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Todo Before Thesis Crazyness

Posted by Gexx on May 10, 2009

So the plan is to start my thesis work on Wednesday. I’ll go out, map the area, and we should be ready for shovel-time. Until then, though, I want to try to get things in order on the home front. After all, M will be having his birthday here!!
So here’s a list of what I need to do
1- get a waterproof journal
2- get paperwork set up for site
3- fix leaky faucet
4- clean bathroom, like, really clean, for guests
5- pick up kitchen
6- pick up extraneous stuff from office
7- wrap up extra glasses in kitchen
8- purchase food/supplies for M’s party
9- figure out if I still have a picnic table or if it has officially died
10- find another table

11- mow the backyard
11b – mow the front yard
12- another sweep of poison ivy
13- move aquarium stuff into basement
14- install coat hooks in living room
15- pick up stuff covering couch
16- take out recycling
17- prepare recycling buckets for party
18- get vermiculture started
19- get cake recipe and supplies (recipe secured from co-worker’s wife)
20- weed then mulch the garden
21- spray garden w my natural bugspray recipe
22- plant new basils
23- repot vigorously growing plants
24- make vegan salad

25- make potato salad

(edit 1230PM Wednesday)


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Groundhog Battle, part A

Posted by Gexx on April 2, 2009

I have a groundhog. It’s big. I’ll get you all a picture soon. M just saw it today for the first time, and he was impressed. My friend Jim was enthralled with it last summer. It eats anything I put in the ground (hence my propensity toward container gardening the other years).

Oh, and he lives under my house.

This year, however, I do not want to give up all my succulent sprouts to the whistlepig.

So far the options are:

I don’t want to shoot it, obviously. And who do I want to burden with another groundhog? So this weekend we’re building a fence with some chickenwire and supports.

Wish us luck!

edit: found online

If you just want to keep them from eating your garden, spray the plants with the following mixture.

2 ozs. Of fish oil
1 tablespoon of dish soap
1 pint of warm water.

Mix all ingredients together in a clean bowl and strain through several layers of nylon stocking to remove any solids. Put the mixture into an old spray bottle and spray the plant leaves, top and bottom and the stems. This mixture works well on all rodents.

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just one more tree

Posted by Gexx on March 29, 2009

So I discovered that my Orient Pear (Pyrus communis) is *not* self pollinating. At least, that’s what the Arbor day foundation tells me, and if I can’t believe them, who can I believe.


So after calling around to see who sold the required Kieffer pears (Pyrus communis x P. pyrifolia), which are in fact self fertile. M and I ventured to Pope’s Garden Center in Maryville to pick one up.

While there, I picked up a started seedling of Mr. Stripey tomatoes and a four pack of hot peppers.

On the way home, it started to rain and got significantly colder, so I set the tree on its side (it’s really windy) to be planted tomorrow when it will be back in the 60s and sunny

So the current list of trees are:
Stanley Plum
Orient Pear
Keiffer Pear

I’m considering purchasing an Apricot tree from the Arbor Day foundation as well as some forsythias and lilacs to create a flowering boundary between my house and the industrial storage yard next door. They’re generally quiet, just moving equipment in and out now and again, but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty.

My other plants, which are doing rather well in the sprouter, are:
Roma Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
and peppers, but i don’t remember at the moment what type they are

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The Casa

Posted by Gexx on March 23, 2009


So today I got my camera working. It consisted of finding two AA batteries. You wouldn’t think that would be too hard, but until I went on my cleaning jag, I could never find two batteries at the same time.

orion Orion sez HI!

neci Neci is recharging her lasers!

This is my seedstarter:

I used a 16 quart rubbermade-type tub. The inside is lined with aluminium foil. The lid has Christmas LED lights poking through holes I drilled with my power drill.

Does it work, you ask?


I do believe that it does.

Outside, I have:
My pear tree.

The plum tree still looks like a stick. (so you don’t get a picture)

Random bulbs everywhere

This year’s garden:

and next year’s garden:


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garden – part II

Posted by Gexx on March 22, 2009

Today I pulled out the saw horses with the intent of reducing my tree to manageable-sized pieces. Unfortunately, the battery for my circular saw was low, so it just couldn’t get the power needed to cut through the wood. So that’s charging. I did, however, pile all of the tree into one pile, so it’s no longer spread between two lawns. Then I set up black plastic on a patch of yard to solarize the area for next year’s garden. The theory is that the black plastic will trap enough heat to kill out all living things under it: weeds, grass seed, that damn bush that won’t die, and other stuff. Then, this fall, all I need to do is lay down newspaper, compost, leaves, and cover it with something to keep it in place, and next year I will have a 10 foot by 12 foot garden! More food!

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Posted by Gexx on March 20, 2009

So I now have a 5 foot by 7 foot by 1 foot raised bed ready for vegetables. I also have a yard without an icky brushy spot or frustrating stupid overtaking tree. And recently, a pear tree and plum tree have been included and a spot for an apricot tree has been picked out. Seeds have been started in a mini-LED powered green house. Two window boxes have been sown with kale. Now to just figure out what to do with the grapes.

Hopefully this is a fruitful summer, no pun intended.

In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn

Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy. ~Astrid Alauda

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