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silly art class

Posted by Gexx on August 10, 2009

Randy Millhollend of Something Positive, a comic I read, is working with a Wacom Tablet for the first time.  His result reminded me of a story….


I was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time in his brother’s living room.  His brother had kept some of the boyfriend’s artwork from art class and hung it on the wall.  One was an interesting abstract piece done in crayon of a dog jumping through a man’s body.  In the bottom corner was his name and “4”.  The boyfriend commented “yeah, that one sucks.”  I respond, “but it’s pretty good for fourth grade!  I don’t know many who can think of using space like that.  That’s definately a middle school concept!”  Boyfriend turns bright red and stomps off.  His brother informs me:

“That’s  not 4th grade, that’s High School Art, 4th Period.”

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The In-laws

Posted by Gexx on July 28, 2009

(Up-date: wines chosen)

Before anyone hyperventilates, I’m not married. But M’s parents are coming into town this weekend. Apparently I’m the only person in the entirety of Knoxville whose parents don’t just decide to show up for a weekend every few months.

His parents have taken us out so many times, and I feel like such a mooch. So I offered to make dinner on Saturday. I asked M what they liked, in hopes of some guidance. “They’ll appreciate whatever you make for them. They’re like me: they don’t really care what they eat.” Gee, thanks. I was hoping for something like “Mom likes spicy food and chicken. Dad doesn’t really like broccoli.” I mean, for my parents “Mom likes tomatoes and tries to eat lean protiens, Dad likes spicy stuff and Alfredo sauce and carrot cake, Mom’s fave dish is linguine with red clam sauce. Both really like seafood or a good steak.”

So I am on a mission to find something good, fresh, unintimidating (upon pressing the question they’re meat+3 and casserole kind of people), and doesn’t require a crazy amount of prep work (we would like to do something that day). I also don’t want to heat up my house, because my poor little wall unit will struggle enough with 4 people and two hyperactive felines. I also want to have some nice wines to pair with them (awesome pairing app here if you’re ever questioning). So here is the menu as it stands:

Appetizer: Yellow Tomato Brucchetta, Mozzerella cheese
App Wine: 2007 Frascati (Roma) from Regillo

Meal: Paella (chicken, sausage, mussels/clams, scallops/shrimp) on the grill
Side: grilled veggies (squash, carrots)
Salad: fresh greens w some sort of vinaigrette
Meal Wine: 2007 Grenache/Syrah from In Fine, 2008 Organic Domaine dela Petite Cassagne; 2007 Chardonnay from Angeline

Dessert: Grilled Peaches with HD Honeybee Vanilla Ice Cream
Dessert Wine: prob won’t do wine, but I’m contemplating Limoncello with Vinho Verde

I have made Paella before, and it does require some in-house prep, but that won’t be too much. The Brucchetta topping can be made and marinating and then topped as they come in. The peaches can be tossed on as we clean up.

They’re not leaving hungry!

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Posted by Gexx on July 6, 2009

I’ll get to the break-in story later. (have court AGAIN this week for it)

warning: this reads like a gradeschool assignment. i just got back from a 6 hour drive to find that my housesitter FAILED. more on that in here.

This weekend M and I went to his family’s place out in West TN for the FourthOfJuly. We had a pile of fun. When we got there on Friday, first thing we did was stop by the side of the road and got some fireworks. M thought that I was silly, being excited over some gigantic sparklers. I also got some little rocket things and some tanks for the kids (who, come to find out, were a lot older than I remembered from Thanksgiving). Then we hung out on his aunt’s patio looking over the Kentucky Lake (the lake w the freshwater pearl farms that I teach about sometimes) before his parents took us out for catfish at the marina. Then we went back to his aunt’s because that’s where we were staying – they have a guest apartment over their garage. On the Fourth his mom and dad took us around the countryside to a Mennonite community and we bought some veggies and such for the party. I got a watermelon!

During the party, we went out on his uncle’s boat, and he took us all along the lake. We went up by the TVA and DuPont plants and ended up seeing a big Ospray nest. We needed to dodge railway pylons and keep in some narrow marked areas, which made me a little worried considering his uncle’s Maker’s Mark consumption at that point. Then it was time to go back for food! It was like Thanksgiving in that vegetables were simply garnish. It was not like Thanksgiving as not *everything* had cheese AND bacon. It was also like Thanksgiving that there was lots of food left over even though everyone was stuffed.

Most everyone left before dark, but there were supposed to be fireworks across the lake, so M and I stayed put (not that there was really anywhere else to go). There was a little rain, but it stopped so we (me, M, aunt, uncle, other uncle) went down to the dock (down – like – 4 stories down!) to light them. Half way through:


So we all ducked out of the rain by jumping in the boat (no, not smart, but whatever) and when the storm would break some we would run out and light more of our own. Eventually, the power in the neighborhood went out, and the rain didn’t seem to be tapering much, so we made our way back up the side of the property, grabbed some beer and a flashlight and retired to our dry abodes.

We get up to our apartment and light some candles, and I find my phone. My neighbor (didn’t listen to my instructions about my keys) and broke a key off in a lock (that wasn’t even locked). She says she got it out (her dad came over) and is getting a replacement the next day (today). I text her back to not worry about it, that I have extras that I’ll just get copied, and that she has the rear door key so please go check that my cats have food/water in the morning.

We go to M’s grandparent’s place and pick up some stuff, so about 1PM we’re about to get on the road and I call. “I just got the key replaced, but I’m scared to go try it. Your cats should be fine until you get home tonight.”

At that point, my jaw dropped. We get on the road and I go a steady 10MPH over the speed limit the whole way back.

The cat’s were fine, but hungry. They still had plenty of water and the litter box was a little – full. But they’re so very happy to see me. At least that’s how I’m interpreting their spastic chase scenes.

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Happy Easter

Posted by Gexx on April 12, 2009


M and I decided to get some Easter Brunch, so we got dressed up and headed out to the Copper Cellar in Bearden. We got there early to avoid the rush and find that all the seats are reserved. The hostess then, with no one around who is taking her attention, tells us “if you want you can try to find space in our lounge.” Another waitress comes up and says “you can go find a place to eat in our lounge.”

We left, not because it was full. I don’t mind eating in a designated bar area now that there’s no smoking there. Instead, both staff members were standing around and didn’t even offer to serve us. They did not say “let’s try to find room” or “there is room.” Instead they really didn’t give a shit.

So we headed down to Big Fatty’s. M had never been!! It was a pretty cool brunch. We were greeted when we walked in the door, given an option of where we wanted to sit (all reserved seats were well marked), and had a server at our table every 2 minutes to make sure everything was going well.

The food was awesome, too. Bacon, eggs, omelets, mac and cheese, spinach maria, sweet taters, shrimp’n’grits, banana pudding. You know, the normal.

We were quite satisfied with where we went.

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Posted by Gexx on February 18, 2009

Morgan: "It's best if I explain this as a metaphor. It's like a
ragged old bear that likes berries. And then it hibernates in the
me: "Bears don't hibernate."
Morgan: "Damn, it's because of people like you that Jesus wasn't
recorded for the first 30 years. He's up giving the Sermon on the
slightly daunting precipice and says 'Life with faith is like trying
to cook bread over a fire…' and some smartarse interjects with 'but
bread needs convection or it won't cook.'"
me: "but bread *can* be cooked over a fire…"
Morgan: "SEE! THAT'S IT!!"

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Posted by Gexx on February 1, 2009

talked to morgan.

::smile::  he called me from nerd-con. 

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home sweet homes

Posted by Gexx on January 19, 2009

So Morgan and I have been spending a whole bunch of time together. Like… all of it. We really started when I had no heat/hot water and then as soon as that fixed he blew his transmission, so first I camped out at his place and then he “tagged along” with me. His house is in the fort and he spends much less time on campus than I do, so he walks back and forth. I tend to meet him at his place afterwork and then we just do whatever we need, which for students is alot of reading and computer dinking. And well, reading and dinking are rather more pleasurable when snuggled with another reading dinker.

I find it odd though, as he keeps wanting to be with me. I keep waiting for him to suddenly tire of me and want “alone time.” We’ll see.

Oh, and he hums. He paces and fidgets when he can be mobile or his hands are free, it used to drive me crazy but now I’ve just gotten used to it. But when he needs to sit and read, he hums. It’s not all bad, rarely is it an earworm (rarely). Normally it’s some classical choral piece, as he did fancy classical chorus in high school, so it’s like I have a tenor section all to myself.

Except I’ve always studied in silence.

We learn and adjust.

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Posted by Gexx on January 18, 2009

It was rather sedentary around here today.  I read some of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1966 and compared it to the Antiquities Act of 1906.  Morgan for his CIS readings is starting in on Clifford Geertz, including his Reports of a Balanese Cockfight.  Geertz was one of the first big Anthropologists who tried the "Participant Observation" technique, prior to him the Anthropologists were stodgy individuals, often sent by a colonial government to learn about the newly conquored primative society, who hung out with other stodgy whites.  A few exceptions (pardon me if I have my timeline wrong) are Zora Neale Hurston and I believe Margaret Mead.  Geertz is relatively easy to read.  I should know, he was required reading for me FOUR YEARS AGO.

  ::eyeroll at realization of extant time in Knoxville::

“The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.” – Ruth Benedict

“Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It's beyond me.” – Zora Neale Hurston

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… the rest of the holidays

Posted by Gexx on January 8, 2009

I had a few days to myself after I returned from PA.  Morgan’s parents came down with him since his car was still in the shop.  He finally got it back this past weekend.  Three weeks without a car!  The transmission died and something mega got sheared off in the process of the imploding (exploding?) transmission and basically it required his mechanic to make multiple trips to junkyards.

So his parents took me to dinner at Amerigos and to lunch at PF Changs.  I really enjoyed the duck/sausage pizza from Amerigos.

This, I guess brings me to enjoying my birthday gifts from my parents.  My mother actually managed to get me some clothes that I can/will wear.  Normally we have some issues with what size I am or what sort of “things” I would be seen in and much gets returned.  I also got the cookbook “Jamie at Home,” which I’m currently in the middle of as my pizza dough is rising.  I meant to half it, but I sorta forgot, so now I have an ARSE LOAD of dough.

Neci is going crazy because Orion is out getting spayed.  I called and the kitten is just waking up, but the surgery went well.  Heather will be so pleased that next time she crashes here  she can actually sleep.  That was one of my “New Year goals”

Speaking of New Year, Morgan and I celebrated well, I think i mentioned before.  And then my brother came up for my birthday.  His plan was a little tentative as he got into a fight and needed his tooth fixed.  But his next appointment wasn’t until later the following week, so on Jan 2 he popped on down south for a bit of a visit.

We had some fun on my birthday.  Before breakfast, Morgan gave me my gift, a painting by one of my friends titled “green fairy”

Green Fairy

Then for breakfast we went to Knoxville Pearl, a cereal bar and ate super gut-rotting sugar cereals until we got diabetes.  Then we dropped Morgan off at a DnD game and I took the bro to McKay’s.  He didn’t expect it to be so large.  And then he saw it was 2 stories.  Afterwards, I dropped him off at Morgan’s (he was staying there because of my cats) and he took a nap.  AND THEN I GOT READY FOR MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Cut to the Brewery!  Woot!! It was an awesome birthday.  Morgan and Vincent were there.  So were Jim and Eric, Ann and Heather, Lee and Rusty, Shannon and Lindsay, and Nathan and Claire… everyone pairs off.  Only one is married.  We had cheesy pretzals and I was drinking some yummy pints of stout.  Then, of all things, Morgan disappears.  I get all worried because he was gone longer than to go smoke.  Then he shows up with 2 mugs.  MUGS.  Like, what members of the MUG CLUB drink.  I got a MUG CLUB MEMBERSHIP!


Then a chill Sunday and we started the college adventure, but that needs to wait, the dough is done rising.

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teh xmas lewts

Posted by Gexx on January 3, 2009

So, I made out like a bandit this Christmas.  I totally didn't expect any presents aside from the heaters that my mother paid to have installed in my house.  Instead, she took the xmas/birthday list and ran with it.

Additionally, Morgan gifted me not only with a trip to Garde Bien for my hair but also an adorable set of earrings from Bliss.  They're handmade green enameled cut copper, and there is a subtle sunburst design on them.

Apparently I made a mistake on my list, though.  When i stated I wanted an extrusion pasta maker, I wanted a pasta maker like this (which is NOT an extrusion pasta maker), not a crazy contraption like this.  Thankfully my mother exercised some good sense and decided to not get me the over complicated pasta maker.  I say that because she asked me if that was *really* what I wanted.

I also got an awesome chef's knife.  I'm waiting to use it until I have my house fully cleaned. Morgan and I went through and cleaned the kitchen/diningroom/livingroom in a big project yesterday evening… I kept getting discouraged by all the *stuff*.  So his job was to throw out all the random papers that the kittens have been playing with while I washed all dishes and cleared out all the dishes and food I'm passing on to my brother.  Then I moved all the dishes that my mother passed on to me (that I wanted to keep) into the kitchen and made them fit.  So now I have a full set of 1930-1950 ironstone plates complete with salt cellars and bone plates and a random set of crystal wine and apartiffe glasses.

So now the kitchen is ready for me to explore my new cookbook: Cook with Jamie.  I already made one recipe in it: a beet salad for my family.

Next on the agenda is setting up the container gardens.  I received a book on making, using, and gardening with self-watering containers; and another on organic gardening practices: such as creating soil mixes, making liquid manure, and pest control methods.

I am so very excited!

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