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Open letter to Amazon

Posted by Gexx on April 13, 2009

Dear Amazon,
I am outraged at the current issue regarding de-ranking books.  While Publisher’s Weekly may have claimed that it was “a glitch,” your own company had earlier released a statement claiming that these products, including same sex parenting books and Foucault’s sexual theory books, are inappropriate for your normal searching public.
By these standards, I am assuming that you view your purchasing population to be closeminded, heteronormative, and not intelligent. If not, why would all these feminist, gender theory, and queer narratives (Ellen DeGeneres’s biography is inappropriate!?) be removed? 
Gay rights are human rights. If you refuse to represent these books, you are standing in the way of equality.  Instead you promote books that will “heal” homosexuality. 
I am a heterosexual, feminist, intellectual advocate for human rights, and I will not support a company that disenfranchises any author.  I believe in the power of voting with my dollar. Therefore, you have lost a customer.



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Posted by Gexx on February 3, 2009

argh… argued with my brother.  about college.
he came and visited me with the purpose of visiting universities in the area.  he can't do cat's so i found him a place to stay that was cat free.  this ousted morgan out of his house and to mine which, other than the fact that it's still chilly first thing in the morning, isn't too bad, just a big inconvenience.
we go to visit places and i find that he's done minimal research on the places.  he was supposed to have the addresses, phone number, and directions to the places.  he was supposed to have called the universities and figured out if they had tours, what time, and reserve a spot.  he was supposed to have called up the ROTC offices and figures out if there would be someone in on the day we were visiting.
he looked up which cities they were in and figured there would be signs.
so i drove him to the colleges.  while we were driving, morgan looked up the phone numbers.  the first was ETSU and i knew it was somewhat visible.  when we were there, morgan looked up the numbers for the other colleges.  because of morgan, we saved ourselves a fool's errand to UNC Charlotte.  i drove, morgan did the research, my brother just had to sit there, look cute, and not say anything too stupid.
i spent multiple days that i could have used in preparing for the new semester.  i could have taken a long weekend in atlanta, dc, or nashville for my birthday.  instead, i took off of work to drive him around west NC and east TN.
i have discussed issues, explained possibilities, and attempted to encourage.
all he needs to do is stop by the education center.  he's working and roads in upstate NY are sometimes bad.  however, if roads are too bad thursday, then he can go on friday.
instead he sets off to massachusetts because "he had plans with people there."
the desire to go to college is real apparent now.
this hurts.  morgan and i invested time and social capital.  although i helped morgan clean, it still required him to take time from preparing his syllabus; and i refused to do the bathroom, which he scrubbed – including the floor.  morgan needed to do prep work for his classes but spent hours looking up details on college visitation.
i feel like my good intentions were taken advantage of, and i know that morgan is feeling similarly.  i feel like i took this seriously but it's just a joke to my brother.  i shouldn't need to put this much effort into someone else going to college.  i especially shouldn't put this much effort into any project just to have the person drop it because they would rather go have fun.
it's insulting.  both morgan and myself are disappointed in our investment.
but when i mention this to my brother, he tells me i'm bitching. 
aside:  it's lovely how that discussion can be brushed off with "you're just bitching,"  which in the case of presenting actual concerns translates to "i don't want to listen and i'm going to devalue your comments on grounds that you're a female."  male privilege makes me so frustrated.

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We can’t see real women… that would be disgusting!

Posted by Gexx on October 17, 2008

link to full article


You know we have a rough Spring season ahead of us when “no pants” is cited as a trend from the Fall fashion weeks.

The trouble starts when you find yourself staring at a model and you can’t decide whether the designer meant for her clothing to be a bathing suit or lingerie …

Plus, this look spells trouble for the real woman. Most of us don’t have legs that go on for miles or thighs that don’t touch at the top. Without both of these things, these … should never be worn.

so impracticality aside, i like pants/skirts for the simple fact that they place a sanitary barrier between my girly bits…. actually, as the article had the nerve to say “va jay jay” I’ll use the real word(s)…. they place a sanitary barrier between my vagina, vulva, labia, urethra, and anus and the chair where other’s vagina, vulva, urethra, and anus may have been.  I do not like swapping body fluids with strangers, whether sweat from heat, menses from menstruation, or vaginal fluids from a hot prof/TA.

but do not tell me that this is an impractical fashion trend because we do not want to see real women showing and celebrating their bodies for the simple fact that their thighs touch on top

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"women’s health" i said with half assed air quotes, "because half the population is a damned special interest group. you think health of half the population would be a regular fucking concern."

Posted by Gexx on October 16, 2008

a scene from my book club meeting on wednesday october 16 2008 from 6-8.30 pm.

we held the meeting early because we wanted to watch the debate.

which i watched. and watched mccain promptly put “health of the mother” in irreverent air quotes, as a phrase touted too much by the extreme pro abortion women’s health sector (but not touted as much as sarah palin touts the word “maverick”… that’s a touting toutable.

evidence, as i heart primary sources.

add this to a “I won’t use RvW as a litmus test, but I will.”

increase the rage by saying Palin is a women’s role model. (I want to be a woman who refuses to allow my fellow sex/gender buddies to exercise control over their bodies… fsck it, it’s just “women’s health” anyways. You know, the women special interest group. Who needs them. special interest is a PC term for “disenfranchised” anyways.)

raise it to boiling by bringing up both ACORN and Ayers, then when Obama explains the situations (rather beneficial for some of us who only managed to look up the basic facts of what the hell was being discussed) rather simply (not simplistically, keep in mind)and then interrupting it with “no, that’s not true”

and top it off by whining that Obama has launched “attack ads” criticizing a proposed health care plan and equating it to the rather heated lies/epithets shouted about Obama (the whole radical muslim/terrorist/communist/socialist (make up yout damn minds))… that’s SO not arguing the issues,Obama ::cry cry::

(example of this point which had previously been posted on San Fransisco Republican website)


and then! and then! To his own damn party member. He can’t fscking promote Palin on HER OWN. Her strength will all be because she has a kick ass hubby.

I’m proud of her…And I can’t tell how proud I am of her and her family.Her husband’s a pretty tough guy, by the way, too.

And to those of you who survived to the end of my rant, John Cleese on Obama/Biden/McCain/Palin:

John Cleese (part 2): Obama, Biden & Fox News

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brewers jam (part ii)

Posted by Gexx on October 14, 2008

… continuing this at an ungodly early hour as i can’t seem to sleep. Yay for bad dreams and general anxiety. Last night I had to get one of the waiters to leave us alone at the taco, he kept harassing the females at the table. Somewhere between there and here I left my purse. I think I left it at Morgan’s place when his mom and I had some wine and discussed stuff/ i sobered up and calmed down over a glass of wine. i’m really really hoping i left it there. in the general annoyance of the taco i may have not noticed that i didn’t have my purse, but i think that i did have it over my shoulder when we walked h and d to their car. h was the target of the waiter most of the night.

we’re going elsewhere next monday. we don’t need this.

now i have low battery. you know what. screw it. i’m taking a shower.

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Posted by Gexx on October 7, 2008

Enjoyed the weekend.

friday night was first friday, it was my first first friday also, and lee and rusty and claire had exhibits opening. the plan was to dress up meet up at lee and rusty’s gallery (@ cumberland and gay), do the “ooh, awesome!” thing then grab food @ 7 @ the bistro and make our way down to w summit hill for claire’s stuff and then hit sassy ann’s for a little cutthroat action.

so i dressed up, green low cut sweater hoodie, brown tank, short denim skirt, and brown boots. i had just had my hair done, and i even put on makeup. i felt so much like an undergrad getting ready for a night out. my normal “lets go out” clothes consist of a pair of ripped jeans and a tank top. ah well. it wont kill me to get dressed up now and again.

but the others were running a little behind. lee and rusty weren’t even there when we had to leave for our dinner reservations.  so we ate, shared a bottle of wine, and went back.  at lee and rusty’s there was a water cooler full of wine. a WINE COOLER if you will. so much wining was had, and there were multiple people who i hadn’t seen in a while so there was a bunch of catching up going on there when it was like OK! MUST GO FIND CLAIRE!

morgan was driving (thankfully) so he toted my and shannonette’s arse up to w summit hill in which progress i call claire up twice, the first time thinking i had a bad connection. the second time realizing it was just REALLY LOUD where she was. she was at the crown and goose, apparently her thing was over for the night (BOO!) I felt like such a pathetic friend missing her thing, especially since when i showed up at the crown and goose to talk for a few moments i was obviously feeling the wine.

when i first got to the c&g i saw nate and adam, so i talked to them for a bit. morgan and shannonette joined me in there, so they both said hi. it was morgan’s first meeting of this cookeville group, but shannonette had met them previously. i guess bringing morgan may have been somewhat transparent (bringing the current boy when meeting up w the ex-boy’s bro) but at the same time i wanted to find claire.

finally found her! after running into one of our prof’s, that is. i was so intent on finding claire, though, that i just gave him a half wave while trying to figure out what she was saying. i’m doing great with my personal interactions. found claire, talked for a while, left, ran back by nate and adam, and asked about a wedding this coming weekend.  then asked about the ex’s plans for this coming weekend (which is also brewers jam, and yes, is where i met him last year, and i hoped wouldn’t be a big deal, but with some of the emails that he had been sending me and the fact that he kept checking my blog and myspace somewhat consistently until about 2 weeks ago, i’m honestly a bit worried about what might happen if we both meet face to face utterly beer-plastered) i find that not only does he not have plans to attend brewers jam, he also does have plans for something else. so no worries there.  i just don’t want drama. i’m tired of stupid boys.

any way, after that, off to sassy ann’s, where i change into my jeans and chacos. it was easy as i was already wearing a skirt. yay me.

cutthroat was cutthroat. yay. i was beat, though, i had been on the move since 7AM. had done the oil change thing, the hair cut/color thing, and then the social thing, so we cut out at about 1AM.  and went home. and passed out.


good times.

the following day the morning was spent reading, and taking a shower, and getting things together, as that afternoon there was another dnd game (yay?). i think i’m enjoying it. I’m just trying to decide if i really like spending 5 hours i could devote to school stuff with this limited tangable reward system.  after the game we hit the mall and i had to physically restrain morgan from purchasing for me an item from williams sonoma. i know, what was i thinking. dinner was lovely mashed taters and tomatos with mozzerella with olive oil and balsamic viniger. because that was what i wanted. and the trend seems to be with him that i get what i want. i can’t abuse this, but with wierd food cravings while cramping, it’s totally legit.

sunday was good brunch at sunspot, grocery shopping, and more reading (read that as “napping), and monday was monday.

tonight i have options. morgan might still be in town, or he might not. if he isn’t i may go watch the debate with jim (where? does he have a tv?) and play with the prez candidates. or a may go see dennis at his open mike at the pres pub. or i may stay in and read this book about fair trade coffee if i don’t get it done by then.


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welcoming me back

Posted by Gexx on August 2, 2008

I don’t have the internet at my house just now. I will, I swear. My grandfather is insisting on it. I’m not totally sure what to think of this, but he’s giving me money for an internet connection. I really don’t want to accept it. It’s not the “I have standards” thing. I just feel horrible taking people’s money. It makes me feel like a failure, that I can’t support myself. I always want to. That is why I always felt so odd when Aaron would insist on us going out, but I would say “I can’t afford it,” and he would say he would pay. That is why I always stressed cooking for him (and his friends) whenever I could, asking what he would want. It was my way of balancing the resource-karma that flowed around us.

But for now I’m trying to get a little back into this slice-of-life / soapbox journal that I call a blog.

I’ve been a little angsty lately, and I hope that everyone, including me, will forgive me. It’s not just about boys, I swear. There’s some money problems, I think I’ll work that out. I need some time for that. I’ll just have to take out loans this year and be very careful with the cash. There’s also some medical things, beyond just the general maintaining a static level of health. I’m not quite ready to talk about them just yet, and I might not ever want to. Hopefully when it all plays out there’s nothing left to talk about.

I won’t deny, however, that a certain male has been burrowing into my worries.

Wednesday, I got back from work a little late, and I was exhausted. Therefor, all I wanted to do was go to bed. I got home locked the door (so I thought) and turned off all the lights except for the one next to my bed (so I thought) and then got ready for bed. I normally leave the light on in the bathroom, as that’s where the litter box is, and I don’t want to make it any more difficult than I must for the cats to shit on target. I read about 5 pages in my book and realized that it just wasn’t happening, so I turned off the light. I noted (so I thought) how dark it was without the bathroom light – which meant without ANY light. My house is so small that any light is noticable in any room. I woke up again in the middle of the night, stumbling to the bathroom without any light. I wish I noticed what time it was, but as I fell asleep by 10, it was probibly sometime between midnight and 2. The next morning I wake up and stumble around, I was late so the sun was already up. I pulled on clothes, did the bathroom thing in the dusk, and walked into my living room where

the light was on.

My living room light is a dimmer switch by my front door. It creeped me out, and I checked my door. The chain was in place, but the locks were undone. Now, I’ve gone and occasionally, very occasionally, when I’m dead tired, forget to lock both the door knob and the deadbolt, but ALWAYS when I come in the house, the doorknob gets locked automatically on closing the door. It’s just part of the motion: open, swap hand to other side, close door, as hand leaves door give the lock switch a twist. But the previous night I was carrying… something… ::thinks:: I had a load of books from my car. So I kicked the door shut so the cats wouldn’t get out. So, it was locked by just the chain all night. The chain allows the door to open up a good 5 inches, but (true to the concept) if one attempts to undo the chain, it can only be done when the door is fully closed.

I spend the day telling myself that I’m paranoid, that I was so tired I didn’t notice the little bit of light in the evening. But, it wasn’t a little bit of light. It was the ceiling light fully turned on.

I try to figure out who would do this, if I was correct in the lights being off when I went to sleep. Perhaps I did it in my sleep? Aaron turned off the air conditioner once in his sleep. But I’ve never done anything like that that I know of. Plus, I believe that drinking was involved in his instance.

In the two years I’ve lived in this house, I’ve never had a problem with people trying to break in. I’ve had some solicitors who were overly aggressive, and that’s it’s own BlogTherapy session, but even when my brother left the back door totally unlocked before a weekend in Georgia for a wedding, there was never a problem. I leave stuff on my front porch for weeks on end, and nothing is ever touched.

Up until this break up. A keeps showing up. But, it was Wednesday night, he’s supposed to be in Cookeville, as he’s working in Xville and living at his dad’s. Right? It bugs me all day Thursday, and with my other angsting, I call up A’s sis-in-law C, partially for affirmation that he wasn’t in town, partially to ask her how she can be such a stable, self assured individual… I was angsting really really bad and needed some advice. I had talked myself to the point where I realized that I just wasn’t getting anything. Partially, also, to see if she was going to go see SotS on Satureve. Well, she was busy with a bunch of people (or was this when it went to non-voice mail, I had called her earlier in the week about the SotS thing and one or the other happened so I needed to call her back about it anyways). So I went to bed, trying to convince myself that I was mistaken. I somehow manage to sleep, I don’t know how, smaller things have left me sleepless for weeks. And on Friday I go, get my hair done, and call C again, leaving a voice mail at this time, and she calls me back, a little rushed.

Then she started talking about how A was such an arse on Wednesday night when they were cleaning out his Knoxville apartment. I check that yes, it was Wednesday night. That he had left said apartment at early morning hours and headed out to get some sleep. I tell C about my discovery in the morning, and she pointed out the one thing that made me actually think it was possible: he has very “delicate” arms, turning on my light would not be a problem. Also, he’s been odd, looking for reasons to show up… toilet paper my arse.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but it had me rather creeped out. It’s good to know that he really has no reason to be in Knoxville anymore except for visiting his brother, who knows and (as far as I’ve gathered from N and C (and A and M and J)) is very discouraging of him bothering me… for all of our sakes.

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Consumer Whore-mas Gift List

Posted by Gexx on December 6, 2007

everyone is doing it. even adults my age. i figured i should get in on it. now here’s the clincher: my birthday is around christmas. so i get twice as much. yay!

Fuzzy Slippers
Cat food (Purina One Kitten Blend)
HPV Vaccine
Hair Cut with Rena
red cordaroy pants
green/loden cordaroy blazer
brown cordaroy blazer
dk brown canvas blazer
button down shirts (not teal)
bright green sweater
donations to the Send Elizabeth to San Jose fund
membership to the SAA, SHA, SIA, and SEAC

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Don’t you steal it!

Posted by Gexx on May 8, 2007

Ok – riding on the coattails of the copy protection 09 F9 128 bit number “criminally” released to the internet last week, I have taken my own number.

Don’t steal it by publishing it elsewhere.

D2 92 F9 F2 A2 A5 1D E8 96 51 F9 14 16 46 C9 26

I’m not joking, you take this number and I get to tell you to remove it.

Get your own number *here*.

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Work and Play

Posted by Gexx on April 21, 2007

Also called:

  • Academics
  • and Search: (Alcohol OR Sugar) AND Music Result: FUN

I’m just getting so burned out on this school thing. But my book chapter is in. WOOHOO!

“I” turned in 75 pages to my prof. I’m saying “I” because I actually compiled 75 pages for the chapter I’m leading on, but contributed to a total of 4 chapters. See, this is how we’re doing it:
There are four of us Historic Arch’s in the department. We each have our complimentary facets of archaeology that we’re most interested in: Domestic, Military, Industrial, and Bioarch/Mortuary. There are also 4 distinct time periods that we need to deal with: Proto-His and EuroSettlement, Early Statehood and Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction. As most site reports deal with the function of the site (dom, mil, ind, biomort), it’s much much easier to write a paper on a site type rather than a time period, or else everyone will use the same 80% of the reports and miss major chronological connectors and themes. So instead, we each wrote a section on our theme (mine being indutrial, natch). We got them out to each other by Thursday noon. Then Thursday afternoon we were supposed to copy/paste the relevent sections into chronological chapters. We had divided responsibility for these chrono-chaps as one to each of us. This way, we each get a SELF et al citation. Yay! plus, we are also recognized as the et al in three other chapters.

So – I get a good amount prepared for each of the chronochaps, and I get sections for my stuff, and put it together. We were all thinking we’d get 45-50 pages, right? I got 75. The whole reason: a heck of a lot of archeology was done on Antebellum sites. I keep getting criticized for the size of my chapter’s draft. but, think about it. In the Proto/Settlement time: there were few people around to make sites. In the Civil War: we have 5 years worth of sites. In the Reconstruction/Victorian time: things are not as old and still standing so they don’t get dug or they’re not as old and people don’t care so they don’t get dug. The Antebellum however: HUGE population explosion, major building episodes, major buildings, plantations and increased social stratification (ie: slaves), and stuff is “old enough.” Therefore, LOTS of archaeology is done in this time period.

So – it was handed in at 15.30 on Thursday. Marvelous! Why? Because I could work on my Paleo paper!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course not, don’t be stupid! Thursday night was the free George Thorogood concert! So – as i am quite a fan of classic rock (and free concerts and plenty of beer), I load up A and E (my apparent constant partners of crime) into my car and we head off. Well, think of the demographics of a GT concert held during a local bike week. Dirty, old, leather clad gents and their ladies drinking cheap beer (how someone would drink a 3$PBR when Newcastle and RedStripe are only 4$ is beyond me, but mebbe it’s an image thing)pervaded the atmosphere. No worries. Well, before GT got on, we hung out in the PrezPub for a bit. Two beers down and a stage hand, approx 50yo and tiny as all comes up to me

Stagehand: You know, you’re awfully cute?
Me: You know, that’s quite a coincidence. You know why? Because every morning I wake up, look in the mirror, and say “God DAMN! Why do I have to be so damn cute?”
Stagehand: So – You like George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers. You know – Bad to the Bone?
Me: Oh please, he has hell of a lot better songs than that overplayed trite. Plus, is he going to destroy anything while he’s here That would be cool.
Stagehand: Well, he destroyed Delaware.
Me: Dude, seriously. Delaware is like, Delaware. You can destroy Delaware, swing down to Rhode Island, have a long lunch, swing by the store for some milk on the way home, and still be able to mow your lawn before the kids get home from school. Is he going to destroy anything while he’s here? If he’s not, I don’t want to talk to you.

We get back to the crowd and in front of the stage as GT is about to get on. Sidetracked, A and I separate from E in order to talk to a few other classmates. No worries, we’ll find each other eventually. Besides, E was probably going to the front to take pictures (his shtick)and A and I just wanted to have fun. Well, the classmates left for more beer. A and I made our way into the crowd. We were 10m from the stage (maybe) and in the direct center. Well, the concert rocked. It was loud, it was roudy, and he was a legend. Now, as a legend, he was on his downhill slope, and he did employ some cheesy lights, but – whatev – it was GEORGE FUCKIN’ THOROGOOD! And I was tempted to order the one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. But – I had to drive.

So – concert’s over – we regroup back at the PrezPub. One more beer because E ordered Newcastle and they gave him a draught. He prefers bottle. So – leftover beer is still beer, and Newcastle is nice. We’re hunched against the bar, I’m sorta standing, but leaned over the bar and we’re mostly huddled, talking about our problems with the opposite sex. I straighten up and get hit by a DOM (dirty old man) on with the cheesy “you’re cute” thing again. I blow him off, hunker over again, we laugh. I stand up again, a new DOM shows up “You’re cute” blow off hunker down. Repeat ad nauseum. I start to think about this statistically. Are we weighted because of the proliferance of DOM skewing our normal curve? Or am I suddenly this darned swan? I think it’s the former, no matter how I would like to believe the latter.

But, my “favorite” was with this 500 lb 50 yo with sweat pouring down his stringy long hair:

Dude: Hey – I think I know you.
Me: Probibly not, man.
Dude: No – I know your grandmother. It’s Bettie Page.
Me: Dude – seriously. While that’s one of the better lines I’ve heard all night, you still need some practice on the delivery. Go – elsewhere.

Soon after, we left. Walking home, we saw some other classmates as they yelled from their car “WOOHOO LOOK AT DEM ARCHAEOWHORES!” Now *that* was hilarious.

Saturday (today), A and I decided to celebrate Earthday KnoxVegas style: with a free all day music festival within walking distance of our office! We slathered on our SPF 50 sunscreen and headed over there at about 4PM. We had us some funnel cakes and snowcones. Yay! Sugar! A left at about 5.30 but I stayed for about another hour. After all, Dishwater Blonde ( ), one of the local bands I really really like, was playing. Thankfully, there were really no DOM there (at least of the GT calibre), so The GT experience was not continued.

And to all who know my music preferences: Yes, I realize Wolfmother is playing tonight (right now actually) at the Bijou, but I am too poor for $35 tickets. Especially since I spent the same amount to see the King Tut exhibit when I go to Phili. No worries. I’ll just see them in a few years when they play the Sundown circuit.

Well, it’s 10PM on a Saturday, and I’m blogging. I think it’s time to pack up and find some dinner.

I don’t think I’ll be doing much with music during the rest of the week. I really need to work on this Paleo paper.

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