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silly art class

Posted by Gexx on August 10, 2009

Randy Millhollend of Something Positive, a comic I read, is working with a Wacom Tablet for the first time.  His result reminded me of a story….


I was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time in his brother’s living room.  His brother had kept some of the boyfriend’s artwork from art class and hung it on the wall.  One was an interesting abstract piece done in crayon of a dog jumping through a man’s body.  In the bottom corner was his name and “4”.  The boyfriend commented “yeah, that one sucks.”  I respond, “but it’s pretty good for fourth grade!  I don’t know many who can think of using space like that.  That’s definately a middle school concept!”  Boyfriend turns bright red and stomps off.  His brother informs me:

“That’s  not 4th grade, that’s High School Art, 4th Period.”

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Stupid Alarm Clock

Posted by Gexx on July 7, 2009

So – either my alarm clock doesn’t always work, which is possible because the cats spill water on the table and have already messed up one function, or I am able to turn it off in my sleep. One way or another, I totally missed my 4.30AM wakeup and didn’t realize it until 9AM. Normally I’m up by 630 or 7, but last night M didn’t get in until late and then he kept talking about his current entrepreneurial idea and I kept responding. Then, generally unable to sleep because I kept thinking about his ideas and my next day in the field, and it was too hot/cold, cat attacked my feet, whine whine whine, next thing I know it’s 3AM.

So at 9AM I wake up to find that my contact for equipment has texted and called me, and I respond to her. I won’t be in because to get ready will take 1/2 hour (9:30), to meet her will take another hour (10:30), to get to the parking lot will take another 1.5 hours conservatively and possibly 2-2.5 hours (noon), to hike to the site and set up will take another 1.2 hour (12.30) and to guarantee that I will be back to return the gear we need to leave the field at 2.30. 2 hours is not near enough time that I need.

So we get to try again next week.

This week (today especially) I need to take care of some serious stuff, though, since I’m not getting in the field.

– pay mortgage
– pay internet

– find something to do w M’s stuff
– help M find retailrealestate out in Mville
– laundry
– clean sink area
– organize back room (I removed some extraneous storage devices to give to Ms. S for her new apartment)
– clean under bedside table (cats always mess it up)
– finish telling break-in/insurance nightmare story
– get GexxCooksKnoxvilleStyle going
– take pix for GexxCooksKnoxvilleStyle banner
– take pix of garden
– research chicken coop plans
– bring my stuff back from M’s (the stuff we moved after the first break in

– empty out randomly stuffed (inspired by break-in) purses that have made their way back.
– enter current data into spreadsheet
– install OpenOffice

– research greenhouse plans (clear courrigated plastic on the side of the shed)
– install hook/eye on shed
– install hook/eye on laundry room door
– call Greg of Gregory’s Greenhouse
– get keys back from neighbor
– finish Bee book
– compost garden (when compost dries)
– look at recent issues of trade magazines
– order toy
– order stolen necklace

– find reciept for paint, door knob,
– fax to Wallace Miller
– Thursday: Court for second break in
– Saturday: Benefit concert for Conservation Fisheries at Shady Grove Meadery, Cutthroat Shamrock and Zombie Bazooka Patrol shows at Catalyst

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Posted by Gexx on February 3, 2009

argh… argued with my brother.  about college.
he came and visited me with the purpose of visiting universities in the area.  he can't do cat's so i found him a place to stay that was cat free.  this ousted morgan out of his house and to mine which, other than the fact that it's still chilly first thing in the morning, isn't too bad, just a big inconvenience.
we go to visit places and i find that he's done minimal research on the places.  he was supposed to have the addresses, phone number, and directions to the places.  he was supposed to have called the universities and figured out if they had tours, what time, and reserve a spot.  he was supposed to have called up the ROTC offices and figures out if there would be someone in on the day we were visiting.
he looked up which cities they were in and figured there would be signs.
so i drove him to the colleges.  while we were driving, morgan looked up the phone numbers.  the first was ETSU and i knew it was somewhat visible.  when we were there, morgan looked up the numbers for the other colleges.  because of morgan, we saved ourselves a fool's errand to UNC Charlotte.  i drove, morgan did the research, my brother just had to sit there, look cute, and not say anything too stupid.
i spent multiple days that i could have used in preparing for the new semester.  i could have taken a long weekend in atlanta, dc, or nashville for my birthday.  instead, i took off of work to drive him around west NC and east TN.
i have discussed issues, explained possibilities, and attempted to encourage.
all he needs to do is stop by the education center.  he's working and roads in upstate NY are sometimes bad.  however, if roads are too bad thursday, then he can go on friday.
instead he sets off to massachusetts because "he had plans with people there."
the desire to go to college is real apparent now.
this hurts.  morgan and i invested time and social capital.  although i helped morgan clean, it still required him to take time from preparing his syllabus; and i refused to do the bathroom, which he scrubbed – including the floor.  morgan needed to do prep work for his classes but spent hours looking up details on college visitation.
i feel like my good intentions were taken advantage of, and i know that morgan is feeling similarly.  i feel like i took this seriously but it's just a joke to my brother.  i shouldn't need to put this much effort into someone else going to college.  i especially shouldn't put this much effort into any project just to have the person drop it because they would rather go have fun.
it's insulting.  both morgan and myself are disappointed in our investment.
but when i mention this to my brother, he tells me i'm bitching. 
aside:  it's lovely how that discussion can be brushed off with "you're just bitching,"  which in the case of presenting actual concerns translates to "i don't want to listen and i'm going to devalue your comments on grounds that you're a female."  male privilege makes me so frustrated.

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system restart again

Posted by Gexx on February 2, 2009

some how i ended up with a virus.


just when i got my rss feeds organized and my bookmarks reset.

thank goodness for delicious.

i think the antivirus i had before wasn't good enough.  i couldn't get the university's AV program to work because I couldn't fully uninstall the fragments of Norton that originally came with this computer, so I got Mcaffy (macaffry, whatever).

Now I managed to get norton to uninstall, but still can't get the university's program to completely install, it get to 99% and then i get an error message.

so we're going to try Trend Micro, as recommended from my girlfriend who used to work for 'cow box computer company' tech support


i hate technology some times

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Dating A Banker Anonymously – love or money

Posted by Gexx on February 1, 2009

Dating A Banker Anonymously seems to have stirred up a whole bunch of attention.

I first heard of it on Feministing, where they decryed its exclusive disempowering heteronormativity (apparently only straight girls date for money) and the amount of priviledge the readers/writers enjoyed before the economy.  I found it to basically be a mirror of all the bleach blonde, bed tanned LonGisland girls who whined to their parents that “$200 a week just isn’t enough” on their weekly phone calls.  

This apparently started from a NY Times article about “Wall Street Widows.”  NPR called out NYT on the legitimacy of  the site.

Then a friend wrote about it, addressing whether she would choose a partner for love or for money.

There’s something to be said about starting from the rough bottom.  I’ve thought about having money, not from me as my career path won’t allow for it, but if I were to have a partner with a good job.  I think we would live comfortably and simply.  But I’ve learned from my spotty employment that having five digits in the bank is a good safety net, and if I could have six, or even seven or eight come retirement, then we could continue to live our comfortable life.

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browser hijacked….

Posted by Gexx on January 13, 2009

so i'm dealing with a browser hijacking.

i've run mcafree and adaware from my main account and thought it was ok…

i ran mcafree from safe mode.

now i can't sign into my main account…

::le sigh::

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Claire’s Party

Posted by Gexx on December 21, 2008

Before I start:


2)Orion just found the cap to my mouse.  That is… she knocked over my mouse and the cap came off.  Neci likes feathers, Orion likes psuedo-cylindrical clear things.  Therefor, Orion is currently pouncing all over my bed room.  It's adorable.

Now, onto Claire's party.

Claire's party was awesome! There were so many people there that half the party had to eat dinner at the bar!!  I go there before Claire and her mom and husband and his family showed up.  Remember, as this flavors the rest of the night: Claire's brother-in-law is Aaron.  You know, the one I had the not-quite-stable-or-amicable break up with.  The one who broke up with me then proceded to continually show up at my house and freak me out.  The one who sent me all sorts of weird emails saying that we needed to get together to talk some things out.  You know, that one.

Well, apparently he wasn't told I would be there.  So when he showed up at the restaurant, I got the EVAL GLARE OF DETH!  Fortunately he showed up with his family, so his sister and her boyfriend sat next to me, and then his father,  he on the other side of all of them.  That way we didn't need to talk or see each other.  His sister and i talked about college and boyfriends and anime and all sorts of things.  Aaron came up a few times as she had heard bits of stories and needed clarification.  There was a dude named Scott sitting across the table from us, another person from Cookeville, who we talked with alot.  Everyone asked me why I didn't bring my boyfriend (he came up after "OOH! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" "Thanks! It was a Xmas gift from my boyfriend!"  I had to respond that I didn't want to start any issues as Aaron and I had a not-good breakup and it's Claire's birthday and we're having fun! goddammit!!

So then we go bowling.  i'm on a lane with Claire, Nathen, Scott, and someone else whose name starts with C.  We're sandwitched between the other lanes, so Aaron and I are sometimes up at the same time.  No big deal, no eye contact, no issue.  Suddenly Scott gets up, he had been sitting next to me and we discussed all sorts of dorky things (like WoW).  And then Aaron comes over…
"Elizabeth?"  I'm surprised that he's talking to me somewhat, but I don't want to seem unfriendly and be the catalyst for a scene.
"Hey! Yeah?"
"I think that sometime we need to talk."
"About what?"  If he has something he wants to talk about, an actual topic, I can be reasonable and nice.  However if he just wants to attempt to draw out the past and defend his actions then I don't want to even give him my time.
"The past."
"I don't think there's anything to talk about. It's over."
"I still think we need to sit down and talk."
"no. We're here for Claire's birthday. We should be having fun."
"I'm not saying right now. And I'm having a blast.  But we need to talk."
"Just go, please."

At that point, the easygoing, noworry feeling I managed to have that eveing , the feeling that we were just going to realize that things didn't work out, and to not antagonize each other was gone.  He's still having issues.

Does this mean he's going to start back with the whole creepy email thing?  Will he again show up at my house unannounced and unwanted?

Why can't he get over this. 

I'm done with it.

I don't think the human mind can comprehend the past and the future.  They are both just illusions that can manipulate you in to thinking there's some kind of change.
-Bob Dylan

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Claire’s Birthday

Posted by Gexx on December 19, 2008

I had book-club last night, and Claire gave me the plans for her birthday.  Four days ago, I was at Borders and saw a book that I had to remember to mention for her, but now that I'm going to the bday I wanted to get it.  It was sooo PERFECT!  I go back today and it's sold out.  And at B&N and everywhere!!!  Argh!

It's ok… I have a backup plan.

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Whine whine whine – i wish i had a landlord

Posted by Gexx on November 23, 2008

It all starts with yesterday I’m feeling very blah.  Sick blah.  Probably came down with the second grade or the kindergarten funk.  No worries, I’ll go home and get all snuggly and get better.  So I go home, pick up some and set up a space heater in my bedroom as now only one of my wall heaters works, and it’s in the entirely opposite corner.

I warm up the room and go to take a shower, after 10 minutes there is no hot water.  There’s not even something other than freezing cold ice water.  So no shower, it must be because I didn’t insulate my pipes, well, that will be a plan for Saturday.

Saturday I wake up with a sinus headache, sniffles, runny nose, sneezing, and no voice.  I make my way to Morgan’s for a shower, as i smelled funny, and we went to Lowes and Home Depot looking for baseboard heaters.  Apparently they can install anything except for these baseboard heaters, which are relatively simple and I would do myself if I trusted myself to not kill me.

So back to my house to get the ingrediants for some bortscht and to check on the kittens and the low-running space heater.  We forget the ingrediants.

After a while I investigate electricians more and see that Home Depot DOES have electricians to install all their stuff.  I call them expecting to be told “just not where you live.” But the woman who answers the phone is very helpful and tells me that someone will get back to me in the next few days.

now to figure out the hot water heater.

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Marriage Equality Rally!

Posted by Gexx on November 16, 2008

[newsbreak] Good news! Larry Summer is no longer up for Treasury Sec.  If you didn’t know, he’s the ex-ivyleague-pres who said women were inheantly inferior at math and science.  He even set up a home ec class for women so they didn’t need to worry their little heads with all sorts of numbers. [end newsbreak]

So, Saturday was the Anti-passing of all the no gay marriage acts/props/ammendments.  Morgan and I made up posters (seen below), and he met me at the museum at 2.30PM with the plan to head right over to World’s Fair Park.

Well… I head over to the museum, where I had 1PM a program to give, at 12.15.  I pull into the lot and am told that I need to pay, there’s a basketball game.  I explain to the attendant that I am going to work at the museum and, not only that, I have 20 young girl scouts with parents coming at 1.  They tell me that they will need to find parking.  I respond that this is not acceptable, they were told where they could park before this, and the museum lot is to remain open for museum visitors.  Well, apparently there are only 5 spots left, and goodness knows how we’ll do this.  So they call the head guy, who is very not pleased to see me.  The museum and the parking people have been at odds for as long as I’ve worked there.  The museum needs weekend visitors. When the museum advertises free admission and free parking, people expect that.  If they need to suddenly pay $5 to go do something free, they’ll just as soon go home.  The museum loses visitors, and no one buys anything cool in the museum shop.

So he and I argue that parking a few cars in the free lot with everyone else having to pay is not acceptable.  I threaten to call people, like the museum’s director, in order to give my girls a good experience.  At this point one of the original attendents comes running up and tells us that most of the cars in the lot are high school students here for visitation, and their program is supposed to be over at 12.30.  How about we just close the lot down for everyone except Girl Scouts (and other visitors, I pipe in).  That, I tell them, will work, assuming enough people leave.  What if we don’t have enough spots still?  The attendants point out a bunch of open space, normally used by the daily attendant’s kiosk, and say they’ll park them in there.  We should be guarenteed 15 spaces between what’s already open, what will open, and the informal spots.  So they change the sign to “Lot Full” and I head in hoping that the girl scouts are carpooling, like good environmentally concious individuals should.

I have 15 minutes to run upstairs, downstairs, middlestairs in order to get my 45 minute program, my 15 minute tool demonstrations, my 20 minute clay-based craft, and my 5 minute story set up.  I’m not ready on time, but that’s ok, because the “Lot Full” sign confused some parents looking for the museum so they’re on their way.  We get started about 15-20 minutes late.  Gargh!

We do the program, take a little longer on the initial program because they ask so many gosh durned questions, do the tools, take a quick break for me to move around the set up for the craft, make our darned clay pots, Morgan shows up, wash our hands, tell the story, and I clean up in record time.  I tell the guard the few things he needs to do (re-set some alarms, re-lock a few doors) since I don’t have codes or keys.

3.20PM Morgan and I rush out of campus and over to Worlds Fair Park.  Everyone is gone!


So now I have two virgin signs for the next protest rally.

I’m annoyed.  Stupid parking.

Come to find out, about 120 people were at the rally, and the only counter protest was

LINK TO ARTICLE ABOUT RALLY IN KTOWN!  I really like this article.  Especially that it is written with a lean toward supporting same sex marriage and even includes religious leaders’ comments supporting the equality of the right.

In other marriage-equality news:  December 5 is “No Gay for A Day” day, where the LGBT community and their supporters stay home from work.  Where I work, at the museum, we all feel that marriage should count.  The people I serve, children, would be the ones effected.  While children may repeat what parents say, they are still impressionable.  I’m conflicted whether my staying home would help.

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