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system restart again

Posted by Gexx on February 2, 2009

some how i ended up with a virus.


just when i got my rss feeds organized and my bookmarks reset.

thank goodness for delicious.

i think the antivirus i had before wasn't good enough.  i couldn't get the university's AV program to work because I couldn't fully uninstall the fragments of Norton that originally came with this computer, so I got Mcaffy (macaffry, whatever).

Now I managed to get norton to uninstall, but still can't get the university's program to completely install, it get to 99% and then i get an error message.

so we're going to try Trend Micro, as recommended from my girlfriend who used to work for 'cow box computer company' tech support


i hate technology some times


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feeling less worthless

Posted by Gexx on February 1, 2009

This last semester I sat around with my thumb up my arse.  I was waiting for paperwork to come through.  I had already done as much deed research as I thought I could, I was so sick of everything.  I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.

That's why this semester I decided to take a class on Resource Laws and an Independent Study.  For the IS, I'm getting the graphics ready for our book so it can get to press sooner.

Then I was asked to help advise a starting museum.

And last week I stopped by the Park and found out about a few positions opening up soon.

So basically, I'm doing stuff.

Yesterday I read 300+ pages.  Today I need to read a similar amount.


I feel like I'm back in the groove.

… now to work on sleeping.

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beer (and sleep)

Posted by Gexx on January 30, 2009

for starters, this came through my myspace bulletins from Rogue Breweries:

The 4th annual Chocolate Festival is happening this weekend at the World Forestry Center in Portland Or.

Rogue is the only brewery pouring at this event.

We will be selling Chocolate Stout on Draft, Chocolate Stout bottles, Imperial Chocolate Stout bottles, Valentines Day Gift Boxes, Rogue Creamery Chocolate Stout Cheddar, and Chocolate Stout Pumpernickel Bread

Come indulge yourselves in Chocolate mayhem.

(yum, I want chocolate stout cheddar)

So I haven't slept well for the last many weeks.  Some days are better than others.  I just really want 6 hours of sleep, even if the cats wake me up.  I've just gotten tired of waking up and laying for hours… or as last night was, not falling asleep until 4AM.

I've tried going to bed a decent times, I'm up at 7-730, so I thought that 10 to 11 or even on late nights at midnight, but never later.  Even on weekends, I'm in bed midnightish to 1 and up by 9, if not 8.

The few nights that I have slept better, though, I've noticed a trend: I was drinking.

It made me think of an article that I had been reading ( ).  Now the question is, how much does that apply to me?

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old and new

Posted by Gexx on January 20, 2009

I brought my personal computer into work because my work computer is 4 years old and still running an archaic version of windows and IE.  I wanted to watch the innaugeration, but apparently my personal computer is unable to even *find* the school's wireless system, which my work computer is (obviously) able to connect to.  I went online and followed the directions, but none of them seem to work.
I guess I'll just catch it later.
Natural gas is hemispheric. I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods. – George W Bush
We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That's not leadership. That's not going to happen.  – Barack H Obama

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home sweet homes

Posted by Gexx on January 19, 2009

So Morgan and I have been spending a whole bunch of time together. Like… all of it. We really started when I had no heat/hot water and then as soon as that fixed he blew his transmission, so first I camped out at his place and then he “tagged along” with me. His house is in the fort and he spends much less time on campus than I do, so he walks back and forth. I tend to meet him at his place afterwork and then we just do whatever we need, which for students is alot of reading and computer dinking. And well, reading and dinking are rather more pleasurable when snuggled with another reading dinker.

I find it odd though, as he keeps wanting to be with me. I keep waiting for him to suddenly tire of me and want “alone time.” We’ll see.

Oh, and he hums. He paces and fidgets when he can be mobile or his hands are free, it used to drive me crazy but now I’ve just gotten used to it. But when he needs to sit and read, he hums. It’s not all bad, rarely is it an earworm (rarely). Normally it’s some classical choral piece, as he did fancy classical chorus in high school, so it’s like I have a tenor section all to myself.

Except I’ve always studied in silence.

We learn and adjust.

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surprisingly good food

Posted by Gexx on January 15, 2009

I got out of class at 11 and realized I still needed to put in about 3 or 4 hours at work. 
But I was STARVED. (and I brought no food).
Normally I'm gone at about 1, but I wanted to knock out a few things, especially since we all have Monday off. 
On the way from class to the museum is the basketball arena which has your typical slightly overpriced cafe/teria stuff and a mccalister's (sammiches and sweet tea).  I wander in and something smells really good.  I find that part of the meat and three (a southern thing?) for the day is chicken and dumplings.  I ask for a serving of that (about 3$ by itself), which the chef/cook said was his best batch ever and was about the head on my way, but I noticed that one of the "3" is steamed cabbage.  I've never been too fond of cabbage except in coleslaw until about a year or so ago.  Previous to that the vegetable had always been guilty of noxious fermentation or puke-worthy over boiling.  But then Nathan and Claire made some cooked with pepper and salt and I valiently tried it (I was in NO WAY going to offend my hosts by not eating their food!!!) and it was pretty good.  I had to get through the mental "EEEW NO  CABBAGE" block, so I don't think I ate *much* but there was no forcing of it.  Then I started finding Kimchee most everywhere!  And THEN Kim in the department made some homemade coleslaw!!
So I figured that the cabbage would likely be a bit healthier than the other vegetable, greenbeans in bacon (yum! but I'm keeping a reasonable eye on what I eat and bacon marinade is sorta… not good).  I wander the 5 floors back up and 2 floors down to my office and open it all up.  The smell is DIVINE! The chicken and dumplings remind me of home-made, not overly salty or thick.  Tender chicken, mushy dumpling.  And the Cabbage was great!!  Tender, again (remind me what to order when I forget my dentures 😉 ), and even a little sweet.
And now I need to do work.

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the book! the book! it’s getting done!

Posted by Gexx on January 14, 2009

So, for those who weren't around for the previous amount of pain, I have been part of a project. A BIG project.

I've been working on writing the Synthesis of Tennessee Archeology.  As an experiment in editing, we've placed all our chapters online for the professionals to look over and backfeed (that is, give feedback).

At the same time, I need more credit hours and I'm sick of thesis hours.  I want to get active and busy again.  This last semester I worked and hung out with Morgan.  I want to go back to being inspired and challenged and provoked.

So I've offered to assist in getting the book ready for publication.  I was just asked if i could do the graphics.  I'm hesitant, but I'm confident that I can figure out what I need to do.  Just don't expect much in the way of free hand drawings.  They're not great: I have the self-published coloring/activity books to prove it!

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Orion has decided that it is bedtime

Posted by Gexx on January 13, 2009

But I am up reading the UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property as I lost time the last two days trying to figure out this computer virus. 

I don't mind that I'm reading this.  i love cultural resource law. That's my THANG.  However, when my purring kitty with no belly fur and two unremoved stitches burrows under the blankets (I'm reading in bed) and curls up against my thigh, I feel guilty for keeping her up.  It just seems like it is *now* bedtime.

Neci, on the other hand, has decided that her time is best spent leaping from the edge of the bed onto my new purse that crackles so delightfully because it's made of laminated fabric.

Books and cats and fair-haired little girls make the best furnishing for a room. – French Proverb

Those that dislike cats will be carried to the cemetery in the rain. – Dutch Proverb

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birthday weekend part 2

Posted by Gexx on January 11, 2009

Sunday (the aftermath day) my brother picks us up at my house, as my car was left at Morgan's and he was driving (of course), and we go to Sunspot for brunch because I caught wind (via their myspace page) that they were serving CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!!!

When we drive back to Morgan's to figure out how to spend the afternoon, it's mentioned that Morgan needed to go to the mall.  The brother jumped on that, so we went.  Apparently there was a 30% sale on everything at SciFi city… so Morgan loaded up on miniatures and stuff.  Vincent actually didn't buy anything for himself, and I managed to find a couple sweaters on uber-post-xmas sale.

Vincent was so entranced with Morgan's minis that he wanted to play a Dungeons and Dragons game.  I think Vincent just wanted Morgan to take a few out and set up a scenario.  But Morgan instead called up some people and made it a game sanctioned with the National Organization.  So we spent Sunday night playing DnD.

Monday morning I picked the brother up at 7 and we headed to ETSU in Johnson City.  Then we went to AppState in Boone.  The weather was pretty nice.  It was wet, but the temperature was in the 40s.  We were then going to head over to UNC Charlotte, but he couldn't get ahold of an actual person on the campus, so then we headed home.  The following day we went to UT Chattanooga, and thought about going to Clemson, but instead decided to check out MTSU.

On the way back from MTSU, I was approaching Cookeville and noticed my gas light turning on.  I pulled off at the next exit because I didn't want to get into Cookeville and possibly meet with someone at an exit I used to take.  Irony of Ironies, that exit I took was the one I wanted to avoid.  I noticed that because there's this motel-turned-something else at the gas station.  So I pulled in, looked around, and satisfied myself that probability was on my side instead of bad luck.  I wasn't too worried of the prospect of seeing him, but I was worried that if he saw me then my presence would be initially interpreted as something more intrusive and possibly more malevolent than "i need gas."  am I over thinking??

Monday evening (when we got back from North Carolina), by the way, I made an AWESOME meatloaf.


Wednesday, he headed out, and I went to work.  Morgan and I attacked some of the brats my brother brought down from my mother.

Thursday was class.  I made most awesome pizza.  I used a recipe from "Jamie at Home" by Jamie Oliver for the dough.  It was a simple flour/salt/yeast/water/oil/sugar recipe.  I topped it with curried canned tomato sauce, thinly sliced bratwursts (courtosy of my new awesome kitchen knives), carmalized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and chopped kale.

Friday was work, help a friend at a car accident (we waited 2+ hours for the tow truck).

Saturday Morgan and I chilled.  Then he ran a DnD game in the afternoon.  I ended up playing and making a massive pot of soup at the same time. 

The soup contained: 2 baby videlia onions, 10 cloves of garlic, 1 chicken breast, 3 diced sun dried tomatoes, 2 baby potatoes (they were sitting around) and 1 turnip all chopped up to 1/2 inch chunks, 2 carrots chopped,  1/4 lb of kale (it was sitting there not being used) diced up, and some fresh basil.  Combine like you do for soups (I listed it in the rought order of adding things), when it came to adding broth (before the kale), I used 3 parts water, 1 part chicken stock (it normally gets too rich/salty if I use more).  Salt/pepper to taste.

Then we just chilled for the evening.  We thought of going to see a show, but our friend got ill so it would just be us and we needed to read for class.


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Posted by Gexx on October 7, 2008

Enjoyed the weekend.

friday night was first friday, it was my first first friday also, and lee and rusty and claire had exhibits opening. the plan was to dress up meet up at lee and rusty’s gallery (@ cumberland and gay), do the “ooh, awesome!” thing then grab food @ 7 @ the bistro and make our way down to w summit hill for claire’s stuff and then hit sassy ann’s for a little cutthroat action.

so i dressed up, green low cut sweater hoodie, brown tank, short denim skirt, and brown boots. i had just had my hair done, and i even put on makeup. i felt so much like an undergrad getting ready for a night out. my normal “lets go out” clothes consist of a pair of ripped jeans and a tank top. ah well. it wont kill me to get dressed up now and again.

but the others were running a little behind. lee and rusty weren’t even there when we had to leave for our dinner reservations.  so we ate, shared a bottle of wine, and went back.  at lee and rusty’s there was a water cooler full of wine. a WINE COOLER if you will. so much wining was had, and there were multiple people who i hadn’t seen in a while so there was a bunch of catching up going on there when it was like OK! MUST GO FIND CLAIRE!

morgan was driving (thankfully) so he toted my and shannonette’s arse up to w summit hill in which progress i call claire up twice, the first time thinking i had a bad connection. the second time realizing it was just REALLY LOUD where she was. she was at the crown and goose, apparently her thing was over for the night (BOO!) I felt like such a pathetic friend missing her thing, especially since when i showed up at the crown and goose to talk for a few moments i was obviously feeling the wine.

when i first got to the c&g i saw nate and adam, so i talked to them for a bit. morgan and shannonette joined me in there, so they both said hi. it was morgan’s first meeting of this cookeville group, but shannonette had met them previously. i guess bringing morgan may have been somewhat transparent (bringing the current boy when meeting up w the ex-boy’s bro) but at the same time i wanted to find claire.

finally found her! after running into one of our prof’s, that is. i was so intent on finding claire, though, that i just gave him a half wave while trying to figure out what she was saying. i’m doing great with my personal interactions. found claire, talked for a while, left, ran back by nate and adam, and asked about a wedding this coming weekend.  then asked about the ex’s plans for this coming weekend (which is also brewers jam, and yes, is where i met him last year, and i hoped wouldn’t be a big deal, but with some of the emails that he had been sending me and the fact that he kept checking my blog and myspace somewhat consistently until about 2 weeks ago, i’m honestly a bit worried about what might happen if we both meet face to face utterly beer-plastered) i find that not only does he not have plans to attend brewers jam, he also does have plans for something else. so no worries there.  i just don’t want drama. i’m tired of stupid boys.

any way, after that, off to sassy ann’s, where i change into my jeans and chacos. it was easy as i was already wearing a skirt. yay me.

cutthroat was cutthroat. yay. i was beat, though, i had been on the move since 7AM. had done the oil change thing, the hair cut/color thing, and then the social thing, so we cut out at about 1AM.  and went home. and passed out.


good times.

the following day the morning was spent reading, and taking a shower, and getting things together, as that afternoon there was another dnd game (yay?). i think i’m enjoying it. I’m just trying to decide if i really like spending 5 hours i could devote to school stuff with this limited tangable reward system.  after the game we hit the mall and i had to physically restrain morgan from purchasing for me an item from williams sonoma. i know, what was i thinking. dinner was lovely mashed taters and tomatos with mozzerella with olive oil and balsamic viniger. because that was what i wanted. and the trend seems to be with him that i get what i want. i can’t abuse this, but with wierd food cravings while cramping, it’s totally legit.

sunday was good brunch at sunspot, grocery shopping, and more reading (read that as “napping), and monday was monday.

tonight i have options. morgan might still be in town, or he might not. if he isn’t i may go watch the debate with jim (where? does he have a tv?) and play with the prez candidates. or a may go see dennis at his open mike at the pres pub. or i may stay in and read this book about fair trade coffee if i don’t get it done by then.


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