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birthday weekend part 2

Posted by Gexx on January 11, 2009

Sunday (the aftermath day) my brother picks us up at my house, as my car was left at Morgan's and he was driving (of course), and we go to Sunspot for brunch because I caught wind (via their myspace page) that they were serving CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!!!

When we drive back to Morgan's to figure out how to spend the afternoon, it's mentioned that Morgan needed to go to the mall.  The brother jumped on that, so we went.  Apparently there was a 30% sale on everything at SciFi city… so Morgan loaded up on miniatures and stuff.  Vincent actually didn't buy anything for himself, and I managed to find a couple sweaters on uber-post-xmas sale.

Vincent was so entranced with Morgan's minis that he wanted to play a Dungeons and Dragons game.  I think Vincent just wanted Morgan to take a few out and set up a scenario.  But Morgan instead called up some people and made it a game sanctioned with the National Organization.  So we spent Sunday night playing DnD.

Monday morning I picked the brother up at 7 and we headed to ETSU in Johnson City.  Then we went to AppState in Boone.  The weather was pretty nice.  It was wet, but the temperature was in the 40s.  We were then going to head over to UNC Charlotte, but he couldn't get ahold of an actual person on the campus, so then we headed home.  The following day we went to UT Chattanooga, and thought about going to Clemson, but instead decided to check out MTSU.

On the way back from MTSU, I was approaching Cookeville and noticed my gas light turning on.  I pulled off at the next exit because I didn't want to get into Cookeville and possibly meet with someone at an exit I used to take.  Irony of Ironies, that exit I took was the one I wanted to avoid.  I noticed that because there's this motel-turned-something else at the gas station.  So I pulled in, looked around, and satisfied myself that probability was on my side instead of bad luck.  I wasn't too worried of the prospect of seeing him, but I was worried that if he saw me then my presence would be initially interpreted as something more intrusive and possibly more malevolent than "i need gas."  am I over thinking??

Monday evening (when we got back from North Carolina), by the way, I made an AWESOME meatloaf.


Wednesday, he headed out, and I went to work.  Morgan and I attacked some of the brats my brother brought down from my mother.

Thursday was class.  I made most awesome pizza.  I used a recipe from "Jamie at Home" by Jamie Oliver for the dough.  It was a simple flour/salt/yeast/water/oil/sugar recipe.  I topped it with curried canned tomato sauce, thinly sliced bratwursts (courtosy of my new awesome kitchen knives), carmalized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and chopped kale.

Friday was work, help a friend at a car accident (we waited 2+ hours for the tow truck).

Saturday Morgan and I chilled.  Then he ran a DnD game in the afternoon.  I ended up playing and making a massive pot of soup at the same time. 

The soup contained: 2 baby videlia onions, 10 cloves of garlic, 1 chicken breast, 3 diced sun dried tomatoes, 2 baby potatoes (they were sitting around) and 1 turnip all chopped up to 1/2 inch chunks, 2 carrots chopped,  1/4 lb of kale (it was sitting there not being used) diced up, and some fresh basil.  Combine like you do for soups (I listed it in the rought order of adding things), when it came to adding broth (before the kale), I used 3 parts water, 1 part chicken stock (it normally gets too rich/salty if I use more).  Salt/pepper to taste.

Then we just chilled for the evening.  We thought of going to see a show, but our friend got ill so it would just be us and we needed to read for class.


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Out and About

Posted by Gexx on November 13, 2008

Fight the H8 in Your State

Saturday is a National Day of Rallying for Equality in Marriage Rights. (click on the graphic for more info).

Either way, the current plan is that in Knoxville people will be meeting at 1PM at World’s Fair Park.

Bring your posters, rage, and support.

Official letter from Knoxville coordinator

Friends and allies,
WHY WE NEED YOU: As you know, our November 4th election was a day of mixed emotion. Along with Barack Obama’s victory came a stunning defeat for LGBT rights: the passage of Proposition 8, which overturned the California Supreme Court’s June 17, 2008 decision to allow same-sex marriage. Legal ramifications for the millions of loving same-sex couples who have been married in CA since the summer are still up in the air, but Prop 8’s discriminatory message is clear: gay and lesbian couples are somehow less deserving of the chance for a happy, loving marriage.
While Prop 8 dealt a devastating blow, we can be encouraged by how quickly Americans have rallied in protest of this decision. California cities have already been bombarded with LBGT individuals and their allies, backed by an unprecedented outpouring of support from around the country.
This Saturday, November 15, there will be a nationwide protest in cities across all 50 states and DC. At 1:30 EST (10:30 PST), thousands of Americans will come together in solidarity of our LGBT brothers and sisters. We are saying together, loud and clear, that we will not stand down until EVERYONE has equal marriage rights, feels safe to be who they are, and is embraced as a first-class citizen.
KNOXVILLE: Knoxville’s rally will be held on the lawn of World’s Fair Park. We will gather around 1:15 so that we can count down to the 1:30 nationwide protest together. There will be several speakers, including Reverend Bob Galloway of the Metropolitan Community Church. Next, there will be an open session for anyone in the crowd to speak and share their thoughts. (This has been cleared with Lieutenant Hubs and the Park staff. We have permission to be there. Additional security will come through periodically to make sure we are not bothered.) There are a number of parking lots and garages around the Park.
Afterwards, anyone who is interested can go over to Kingston Pike outside the mall to engage in more of a picket-style protest.
HOW YOU CAN HELP: Most of all, come to the rally. As of Tuesday night, there was nothing scheduled in Knoxville, and I put this together pretty quickly. Show up and show your support. To stand up for what you believe in with thousands of your fellow citizens across the country is an incredible opportunity.
If you have cameras and/or video recording devices, it would be great to bring them and take plenty of pictures and recordings. The organizers of Join the Impact will be anxious to hear how things went in the different cities.
If you can, make signs for yourself and others. If you need inspiration, check out the link above for ideas.
Additionally, we are still in great need of a megaphone (or microphone with speakers) that does not need to be plugged in; if you have one or know anyone who does and would not mind donating it for a few hours, please let me know!
PLEASE BE AWARE: I’ve discussed all this with Lieutenant Hubs and we don’t anticipate any problems, but in case we attract negative attention, please remain calm and civil. No matter how angry someone makes you or how despicable they may act, you always win by staying classy. Be courteous to other people in the Park, pick up any trash from your signs, etc. There is a Veteran Memorial dedication in the Park in the morning. It is over at noon, but please be respectful of any patrons still mingling from that event.
How we conduct ourselves will speak volumes.
MOST OF ALL: Yes, across the nation we are protesting a discriminatory decision, but this is not just about politics. Most importantly, this is about love, a human need and a human right. Although we are disappointed by California’s decision, Saturday’s events should be a positive experience as we celebrate the unity and solidarity of our allies around the country.
I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
For love,
Jen Crawford
(484) 354-3867

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Brewer’s Jam (part i)

Posted by Gexx on October 12, 2008

This is going to be in a couple parts as I am tired and I think I’m coming down with something.

Brewer’s Jam 2008.

Yay! Brewer’s Jam.  I heart the beer and the people and the amusement.  This year was slightly different.  More people joined, I was there with Morgan, I met Eric’s parents, and I saw someone who I totally didn’t expect to see at all, really ever ever again.

The day started with giving David’s ticket to Heather, at about 11:45.  On the way back Morgan and I grabbed some Krystal’s for ourselves and hsi friend Tom.  We get back to Morgan’s place, Tom meets us there, and as we’re eating Kimberly, Shannon, and Lindsey show up.  The reason for this meeting up was because we were all returning to Morgan’s place after the Jam to sober up and as there have been multiple muggings in the neighborhood, we didn’t want people walking after dark to random cars.

We get there at 12:30, and after figureing out checkin and everything, we get in line and eventually make our way in.  Eric introduces us to his parents.  They’re ADOREABLE!  They’re shorter than I thought, though.  Heather’s parents met everyone.

Eric was taking pictures for the Knoxvillle Voice, so when they get out up I’ll probably try to link them. We’ll see if I remember.

At 2PM we had a drink for one of my girls who had to give a paper out of state, so she missed us.


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Posted by Gexx on October 7, 2008

Enjoyed the weekend.

friday night was first friday, it was my first first friday also, and lee and rusty and claire had exhibits opening. the plan was to dress up meet up at lee and rusty’s gallery (@ cumberland and gay), do the “ooh, awesome!” thing then grab food @ 7 @ the bistro and make our way down to w summit hill for claire’s stuff and then hit sassy ann’s for a little cutthroat action.

so i dressed up, green low cut sweater hoodie, brown tank, short denim skirt, and brown boots. i had just had my hair done, and i even put on makeup. i felt so much like an undergrad getting ready for a night out. my normal “lets go out” clothes consist of a pair of ripped jeans and a tank top. ah well. it wont kill me to get dressed up now and again.

but the others were running a little behind. lee and rusty weren’t even there when we had to leave for our dinner reservations.  so we ate, shared a bottle of wine, and went back.  at lee and rusty’s there was a water cooler full of wine. a WINE COOLER if you will. so much wining was had, and there were multiple people who i hadn’t seen in a while so there was a bunch of catching up going on there when it was like OK! MUST GO FIND CLAIRE!

morgan was driving (thankfully) so he toted my and shannonette’s arse up to w summit hill in which progress i call claire up twice, the first time thinking i had a bad connection. the second time realizing it was just REALLY LOUD where she was. she was at the crown and goose, apparently her thing was over for the night (BOO!) I felt like such a pathetic friend missing her thing, especially since when i showed up at the crown and goose to talk for a few moments i was obviously feeling the wine.

when i first got to the c&g i saw nate and adam, so i talked to them for a bit. morgan and shannonette joined me in there, so they both said hi. it was morgan’s first meeting of this cookeville group, but shannonette had met them previously. i guess bringing morgan may have been somewhat transparent (bringing the current boy when meeting up w the ex-boy’s bro) but at the same time i wanted to find claire.

finally found her! after running into one of our prof’s, that is. i was so intent on finding claire, though, that i just gave him a half wave while trying to figure out what she was saying. i’m doing great with my personal interactions. found claire, talked for a while, left, ran back by nate and adam, and asked about a wedding this coming weekend.  then asked about the ex’s plans for this coming weekend (which is also brewers jam, and yes, is where i met him last year, and i hoped wouldn’t be a big deal, but with some of the emails that he had been sending me and the fact that he kept checking my blog and myspace somewhat consistently until about 2 weeks ago, i’m honestly a bit worried about what might happen if we both meet face to face utterly beer-plastered) i find that not only does he not have plans to attend brewers jam, he also does have plans for something else. so no worries there.  i just don’t want drama. i’m tired of stupid boys.

any way, after that, off to sassy ann’s, where i change into my jeans and chacos. it was easy as i was already wearing a skirt. yay me.

cutthroat was cutthroat. yay. i was beat, though, i had been on the move since 7AM. had done the oil change thing, the hair cut/color thing, and then the social thing, so we cut out at about 1AM.  and went home. and passed out.


good times.

the following day the morning was spent reading, and taking a shower, and getting things together, as that afternoon there was another dnd game (yay?). i think i’m enjoying it. I’m just trying to decide if i really like spending 5 hours i could devote to school stuff with this limited tangable reward system.  after the game we hit the mall and i had to physically restrain morgan from purchasing for me an item from williams sonoma. i know, what was i thinking. dinner was lovely mashed taters and tomatos with mozzerella with olive oil and balsamic viniger. because that was what i wanted. and the trend seems to be with him that i get what i want. i can’t abuse this, but with wierd food cravings while cramping, it’s totally legit.

sunday was good brunch at sunspot, grocery shopping, and more reading (read that as “napping), and monday was monday.

tonight i have options. morgan might still be in town, or he might not. if he isn’t i may go watch the debate with jim (where? does he have a tv?) and play with the prez candidates. or a may go see dennis at his open mike at the pres pub. or i may stay in and read this book about fair trade coffee if i don’t get it done by then.


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if i know this much of the subculture i’ve been here too long

Posted by Gexx on September 30, 2008

claire AND lee AND rusty have a first friday opening. claire’s is up on w summit hill. lee and rusty’s are over on gay/cumberland. wine and cheese cubes, yo!

so the schedule for friday:
1400-1600: get hair done
1600-1700: agonize over outfit for first friday and possible FAC (friday eve comm dept social club)
1700-1830: FAC with morgan (if there is one, told him i would go with him)
1830-2200: First Friday with my peeps (dragging mr. morgan along too)
2200-? : sassy ann’s w/ Cutthroat Shamrock

heather and others will most likely be joining us. Mr. J and Ms. J will not be present (aww) as Mr. J is going off to do some camping and Ms. J is being really busy down in hawt-lanta.

mr. morgan gets to meet the crew members not of the sr. taco bent, including claire and nathan (aaron’s sis-in-law and bro).  i asked specifically whether it would cause drama if i came or ::gasp:: if i came with the new boy. but as aaron is apparently not attending, i have no worries of causing a dramallamabomb.

damn drama… stay away from me.

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Posted by Gexx on September 25, 2008

so i did it. finally. i made my very own myspace picture. i don’t like pix of me, so i go ahead and rip off other sites. my latest picture stated that my marxist feminist dialectic would bring all the boys to my yard. the newest newest one is to the left. thank online translators for the translation. hopefully i have it right!

maybe not all, but i do have one at the moment. i don’t know if it was the MFD that did it or simply the fact that i could actually speak intelligently after multiple beers on random uber-esoteric,paradigmatic-shifting, rhetoric challenging, possibly-important topics.


i also, this afternoon erased all email correspondance with people i don’t like. err…. a person i no longer like. i didn’t realize quite what had piled up, but when i saw something with his name on it, i dug a bit and realized “damn, don’t need this mucking up the inbozzle”. Hitting the “trash” choice surely isn’t as cathartic as burning things, but who needs catarsis when you’ve moved on.

and no, me stating that i’ve moved on is not denial that i haven’t.

speaking of moving on, back to the MFD/Beer incident… YAY!

that’s all. if you haven’t met him, you obviously haven’t seen me in the last 2 weeks, as we seem to do many things together. i’m home alone now for the first time in a while. i should be doing laundry….

hit the disc exchange today. picked up tickets for brewers jam. not missing it for anything. there’s a crew of boucoup zwanzig joining me: eric, morgan, shannon, shannon, kimberly, heather, paula, jim, and more. yay.

also grabbed a PJ Harvey CD. i blame my DE dude for hooking me on her last last summer. damn him and his lucious prematurely entirely gray hair coupled with being a band teacher and a husband and father (i think he said he had kids) with awesome tastes in knowing what i want…. in music. DAMN HIM!

ask me about my recipe for curry. and remember that the farmers market has awesome summer squash this week. it goes well with curry.

and to the Ktowners who read this excuse for a blog… i’ll be at GreekFest sometime after 3. I have some brownies that need my attention until then.

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I went out and saw… it made me feel…

Posted by Gexx on September 8, 2008

I went out on Saturday night with Mssr. E to meet L and R at the Bistro for a drink. There was a party there, but without my glasses I couldn’t quite make them out. As the party was dissipating I had a nudge on my shoulder. It was Adam, Aaron’s old roommate, he was there for a wedding shower.

I liked Adam, he seemed good before. We never really got to know each other because Aaron had some odd “nobody likes me” issue going on, and with all my … insecurities… I didn’t push it.

It made me wonder about Aaron. He wasn’t there, of course. That’s probably for the best. But it made me think what he was up to. I don’t wish people to not be enjoying themselves, but I just couldn’t bring myself to think of “hopefully he’s having fun too.” I actually wished for him, now that I had been reminded into thinking of him, to be miserable.

I feel like such a horrible person. But he made me feel worse…

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update on my side

Posted by Gexx on August 31, 2008

It’s been good. I like being an adult, to a point.

D’s plane got in just fine at 2PM on Thurs, I got him at the airport (found him before he saw me) and we headed home, did the food thing, and started to chill.  A calls and says “L (her sis) and I are going to the farm NOW” so D and I jump in the car and go meet them there. It’s only when we’re finished the 1/2 hour trip do I realize that I totally forgot to call Mr. J, who I had mentioned this potential trip to the previous day.  We get there, swim, dive, kayak, tree-yak (no, not really) I see my first persimmon, we ponder as to the identity of some other tree, and have some general fun.  D and I then head home after poking in to see Dancer, A’s horse, and chill/catch up.  At somepoint in there, I noticed that Nece’s eyes were too goopy/squinty for my comfort so I called the vet and made an appointment for 930AM on Fri.

Friday I go to the vet.  The cat has Chlamydia… again.  So we’re on a round of eye drops. yay.  Then I go to work, Dave comes with me to look around.  I finish up what I need to do for our people on Tuesday, and we head out, run some errands, and head back to my place.  We hang out for a little bit, I get a few things going for the Pirate/Zombie dinner party on Sat, and I do some reading for class (yaaay… blah).

I am now becoming fully indoctrinated in economical/ecological social stances.  The current book is continually repeating “capitalism is bad because it can only happen if you don’t restrict growth” “unrestricted growth is ecologically unsound.” yes, I get it. let’s get deeper. MORE RHETORIC! I want to be more Pretentious.  MORE EXAMPLES! I want to see how *I* can utilize these paradigms in my own stuff.  Shift it, shift it good.  The class should be good, alot of structuralism/marxism…. plenty of my buddy foucault too.

So I drag D to the brewery, where he gets to have some of the world’s best stout. Mr. J joins us and we have a fun, somewhat nerdy conversation. D is a chemist, J is all about alternitive/bio fuels, and lets just say that my field requires me to understand way too much schtuff. Woohoo!  Then, we wander over to the Pub for some beer and CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK!

We hang there for a bit before others who we know join.  So there’s Mssr. E (from past adventures), his new roommate Mssr. D, my girl H, her boy G, my D from NY, and Mr. J (alphabet stew!).  At which point Ben from the band sits down at our table and joins in our conversation.  That was most awesome.  I think it was even better because D came all the way from NY to see them (in a ways), and Mr. J has only seen them once before, and I told him that the show at the Grotto was nothing like what most shows are.  So we’re all talking, I noticed that Mr. J got numbers from Ben, I’m assuming for his Gf as she’s also a band person (haven’t heard them play yet, they come in town some point in October).  Twas most nifty.

The opener band rocked.  I was very very please.  And the CtSr show was amAZing!  One girl at the show pulled me aside and asked if I was the one “doing the research on that hammer” as she recognized me from my newspaper article.  I affirmed that “ahem, yes, that is me”.  I was surprised she recognized me as in that photo I hadn’t brushed my hair, was hiking backwoods / off trail for a while to get to the site, and was wearing a bulky wool sweater and Carhartt’s.  But whatever.  No-name-boy (or “many-name-boy”) also recognized me before I recognized him.  He ran off soon, though, on what H reported as a red Harley.  He said he was going to come up and hang out, but I think that I was familiarly slipping between 3 dudes (Mssr E, D from NY, and Mr. J) and that our previous interactions over almost the whole last 10 months has consisted of bar-room conversation over mediocre beer with thinly veiled flirtations, it wasn’t the most welcoming environment. Shrug. It was an ego-boost.

Cutthroat ended only after many beers were accidentally and purposely released into the atmosphere, and I decided that with the beer and the hour D needed to have his first southern experiance of Krystals. So with Mr. J in the cramped back seat of my car and DfromNY in the cramped-pulled-forward passenger seat we went and initiated D on the finer points of ittybittyburgers.

Then, everyone safely at home, I had a reprise from the St.Pat2007 CtSrShow. I looked at my feet and they were DISGUSTING. So while I didn’t have the energy for a shower, I stood in my tub and washed my feet. yuck.

Next day, feeling slightly not up for it, I started working on the dinner party.
It went marvelous. The Curried Goat was not too spicy, the hot sauces were flavorful, the riceandbeans in coconutmilk were divine. The spiked fruit salad was overly intoxicating (yay) and yeah. Success. We all chatted and played apples to apples, the cats weren’t overpowering (allergies in some people) and it wasn’t just D and i in costume. It ended a little earlier than some parties, but that was all good, as I was exhausted. R stayed a little later (I think I bugged him or something to do so, I don’t know) and I ended up starting to fall asleep in my camp chair while he and D were talking about something…. important? I don’t know.

Sunday, clean up was a bitch, and know i should be reading, but D is napping and we have a Boomsday party in a bit and I’m bored. My cats are also sleeping. They look dead.

Best to all!

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the local characters

Posted by Gexx on August 16, 2008

so one thing I find most interesting about Knoxville after dark are the recurring characters that spice up the evening. One is the hula-hoop girl, another is the scrawny white-boy hacker with waist-length dreds (we had an interesting conversation last night, btw, I heard his whole boasting about def-con and all that), the Rose Seller, a couple bar tenders who go out when not working, and the Wizard. Or atleast I had termed him the wizard. He is this tall black dude always wearing robes and has a huge staff. Ms. A and I last night talk to this one dude who pulls out a big green stone wrapped in wire and on a thick cord. I ask about it and he said he got it from the dude with the staff. I respond “Oh, the wizard dude.” and he’s like “actually he’s a gypsy.”

Go figure.

odd… everytime i hit the apostrophe my computer goes into “quick find” mode but quote marks are ok. My arrow keys aren’t working either. ooh… look, apostrophes work again. as do arrows. odd…

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Posted by Gexx on August 15, 2008

Gah! I’m not an undergrad anymore. I go dance for a few hours and wake up with knees like rusty hinges. Ah well.

So I went out with Jessica, because we were bored and there was no cover. Guys are great to dance with, to a point. And that point is well before he pins you to the wall and tries to kiss you. Bastard is lucky he left with his limbs. If his best friend, a girl, hadn’t been in deep conversation with Jessica I think I would have found myself kicked out of another bar.

Who the hell issued ass-hole credits to these semi-people.

What happened to just talking to a girl?


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