’re generally quiet, just moving equipment in and out now and again, but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

My other plants, which are doing rather well in the sprouter, are:
Roma Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
and peppers, but i don’t remember at the moment what type they are

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my boyfriend

Posted by Gexx on March 12, 2009

I hate the concept of "traditional gender roles."  Traditional to whom?  It's not my tradition.  Instead, I want equality.  For some reason I don't enjoy being thought of as an unable individual, a second class citizen.  I want someone to treat me well because they like me and wish to be altruistic, making my life nicer at expense of their effort, not because I'm female.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

Last night my friend had a birthday party, and Morgan and I attended.  He started talking to some of our friends and some topic came up, I think it was regarding a letter that he wrote to the editor of the school paper after it had a headline stating that"Cocks bring Vols to their knees" was bad on two counts. 1) we won the game. 2) equating sexual acts with demonstration of power is really not classy and the editor should be mature enough to realize that.  He was then asked "wait, your a feminist, aren't you."  He stated, "Yes I am."  None of that beating around the bush of claiming but also attempting to educate that feminists are about equality, not non-shaving, army boot wearing, men haters.  Just "Yes I am."

My friend turns to me and says "Don't you ever date guys with balls?"

I tell her that I find the fact that he views me as a partner, as an able equal to be extremely sexy.

He offers to show her his balls if she doesn't believe him.

I think that what he said, while it should be 'expected', in this situation was openly shown hostility, and instead he didn't hide behind privilege.  It *was* rather ballsy.

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today’s plans

Posted by Gexx on March 5, 2009

I have all afternoon free:
1- Walmart for Rx (need to transfer to someplace NOT Walmart)
2- load of stuff to Goodwill
3- put away laundry
4- re-arrange dining room
5- refill dresser

6- dinner

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On to the weekend

Posted by Gexx on March 5, 2009

Ok, I MUST meet w Dr. A before the weekend. Other than that, I'm pretty much free, so here's the plan:
1- hang out w J and H at some point
2- plant those damn seedlings
3- finish the damn seed starter
4- read for class
5- clean up porch
6- clean up basement
7- re-arrange dining room
8- look at lawn mowers

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