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I’m not dead

Posted by Gexx on September 29, 2009

… only twittering.

Seriously, the blog has been slow, but the tweets have been many.  I’ve been rather busy w M’s store ( and with school.

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Posted by Gexx on September 5, 2009

I’ve been bringing out some inexperienced undergrads to my site and teaching them the finer points of shovelbumming.  It’s been going well, and I appreciate the company as there are bears around (I only bring ones that run slower than me…joking).  But I have a new friend who lets me know that there are no bears.  It’s an 8 point (currently) velvet buck.  He’s shown up a few times lately, and when he doesn’t some generic does poke around.  Today he was one of the days he didn’t come over.  But I found him later on the return trip hanging out with a four pointer.

I kinda (kinda) feel bad because while he’s not even 10m from me, I’m thinking “I would buy a deep freeze for him.”

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Hair removal review: threading

Posted by Gexx on August 16, 2009

I’m getting ready for back to school stuff.  I dyed my hair red.. I’ve stopped going to a salon because I’m going to the field.  I’d rather not pay the ~$200 for cut/color/style/tip that I normally do and then squish it under a bandanna all the time.  Plus I’m growing it out to do something fun with before my October trip to Boston.  But today M and I went to the mall because we’re looking for some good “stand on cement floor for 8 hours” shoes and he doesn’t like Chaco, Teva, Keens, or anything else that we tried that has good structural support.  So I found a store that sells Birkenstocks and we went.  He ended up not liking the Birks, but he did find a pair of Keens that he likes.

On the way, we passed by a kiosk where two women were threading eyebrows!  Threading is a hair removal method that involves wrapping a string around a hair and using that tension to remove the hair.  It doesn’t require the heat and trauma of waxing and unlike tweezing, it can’t grab or pinch the skin.  So I stopped and had my eyebrows done!  It wasn’t entirely painless… you are pulling out hair.  It did take some time, also, but I did *really* need to get them done and she *really* made them thinner than I normally wear them.  It was well done and it cost me (including tip and ATM fees bc they only take cash) $17.

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Ringing in the New Year: Wine (and WoW)

Posted by Gexx on January 2, 2009

The new year in Knoxville was rung in rather uneventfully, but still satisfactorily.  There were invitations, but one party was with Eric in Cookeville (1.5 hours away) and the other was with a few people I really didn't know.  Morgan and I were tempted to the Cookeville one, but I really didn't want to sleep on a couch.  I guess I'm getting older.

So what did we do?  Well, we went out and got some fancy cheeses and then we hooked up with Heather on World of Warcraft and watched some fireworks in Stormwind (one of the in game cities) and drank in-game wine and got our characters drunk. Which is funny as the screen gets blurry, the avatar can't walk straight, and when you chat, the speach is slurred and interrupted by "hic"s.  During all of this Morgan and I finished 4 bottles of wine: a vino verde, Badger Mountain organic Reisling, Pacific Rim Dry Reisling, and a sparkling shiraz for the New Year bubbly.

On the Vino Verde: I had heard about them before so when we hit Downtown Wine and Spirits (awesome btw!) and I saw one I snagged it.  It went marvelously with the blue cheese with honey and pecans.  The VV has a light, citrusy, GREEN flavor … and it's SPARKLY!  I'm so very glad that we decided to drink it first because it had a delicate flavor. I will definately try it again.

I was looking up VV's trying to find the lable of the one we had – it had a flower on it – a big vibrent one that the lable said was painted by the vinyardowner's 4 year old grand/daughter/neice.  Then I find that this one is one of's best wines under $15 for 2008.  Well, I passed up the Gazela for the one I bought based on the store clerk's advice (it was still under $15) so I guess next time I'll try Gazela…. then we shall see which is better!

For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. – T. S. Elliot

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.  – Benjamin Franklin

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Day 174 – Meh

Posted by Gexx on October 27, 2008

I somehow think that Safe Haven will be getting a good amount of $ from me this year. That’s ok. It’s tax deductible.

So let’s go through this. I’ve been marvelously unmotivated. I will work on this and make the next 174 days better.

17 – I haven’t had 1 meal days in a long long time. The first meal might be rather late, but still.

27 – We did a wine tasting. It was really really cool. Hit 4 different wineries in the SE Tennessee.

29 – Dinner Party #2 was most awesome. It was a Pirate Zombie Rum theme party. Dave came down from New York and everything. Yay!

37 – I brought my bag to the farmers market a bunch of times. Also I’ve been bringing it to the grocery store.

38 – At the last farmer’s market I got some info on CSA. I am looking for someone to split a half share. Then we’re on, baby!

39 – Locavore foods yay! Lots of food has been made in my kitchen with local foods. More recipes are at

48 – I’ve read a fun book! Sorta –
Ishmael – I didn’t like it.

50 – Brewer’s Jam. Lots of fun.

55 – FAIL. The brother is back.

56 – We sent lots of emails back and forth.

69 – The freezer is CLEANED!

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Culinary Blog

Posted by Gexx on October 10, 2008

So I’m going to try my hand at recording my cooking adventures.

Here’s the link.

Gexx Cooks

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rhetoric rage! and myspace removed my uterus

Posted by Gexx on October 2, 2008

this has been bugging me for a while… the phrase
“rape or incest”

aren’t these both rape if they’re non-concensual?


so the uterus picture below with the caption of a play on “this is not a pipe” which has launched discussion of my french proficiency (yeah, yahoo translator for the not-win, we’re working on this) has been removed from myspace (after i took it off of my default as i wanted to fix it) for the fact that it was offensive.

darn those internal organs, forcing us to face the fact that we are females with girly bits.

but apparently cleavage /  bikini shots are fine


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Day 90 – chugging along

Posted by Gexx on August 3, 2008

Hugs all around to everybody. I know that 99.99999% of the people I mean don’t even know the existence of this blog, but I really appreciate them being here. I’ve gone through bouts of annoyance, anger, guilt, sadness, self-righteousness, fear, and many other not quite positive emotions. There have been many people who have been willing just to sit and let me try to formulate my thoughts, to take me out to get my mind off of it, and who have filled in the other side of the story when I started to be rather one sided about my failure to be in a relationship. I’m working on going through a “break over”. And I’m feeling good about things again, I think.

So, there’s a whole bunch to update on….

6 – In progress, I’m working for The Park again. It’s just a summer thing, though. So it’s sorta gainful, but the goal was for something a bit more… permanent.

17 – A conservative estimate, I have eaten at least two meals a day since July 1. It’s actually been longer than that, but this will make “for a month” much easier.

28 – I had my FIRST BBQ OF THE SUMMER!!!

26 – I went to the beach in NC with Heather, her sister, and their friend. There we tried all sorts of restaurants.

The Firebird, Durham NC, was a nice Bar/Restaurant. They made awesome mojitos and crab cakes.

The TIKI bar Wilmington NC, was a cute lunch stop. We had fried seafood platters and some good microbrews.

The OCEANIC Wilmington NC area – a most impressive facility. The food was awesome. I had a bowl of soup and a salad ( both were so big!). The soup was she-crab, made with local crab. I’m always on the lookout for local foodstuffs. The salad was a house salad topped with medium rare tuna slices. I drank a nice Biltmore Pinot-G. DELICIOUS!! The restaurant was HUGE and OLD. It was so old, in fact, that it was a historic place, and a side effect of being a historic place is that there are a lot of restrictions on any architectural changes. So they had only two 1 stall ladies’ rooms in the place. In the bothroom was a sign explaining why there aren’t more bathrooms. I was quite impressed. Others at the table got sauteed salmon, or grouper with a lemon-caper sauce. We were quite content.

The Buffalo Grill – Oak Ridge, TN – We were working near this place, and neither of us had gotten lunch, so we stopped in here. I had a fried green tomato sandwich… so much garlic… very very awesome.

42 – in progress… Heather and I signed up for Belly Dance lessons. They’re fun! We’ve only had one so far, but we paid for a 6 week series.

48 – this is where we get to have fun… lets see if I can remember everything.

Eat, Pray, Love
Elizabeth Gilbert
So, this is not a book to read right after a break up… or is it? EPL follows the author, it’s nonfiction, through a world wide search of “finding herself” and “getting over her marriage.” She eats and speaks her way through Italy in 4 months. She prays her way through an Ashram in India, another 4 months. And she attempts to put her learnings of both pleasure and devotion to use in Indonesia for 4 months. Along the way she works her way through her divorce, coming to terms with it. She meets new people, she falls in love, she makes you wish that you could get paid to get over your relationship.

It’s Called a Break Up Because it’s BROKEN
I read this right after Eat Pray Love. It’s part II of the “BOO HOO I’M SINGLE” trilogy. This book, written by a husband and wife team, is a rather humorous, no-holds barred account of how to not only deal with a break up but succeed with a break over. It’s quite clear. YES you will keep living. NO he isn’t sitting at home regretting his decision. YES there are other people. NO he’s not as good as you remember him. It continually points out “If he was so great, why did he break up with you?” Basically, it tells you what you know, but that you need someone else to hear. It was quite a good book for me to read. I was confused by Aaron’s sudden turn around in attitude, and was worried that I would lose some friends I made through him. It’s all turning out well, for me at least. He seems to be not the most friendly of people, taking something badly, which makes me worry.

ANGER by Thich Nhat Hanh
I had read this before, Claire had lent it to me a few months ago when I was dealing with some Aaron-grief. I decided to read it again, as I was feeling much anger toward Aaron and I did not want to be consumed with it. TNH is a Buddhist monk, exiled from Vietnam to France he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize (I think *just* nominated, I don’t think he got it). Anger stress first and foremost “being there”, being conscious of your body and its movements (esp. breathing). It also focuses on the ability to listen deeply and compassionately, to let someone talk. It stresses that you should not allow yourself to be hurt, but if you feel your emotions start to overwhelm and impede on your ability to listen, to simple ask to continue at a later time. One should, when angered, especially by a loved one, talk to the loved one saying “My dear, I am angry. I am doing my best.” and asking for help. Anger is an emotion not to be denied, but if ignored or allowed to overtake, will eventually destroy a relationship.

True Love by Thich Nhat Hanh
I picked this up at the book store the other day. It is very short, almost informal. In it, TNH again focuses on the ability to listen deeply, to recognize one’s feelings and address them, and to understand the suffering in others.

Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri
I found this, mis shelved while looking at the philosophy section of the used book store. In the book, Vishnu, an odd-jobs man who lives on the landing of the apartment dwellers he serves, is dieing. The story follows Vishnu’s dreams of the two days as well as the lives of the residents of the apartments. Through using Vishnu’s dieing as a pivot to explore everyone else’s life, it illustrates one of the sayings I try to remember as I deal with people “Everyone has one secret, which, if you knew, would make you cry.”

Serpant and the Rainbow
This is a non-fiction account of a Harvard PhD candidates’ ethnobotanical foray into Haiti looking for the drug that creates Zombies. Very very awesome! I lent it to Nate, Aaron’s brother (I really appreciate that they still like me – if that sounds right at all) who has had a type of a fascination with zombies.

63 – went to the beach… AGAIN. If only I knew that if I made it a goal it would happen 3 times in a year.

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