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Posted by Gexx on September 25, 2008

so i did it. finally. i made my very own myspace picture. i don’t like pix of me, so i go ahead and rip off other sites. my latest picture stated that my marxist feminist dialectic would bring all the boys to my yard. the newest newest one is to the left. thank online translators for the translation. hopefully i have it right!

maybe not all, but i do have one at the moment. i don’t know if it was the MFD that did it or simply the fact that i could actually speak intelligently after multiple beers on random uber-esoteric,paradigmatic-shifting, rhetoric challenging, possibly-important topics.


i also, this afternoon erased all email correspondance with people i don’t like. err…. a person i no longer like. i didn’t realize quite what had piled up, but when i saw something with his name on it, i dug a bit and realized “damn, don’t need this mucking up the inbozzle”. Hitting the “trash” choice surely isn’t as cathartic as burning things, but who needs catarsis when you’ve moved on.

and no, me stating that i’ve moved on is not denial that i haven’t.

speaking of moving on, back to the MFD/Beer incident… YAY!

that’s all. if you haven’t met him, you obviously haven’t seen me in the last 2 weeks, as we seem to do many things together. i’m home alone now for the first time in a while. i should be doing laundry….

hit the disc exchange today. picked up tickets for brewers jam. not missing it for anything. there’s a crew of boucoup zwanzig joining me: eric, morgan, shannon, shannon, kimberly, heather, paula, jim, and more. yay.

also grabbed a PJ Harvey CD. i blame my DE dude for hooking me on her last last summer. damn him and his lucious prematurely entirely gray hair coupled with being a band teacher and a husband and father (i think he said he had kids) with awesome tastes in knowing what i want…. in music. DAMN HIM!

ask me about my recipe for curry. and remember that the farmers market has awesome summer squash this week. it goes well with curry.

and to the Ktowners who read this excuse for a blog… i’ll be at GreekFest sometime after 3. I have some brownies that need my attention until then.

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i’m such a girl

Posted by Gexx on August 15, 2008

dammit, i need to stop.

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Weekend party

Posted by Gexx on August 10, 2008

So, this weekend I attended a smashing gathering of people. The plan had been for it to be much larger, but the core group who attended were most awesome. It was me, Miss S, A, Mr. J and Ms. J (Mr. J’s long time friend who drove up from Atlanta).

S and i got there later than we had hoped, but were still the first people there. We scoped out the property, a horse farm, and found the bathrooms, the kitchens, the bbq area, and the lake. That lake was MAAAHVELOUS! It had canoes and kayaks and paddleboats and a dock and another dock and turtles and bugs and fish and…

Soon after A showed up, gave us a slightly more organized roam around, and we set up our tents (we were staying the night). While that was going on, J and J showed up … with ribs. Sweet! So we were a ribbed, brated, beered, vegetabled crazyness of food, but that’s for later. We all got the tents up, said “hi” to the others in the facility, piled up firewood, distributed beer stratigically to different locations and then donned our bathing suits and headed to the water.

After some swimming and diving (I’m so pleased with my new-found ability to flip on dives, i’m such a dork) we grabbed boats (S and i in a canoe, A in her own, and originally mr. J in a paddleboat, but when Ms. J joined they also shared a canoe)a couple of beers each, and played pirates. We stole/drank beer. S and I were UNSTOPABLE. At one point, we gave Mr. J a beer to appease him, then the next time we passed we took that one *and* the one he was drinking. We were up one side of the lake, down the other, and around all the islands. S and I found a case of fireworks on a far dock and told the others that it was beer (too far to see what it was at that point), but “we didn’t have enough cup holders for it” when they were distracted, we worked on drinking our booty. The Pretty Pretty Princesses rocked, although there was some B-movie survival throwback moments when A stood up and was paddling, looking all Amazonian and the time that we all started drumming our paddles against the boat in rhythm and then went faster and faster until we yelled and attacked.

The funny thing about boats is because you’re consistently off balance you don’t realize the effects of alcohol … until you get up. I could NOT pull the canoe up, it was killing me, and by that time some of A’s friends, including K and her puppy, and also N and C (who have appeared a few times in the blog) were able to witness it. The solution: go swimming.

So after more swimming, playing with dogs, and such, we decided to go get the grill going. I had brought 1.5 bags of charcoal and a massive container of lighter fluid. As the grill was MASSIVE we decided to use the whole thing. Enormous fire, lots of meat (and grilled cheese), we had ribs. Then, down to the bonfire. By this point it was back down to the core so we sat and talked and chatted and chilled and set off fire works.

Eventually calming down and going to sleep, the next day was beautiful! I woke up with the sunrise. surprise, huh? So I laid watching the sky change colors to a most beautiful blue, at which point I was hungry. So I got up, grabbed some hotdogs for the dog, and radishes and cheese for myself, checked the time on my phone (about 9), and took out the canoe. I was able to paddle quietly, watching the turtles flop into the water, noticing all these crazy nymph carapaces, and cruising along with the ducks. Beauty beauty beauty.

I noticed some others up, so we fixed up breakfast and revived the fire, I’m rather proud of my ability to do that also. It had been a while since I had, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to.

Noshing on foods, packing up tents, and all that followed. Then we went back into the water. This time a grabbed a Kayak. That thing FLEW! We would have been even MORE UNBEATABLE had we utilized that vehicle. ah well.

Eventually, we did have to leave. Ah well. It was great!

The morning on the lake

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Day 1 – introduction, the list

Posted by Gexx on May 6, 2008

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

My list….

101 things in 1001 days….


  1. Finish Thesis
  2. Submit 2 articles or book reviews to peer edited journals (0/2)
  3. Meet with my Thesis Advisor at least 3 times a semester (0)
  4. Submit FAFSA (0/1)
  5. Finish my book chapters


  1. Gainful Employment in Museum or Archaeology work
  2. Finish Native American Teachers Guide for museum
  3. Attend at least 2 conferences each year


  1. Start saving for retirement
  2. Change my mortgage payment to automatic withdrawall
  3. Run credit check and fix anything negative each year (0/2)


  1. Try out Linux on my computer
  2. Get ArcGIS student license
  3. Take/Audit a GIS course
  4. Organize Music on my computer


  1. Keep going to dr
  2. Eat at least two meals a day for a month
  3. Take vitamins everyday for 50 days (0/50)
  4. Visit dentist
  5. If I have a month without field work, fast/internal cleanse for 30 days


  1. Learn to do a headstand/handstand
  2. Take self defense course
  3. Do yoga … alone
  4. Learn to SCUBA dive
  5. Go sledding/skiing/snowboarding/tubing


  1. Take Aaron (and friends?) to King Tut’s (restaurant)
  2. Try 10 new restaurants(0)
  3. Try 20 new wines(0)
  4. Have 3 BBQs (0)
  5. Host 3 Dinners/Parties/Dinner Parties(0)
  6. Finish a Tastebook (WITH PICTURES!)
  7. Make a fancy dessert – well
  8. Cook an unorthodox meat – well
  9. Make sushi – well
  10. Explore 3 “alternative grains” and make something GOOD
  11. Make Enchiladas


  1. Ride my bike to downtown or school at least 10 times (will add more)
  2. Bring my own bag to the Farmers Market (0/x)
  3. Encourage CSA in my area
  4. Become a Locavore
  5. Replace lightbulbs with high efficiency


  1. Take dance lessons (a series of at least 3 sessions)
  2. Find a good local Jazz band
  3. See either the KSO of the KJO
  4. See 3 plays/ballets/operas (0)
  5. Go to Alive After 5 at the KMA
  6. See 5 movies Aaron Recommends w/o hesitatitng (0/5)
  7. Write 30 “fun book” book reviews on my blog
  8. Go to Amusement Park
  9. Attend 4 fests or festivals (0/4)
  10. Learn 10 new songs on guitar (0/10)
  11. Watch a thunderstorm


  1. Visit the Grandparents in NH
  2. Visit the Grandfather in MA
  3. Send 3 Packages / Letters to my Brother in Kirkuk (0/3)
  4. Send 10 emails with pictures to my brother in Kirkuk (0/10)
  5. Send out my Xmas gifts for 2007, 2008 2009 (0/3)


  1. Get my passport (one conference is in Canada next year)
  2. Travel out West (to see / with) someone
  3. Document a trip with photographs
  4. Visit a winery
  5. Visit a distillery / brewery
  6. Go to the beach
  7. See Aurora Borealis
  8. Go to a music venue outside of Knoxville
  9. Take a road trip with no/limited plans


  1. Spay Orion
  2. Get them to use the litter box for 30 days straight (0/30)


  1. Clean out my freezer – all those hamburger rolls are taking up space
  2. Donate all of “Justin’s Food” to a food bank (I don’t eat sourkraut)
  3. Clean out house
  4. Get rid of 50 objects through donation/sale/giving (0/50)
  5. Organize Office
  6. Organize Dining Room
  7. Organize Purses, Shoes, and Luggage
  8. Do something with those damn dressers
  9. Paint the doors in the office
  10. Replace Roof
  11. Fix Mailbox
  12. Display house numbers
  13. Finish Kitchen (Cabinet doors, oven hood, ground all outlets, organize dishes/appliances)
  14. Fix light in laundry room
  15. Take 10 photos of people/places that I enjoy and frame or display them (0/10)
  16. Finish installing bathroom componants (shower curtain, shelf)


  1. Grow tomato plants
  2. Keep Lavender alive for the winter
  3. Keep Rosemary alive for the winter
  4. Keep a house plant alive for a whole year


  1. Identify 100 things that make me happy and why (0/100)
  2. Buy one pair of good jeans each year (0/2)
  3. Get a Henna tattoo
  4. Buy a china cabinet I like

  1. One secret task. The person involved knows what it is.

  1. For every task not done at end of calendar year, donate 50c to
  2. For every task not done at end of 500 days, renew or come up with new task
  3. For every task not done at end of 1001 days, donate $2 to *** (minimum of $20)

I guess task 97 can be to come up with 5 more tasks. I’ll be thinking about them. 😉

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Consumer Whore-mas Gift List

Posted by Gexx on December 6, 2007

everyone is doing it. even adults my age. i figured i should get in on it. now here’s the clincher: my birthday is around christmas. so i get twice as much. yay!

Fuzzy Slippers
Cat food (Purina One Kitten Blend)
HPV Vaccine
Hair Cut with Rena
red cordaroy pants
green/loden cordaroy blazer
brown cordaroy blazer
dk brown canvas blazer
button down shirts (not teal)
bright green sweater
donations to the Send Elizabeth to San Jose fund
membership to the SAA, SHA, SIA, and SEAC

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Report from the field

Posted by Gexx on May 27, 2007

I’m heading back out to the field for a week, but thought that I would give a quick update on the general status.

The first week that we spent out in the field was fun. It was a touch chilly in the early part of the days, but a sweater was all that was needed. This coming week should be plenty warm. I have plenty of pictures of rusty metal, so you’ll get some posted eventually. I even found my new most favorite artifact. It might make its way to the blog.

The week went fine, and I have one of my two interns in. He seems like he’ll work for the summer.

Now I’m just trying to get all my stuff together and put together for next week. I’ll be gone, but will make it back on Saturday – maybe.

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Don’t you steal it!

Posted by Gexx on May 8, 2007

Ok – riding on the coattails of the copy protection 09 F9 128 bit number “criminally” released to the internet last week, I have taken my own number.

Don’t steal it by publishing it elsewhere.

D2 92 F9 F2 A2 A5 1D E8 96 51 F9 14 16 46 C9 26

I’m not joking, you take this number and I get to tell you to remove it.

Get your own number *here*.

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Work and Play

Posted by Gexx on April 21, 2007

Also called:

  • Academics
  • and Search: (Alcohol OR Sugar) AND Music Result: FUN

I’m just getting so burned out on this school thing. But my book chapter is in. WOOHOO!

“I” turned in 75 pages to my prof. I’m saying “I” because I actually compiled 75 pages for the chapter I’m leading on, but contributed to a total of 4 chapters. See, this is how we’re doing it:
There are four of us Historic Arch’s in the department. We each have our complimentary facets of archaeology that we’re most interested in: Domestic, Military, Industrial, and Bioarch/Mortuary. There are also 4 distinct time periods that we need to deal with: Proto-His and EuroSettlement, Early Statehood and Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction. As most site reports deal with the function of the site (dom, mil, ind, biomort), it’s much much easier to write a paper on a site type rather than a time period, or else everyone will use the same 80% of the reports and miss major chronological connectors and themes. So instead, we each wrote a section on our theme (mine being indutrial, natch). We got them out to each other by Thursday noon. Then Thursday afternoon we were supposed to copy/paste the relevent sections into chronological chapters. We had divided responsibility for these chrono-chaps as one to each of us. This way, we each get a SELF et al citation. Yay! plus, we are also recognized as the et al in three other chapters.

So – I get a good amount prepared for each of the chronochaps, and I get sections for my stuff, and put it together. We were all thinking we’d get 45-50 pages, right? I got 75. The whole reason: a heck of a lot of archeology was done on Antebellum sites. I keep getting criticized for the size of my chapter’s draft. but, think about it. In the Proto/Settlement time: there were few people around to make sites. In the Civil War: we have 5 years worth of sites. In the Reconstruction/Victorian time: things are not as old and still standing so they don’t get dug or they’re not as old and people don’t care so they don’t get dug. The Antebellum however: HUGE population explosion, major building episodes, major buildings, plantations and increased social stratification (ie: slaves), and stuff is “old enough.” Therefore, LOTS of archaeology is done in this time period.

So – it was handed in at 15.30 on Thursday. Marvelous! Why? Because I could work on my Paleo paper!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course not, don’t be stupid! Thursday night was the free George Thorogood concert! So – as i am quite a fan of classic rock (and free concerts and plenty of beer), I load up A and E (my apparent constant partners of crime) into my car and we head off. Well, think of the demographics of a GT concert held during a local bike week. Dirty, old, leather clad gents and their ladies drinking cheap beer (how someone would drink a 3$PBR when Newcastle and RedStripe are only 4$ is beyond me, but mebbe it’s an image thing)pervaded the atmosphere. No worries. Well, before GT got on, we hung out in the PrezPub for a bit. Two beers down and a stage hand, approx 50yo and tiny as all comes up to me

Stagehand: You know, you’re awfully cute?
Me: You know, that’s quite a coincidence. You know why? Because every morning I wake up, look in the mirror, and say “God DAMN! Why do I have to be so damn cute?”
Stagehand: So – You like George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers. You know – Bad to the Bone?
Me: Oh please, he has hell of a lot better songs than that overplayed trite. Plus, is he going to destroy anything while he’s here That would be cool.
Stagehand: Well, he destroyed Delaware.
Me: Dude, seriously. Delaware is like, Delaware. You can destroy Delaware, swing down to Rhode Island, have a long lunch, swing by the store for some milk on the way home, and still be able to mow your lawn before the kids get home from school. Is he going to destroy anything while he’s here? If he’s not, I don’t want to talk to you.

We get back to the crowd and in front of the stage as GT is about to get on. Sidetracked, A and I separate from E in order to talk to a few other classmates. No worries, we’ll find each other eventually. Besides, E was probably going to the front to take pictures (his shtick)and A and I just wanted to have fun. Well, the classmates left for more beer. A and I made our way into the crowd. We were 10m from the stage (maybe) and in the direct center. Well, the concert rocked. It was loud, it was roudy, and he was a legend. Now, as a legend, he was on his downhill slope, and he did employ some cheesy lights, but – whatev – it was GEORGE FUCKIN’ THOROGOOD! And I was tempted to order the one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. But – I had to drive.

So – concert’s over – we regroup back at the PrezPub. One more beer because E ordered Newcastle and they gave him a draught. He prefers bottle. So – leftover beer is still beer, and Newcastle is nice. We’re hunched against the bar, I’m sorta standing, but leaned over the bar and we’re mostly huddled, talking about our problems with the opposite sex. I straighten up and get hit by a DOM (dirty old man) on with the cheesy “you’re cute” thing again. I blow him off, hunker over again, we laugh. I stand up again, a new DOM shows up “You’re cute” blow off hunker down. Repeat ad nauseum. I start to think about this statistically. Are we weighted because of the proliferance of DOM skewing our normal curve? Or am I suddenly this darned swan? I think it’s the former, no matter how I would like to believe the latter.

But, my “favorite” was with this 500 lb 50 yo with sweat pouring down his stringy long hair:

Dude: Hey – I think I know you.
Me: Probibly not, man.
Dude: No – I know your grandmother. It’s Bettie Page.
Me: Dude – seriously. While that’s one of the better lines I’ve heard all night, you still need some practice on the delivery. Go – elsewhere.

Soon after, we left. Walking home, we saw some other classmates as they yelled from their car “WOOHOO LOOK AT DEM ARCHAEOWHORES!” Now *that* was hilarious.

Saturday (today), A and I decided to celebrate Earthday KnoxVegas style: with a free all day music festival within walking distance of our office! We slathered on our SPF 50 sunscreen and headed over there at about 4PM. We had us some funnel cakes and snowcones. Yay! Sugar! A left at about 5.30 but I stayed for about another hour. After all, Dishwater Blonde ( ), one of the local bands I really really like, was playing. Thankfully, there were really no DOM there (at least of the GT calibre), so The GT experience was not continued.

And to all who know my music preferences: Yes, I realize Wolfmother is playing tonight (right now actually) at the Bijou, but I am too poor for $35 tickets. Especially since I spent the same amount to see the King Tut exhibit when I go to Phili. No worries. I’ll just see them in a few years when they play the Sundown circuit.

Well, it’s 10PM on a Saturday, and I’m blogging. I think it’s time to pack up and find some dinner.

I don’t think I’ll be doing much with music during the rest of the week. I really need to work on this Paleo paper.

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Job Advice: 1

Posted by Gexx on March 25, 2007

Working and schooling in three unique environments, I see a regular amount of turnover. In this, I also get to observe the actual hiring process. This week has been one of note, so I will start a (possibly) semi-regular blog feature called “Job Advice.”

In “Job Advice” I will list real-life examples of what NOT to do (that’s what I normally notice) to be selected for a position.

So – here we go:

1) Don’t cold call the an institution you do not belong to and demand a paid internship. Especially when one has never been advertised. This goes double if one has never been offered and the institution is struggling for money.

2) Spell check your application. If you can’t spell the position or the institution, you are not wanted to represent the institution.

3) Apply for the correct job. Those get tossed out, not transferred to the correct position.

4) When a recommendation letter for X states “X is a survivor,” that means the hiring institution (me, in this case) should pity X. Do I look like Mr. T ? That’s what I thought.

5) In your application, do not outline how you will use this position in a political agenda to destroy the integrity of the institution.

6) When interviewing, do not tell the interviewers that the institution is not suitable for its clients long term plans, and its focus should be on transitioning its clients to other institutions.

7) Do promptly return a phone call offering you a position. If you can’t get back to the institution within a week, you’re too lazy to have the job.

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expression, responsibility, censorship, and

Posted by Gexx on February 23, 2007

I was going to do a blog about the “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It” article written by CCSU student John Petroski and published as an Op/Ed at his school newspaper. I was going to outline the nuances between the

  • freedom to express a personal opinion (exercised by the author and the newspaper)
  • the freedom to say one does not like the opinion expressed(exercised by the gathering student body and hordes of internetters)
  • the responsibility to represent the school professionally (ignored by the author and the newspaper, offending the university and the student body)
  • and the need to treat subject matter properly (ignored by the author and the newspaper, offending the many who have been affected by rape).

I was going to draw in the Journalist’s Code of Ethics and the Newspaper Editor’s Code of Ethics. But, I think that I just did that, and new topics have been brought to my attention that I would rather spend the blog space on.

more later

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