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just one more tree

Posted by Gexx on March 29, 2009

So I discovered that my Orient Pear (Pyrus communis) is *not* self pollinating. At least, that’s what the Arbor day foundation tells me, and if I can’t believe them, who can I believe.


So after calling around to see who sold the required Kieffer pears (Pyrus communis x P. pyrifolia), which are in fact self fertile. M and I ventured to Pope’s Garden Center in Maryville to pick one up.

While there, I picked up a started seedling of Mr. Stripey tomatoes and a four pack of hot peppers.

On the way home, it started to rain and got significantly colder, so I set the tree on its side (it’s really windy) to be planted tomorrow when it will be back in the 60s and sunny

So the current list of trees are:
Stanley Plum
Orient Pear
Keiffer Pear

I’m considering purchasing an Apricot tree from the Arbor Day foundation as well as some forsythias and lilacs to create a flowering boundary between my house and the industrial storage yard next door. They’re generally quiet, just moving equipment in and out now and again, but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

My other plants, which are doing rather well in the sprouter, are:
Roma Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
and peppers, but i don’t remember at the moment what type they are


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The Casa

Posted by Gexx on March 23, 2009


So today I got my camera working. It consisted of finding two AA batteries. You wouldn’t think that would be too hard, but until I went on my cleaning jag, I could never find two batteries at the same time.

orion Orion sez HI!

neci Neci is recharging her lasers!

This is my seedstarter:

I used a 16 quart rubbermade-type tub. The inside is lined with aluminium foil. The lid has Christmas LED lights poking through holes I drilled with my power drill.

Does it work, you ask?


I do believe that it does.

Outside, I have:
My pear tree.

The plum tree still looks like a stick. (so you don’t get a picture)

Random bulbs everywhere

This year’s garden:

and next year’s garden:


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