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Documentary on Gender, and tomorrow’s plan

Posted by Gexx on July 22, 2009

Spike, author/illustrator of the awesome webcomic Templar, Arizona tweeted about a documentary, so I checked it out. It’s called “Dr. Money and the boy with no penis.” It’s about a boy who lost his penis in a circumcision accident. Dr. Money was a gender psychologist who decided that this boy should be raised as a girl. It’s somewhat interesting, at the beginning of the movie the subject (who as an adult identified as male) spoke about how he never liked being a girl, he “knew he was a boy” because he didn’t like dresses and dolls. While the documentary makes it sound pivitol, it sounds to me like a complaint of many of us non-girly girls. At the same time, it creates an interesting dialogue about gender identity, “nature/nurture”, and parental insistence. You should check it out.

So I got the metal detector today from my prof. I’ll be going out on Thursday, and I do sorta want to camp that night. So tomorrow I need to make sure I have it calibrated, get new batteries, and make sure that all of that is ready. Also, tomorrow I am going to get back on my 7AM wake up schedule with morning yoga.

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Open letter to Amazon

Posted by Gexx on April 13, 2009

Dear Amazon,
I am outraged at the current issue regarding de-ranking books.  While Publisher’s Weekly may have claimed that it was “a glitch,” your own company had earlier released a statement claiming that these products, including same sex parenting books and Foucault’s sexual theory books, are inappropriate for your normal searching public.
By these standards, I am assuming that you view your purchasing population to be closeminded, heteronormative, and not intelligent. If not, why would all these feminist, gender theory, and queer narratives (Ellen DeGeneres’s biography is inappropriate!?) be removed? 
Gay rights are human rights. If you refuse to represent these books, you are standing in the way of equality.  Instead you promote books that will “heal” homosexuality. 
I am a heterosexual, feminist, intellectual advocate for human rights, and I will not support a company that disenfranchises any author.  I believe in the power of voting with my dollar. Therefore, you have lost a customer.



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The Problem with “Women’s Health”

Posted by Gexx on April 2, 2009

I’m part of that marvelous special interest group that McCain pointed out as not really important because we require “airquotes.” The group that requires “Women’s Health.”

I need my annual exam.  Previous years I’ve gone to a Family Practitioner whose practice had a slightly subtle anti-choice bent.  The first time I didn’t catch it, but the second time I went, there were signs all around about how the clinic respects “the sanctity of life.”

This year I looked for someone else. The Walgreen’s next to my house has a walk in, Take Care Clinic, so I went over today to check it out. Walgreen’s is the only place in the area I’ve been able to get PlanB, so I felt comfortable going there. I go to find that the clinic, while it states that it offers a woman’s physical and that it takes my insurance, does not write prescriptions for birth control. The FNP there helps me by calling around to previous places she’s worked at including the Repro Health Clinic that is right next to M’s where anti-choice posterholders are gathered every morning.

I get into my car and call a few other places that she recommended to find that to use my insurance I need a referral from … someone, but no one knows who. I go home and go online to call the University’s Health Services. The first number I call, marked “Family Planning” is for the county’s FP office, but they tell me I need to call the appointment line for the UHS. So I do. I can get an appointment / referral through them, but only after I pay $82 because they consider me “part time” even though the rest of the University considers me full time. And I need to wait more than two weeks to get the appointment.

So I call the Repro Health Clinic again. I can get in on Monday. It’s about $90. And I know I can get parking. The woman on the phone reminds me of their location, I mention that I see the poster holders there every morning. She says they’re their best advertisement. We giggle.

I think that we have an issue when I get better, faster treatment at similar prices when I DON’T use my insurance.

The Health Care Debacle proven through anecdotal evidence.

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my boyfriend

Posted by Gexx on March 12, 2009

I hate the concept of "traditional gender roles."  Traditional to whom?  It's not my tradition.  Instead, I want equality.  For some reason I don't enjoy being thought of as an unable individual, a second class citizen.  I want someone to treat me well because they like me and wish to be altruistic, making my life nicer at expense of their effort, not because I'm female.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

Last night my friend had a birthday party, and Morgan and I attended.  He started talking to some of our friends and some topic came up, I think it was regarding a letter that he wrote to the editor of the school paper after it had a headline stating that"Cocks bring Vols to their knees" was bad on two counts. 1) we won the game. 2) equating sexual acts with demonstration of power is really not classy and the editor should be mature enough to realize that.  He was then asked "wait, your a feminist, aren't you."  He stated, "Yes I am."  None of that beating around the bush of claiming but also attempting to educate that feminists are about equality, not non-shaving, army boot wearing, men haters.  Just "Yes I am."

My friend turns to me and says "Don't you ever date guys with balls?"

I tell her that I find the fact that he views me as a partner, as an able equal to be extremely sexy.

He offers to show her his balls if she doesn't believe him.

I think that what he said, while it should be 'expected', in this situation was openly shown hostility, and instead he didn't hide behind privilege.  It *was* rather ballsy.

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Dating A Banker Anonymously – love or money

Posted by Gexx on February 1, 2009

Dating A Banker Anonymously seems to have stirred up a whole bunch of attention.

I first heard of it on Feministing, where they decryed its exclusive disempowering heteronormativity (apparently only straight girls date for money) and the amount of priviledge the readers/writers enjoyed before the economy.  I found it to basically be a mirror of all the bleach blonde, bed tanned LonGisland girls who whined to their parents that “$200 a week just isn’t enough” on their weekly phone calls.  

This apparently started from a NY Times article about “Wall Street Widows.”  NPR called out NYT on the legitimacy of  the site.

Then a friend wrote about it, addressing whether she would choose a partner for love or for money.

There’s something to be said about starting from the rough bottom.  I’ve thought about having money, not from me as my career path won’t allow for it, but if I were to have a partner with a good job.  I think we would live comfortably and simply.  But I’ve learned from my spotty employment that having five digits in the bank is a good safety net, and if I could have six, or even seven or eight come retirement, then we could continue to live our comfortable life.

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Posted by Gexx on January 22, 2009

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Blog for Choice

Posted by Gexx on January 22, 2009

It's the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, meaning it's National Blog
for Choice Day.

Yay for choice! We have hope with the new administration that there
will only be progress in the way of reproductive rights.

Unfortunately people still stand in the way of this.


"[I]n St. Paul, while anti-choice protesters peacefully protested
across the street from the Planned Parenthood Highland Park Clinic, an
extreme anti-choicer decided to ram his SUV against the front door of
the clinic. Thankfully, no one was injured and little damage was

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another news report that makes you go ::headdesk::

Posted by Gexx on January 20, 2009

Woman Says Anti-Abortion Nurse Removed IUD Without Permission, Then Lectured Her

A clinic nurse first removed her intrauterine birth-control device without permission, says the patient in a federal action, then told her that "having the IUD come out was a good thing," because "I personally do not like IUDs. I feel they are a type of abortion. I don't know how you feel about abortion, but I am against them."

  "Olona [the nurse] stated, 'Everyone in the office always laughs and tells me I pull these out on purpose because I am against them, but it's not true, they accidentally come out when I tug.'

Link to whole article.

You do NOT tug on IUDs.  It makes them come out.

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off. – Gloria Steinem

Why is it that many contemporary male thinkers, especially men of color, repudiate the imperialist legacy of Columbus but affirm dimensions of that legacy by their refusal to repudiate patriarchy?  – bell hooks

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news exerpt that makes you go ::headdesk::

Posted by Gexx on January 14, 2009

250,000 of the liberal swine of female rebellion paraded down the middle of the streets of D.C., cursing, swearing, taking God’s name in vain, stripping their clothes off, and routinely smelling up the nation’s capital with their filthiness, whoredom and rebellion. With riot police in full body armour standing between, the SPF preachers confronted the mass of rebellious, loud mouthed riff raff that has produced the largest nation of sodomites the world has ever known.
link to SPF Preachers Exhort The National Organization of Wackos, Witches & Whores

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gendered rpg frustration

Posted by Gexx on January 12, 2009

Rarely is the RPG world viewed as aimed toward females.  Think of a group of Dungeon and Dragon players, and most likely it's all males, maybe a female tagging along.  How about online RPGs like World of Warcraft?  There seems to be a larger female presence, but how many of the females are really males who want to play a female for any number of reasons.  Also, the female characters seem to be extremely sexualized, suggesting that their purpose is eyecandy/fanservice to heteronormative males.
Do your thoughts accurately reflect the demographics of RPG players, though?  Most likely not entirely. 
(Disclaimer: I've only played four Dungeons and Dragons games.  All have been with Morgan, all have been with Living Forgotten Realms through RPGA.)
For example, Morgan ran a game on Saturday.  Present were: Morgan (the DM), three other males, myself, Beth, and Mandy.  Half of the playing population were female.  We all played characters that corresponded with our IDed gender, so I won't touch upon that.
The story: we wander into town and see a crowd harassing a female and claiming she's a witch.  Our main goal is to rescue her.  Once we do, we need to see her safely to her uncle in another village.
So basically, we remove a victimized female and release her to another form of patriarchy.
The previous game's story:  We wander into a town and find a funeral.  The funeree was murdered, clues lead us to a group of citizens.  The only one still in town is a milkmaid (and girlfriend of another in questioned group) who implores to us to only bring her bf back before breaking down in tears.  When we get to the end, we find that the other woman of the group that ran away was actually abducted and is presently in the middle of a difficult birth.
Once again, the vicimization of females.  None are able to actually control their own life or act autonomously and only care about their "female role" as partner and mother.
Another story involved adrogynous pixies leading us to a dieing psuedo-magical woman, too sick to care for her cave which now has MONSTERS RAWR! But we take care of the monsters and give her a peaceful death.
Again, the only female depicted is powerless.
Yet another involved only monsters.
So three out of four stories I've played were about damsels in distress.  None contained even a single strong female figure.  All stories are led by males, all evil people are males.
I say to Morgan: "I'm tired of females being portrayed as powerless.  Not one story has a strong female figure.  What is the deal?  Are the DMs  specifically not picking certain stories which may have a dominant female?  I understand that male is the 'pattern' but this is bothering me."
Morgan responds that it most likely is because Dungeons and Dragons his primarily, if not exclusively male writers for their modules.  Other RPG games he participates in have storylines driven by stronger female characters.
"So, write your own module!" is his excited suggestion.
I look at him oddly, as I have so little experiance that I don't even know what all my single character can do.  "Maybe you can write one?" I respond.
He agrees, so now we're tossing back and forth story ideas.
Any suggestions?

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