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Twilight… perhaps with a spoiler

Posted by Gexx on November 30, 2008

So for the month of December, my bookclub is reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyers.  Yes, the teenaged vampire novel.  We picked this because it would probably be a quick read and because one of the members of the club, K, didn’t like the book.  She (and multiple other reviewers) couldn’t stand Bella (female protaganist and voice)’s lack of strength.

I’ve got a weird issue with the book, though.

So after reading it:

Bella doesn’t display an extreme lack of strength.  She’s a 17 year old girl who just moved from Arizona to Oregon.  She’s dealing with new-school stuff and ends up being attracted to a vampire.  She acts like a typical 17 yo not-yet-woman: she has some angst, she’s not always sure of herself and will defer to others, she makes mistakes, and she’s sometimes preoccupied.  All in all, while she’s not someone I would list as a Feminist Role Model, she’s not a pathetic excuse of a teen drama queen. 

One thing I found interesting was that there were few chronological markers in the book.  No mention of movies, songs, fashion, or technology.  It’s generally timeless.  Maybe there was a time-revealer when discussing her car in the beginning, but I doubt it.

My issue is with Edward, the VampireLurvInterest:
Edward was born in 1901 and vampire-ized in 1918, making him a perpetual 17.  However, in the setting of the book (late 1990s, early 2000s), he’s somewhere between 90 and 100.  And he’s gitten all-up-ons a 17 year old human girl.

“That’s what I like about High School Girls: I keep getting older but they stay the same.”

This book is an old man’s (wet) dream.

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Posted by Gexx on October 7, 2008

Enjoyed the weekend.

friday night was first friday, it was my first first friday also, and lee and rusty and claire had exhibits opening. the plan was to dress up meet up at lee and rusty’s gallery (@ cumberland and gay), do the “ooh, awesome!” thing then grab food @ 7 @ the bistro and make our way down to w summit hill for claire’s stuff and then hit sassy ann’s for a little cutthroat action.

so i dressed up, green low cut sweater hoodie, brown tank, short denim skirt, and brown boots. i had just had my hair done, and i even put on makeup. i felt so much like an undergrad getting ready for a night out. my normal “lets go out” clothes consist of a pair of ripped jeans and a tank top. ah well. it wont kill me to get dressed up now and again.

but the others were running a little behind. lee and rusty weren’t even there when we had to leave for our dinner reservations.  so we ate, shared a bottle of wine, and went back.  at lee and rusty’s there was a water cooler full of wine. a WINE COOLER if you will. so much wining was had, and there were multiple people who i hadn’t seen in a while so there was a bunch of catching up going on there when it was like OK! MUST GO FIND CLAIRE!

morgan was driving (thankfully) so he toted my and shannonette’s arse up to w summit hill in which progress i call claire up twice, the first time thinking i had a bad connection. the second time realizing it was just REALLY LOUD where she was. she was at the crown and goose, apparently her thing was over for the night (BOO!) I felt like such a pathetic friend missing her thing, especially since when i showed up at the crown and goose to talk for a few moments i was obviously feeling the wine.

when i first got to the c&g i saw nate and adam, so i talked to them for a bit. morgan and shannonette joined me in there, so they both said hi. it was morgan’s first meeting of this cookeville group, but shannonette had met them previously. i guess bringing morgan may have been somewhat transparent (bringing the current boy when meeting up w the ex-boy’s bro) but at the same time i wanted to find claire.

finally found her! after running into one of our prof’s, that is. i was so intent on finding claire, though, that i just gave him a half wave while trying to figure out what she was saying. i’m doing great with my personal interactions. found claire, talked for a while, left, ran back by nate and adam, and asked about a wedding this coming weekend.  then asked about the ex’s plans for this coming weekend (which is also brewers jam, and yes, is where i met him last year, and i hoped wouldn’t be a big deal, but with some of the emails that he had been sending me and the fact that he kept checking my blog and myspace somewhat consistently until about 2 weeks ago, i’m honestly a bit worried about what might happen if we both meet face to face utterly beer-plastered) i find that not only does he not have plans to attend brewers jam, he also does have plans for something else. so no worries there.  i just don’t want drama. i’m tired of stupid boys.

any way, after that, off to sassy ann’s, where i change into my jeans and chacos. it was easy as i was already wearing a skirt. yay me.

cutthroat was cutthroat. yay. i was beat, though, i had been on the move since 7AM. had done the oil change thing, the hair cut/color thing, and then the social thing, so we cut out at about 1AM.  and went home. and passed out.


good times.

the following day the morning was spent reading, and taking a shower, and getting things together, as that afternoon there was another dnd game (yay?). i think i’m enjoying it. I’m just trying to decide if i really like spending 5 hours i could devote to school stuff with this limited tangable reward system.  after the game we hit the mall and i had to physically restrain morgan from purchasing for me an item from williams sonoma. i know, what was i thinking. dinner was lovely mashed taters and tomatos with mozzerella with olive oil and balsamic viniger. because that was what i wanted. and the trend seems to be with him that i get what i want. i can’t abuse this, but with wierd food cravings while cramping, it’s totally legit.

sunday was good brunch at sunspot, grocery shopping, and more reading (read that as “napping), and monday was monday.

tonight i have options. morgan might still be in town, or he might not. if he isn’t i may go watch the debate with jim (where? does he have a tv?) and play with the prez candidates. or a may go see dennis at his open mike at the pres pub. or i may stay in and read this book about fair trade coffee if i don’t get it done by then.


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A rundown

Posted by Gexx on November 21, 2007

It’s been a busy while. I’m posting a blog that i wrote in my word processor a while ago, so if you scroll down, you’ll see it dated to its creation. I have quite a few fronts to report on, though, so feel free to read on.






Cats –
Orion and Neci are both getting along very well. They are still vessels of boundless kittanic energy, so they keep me going and on the ball. Orion loves spicy tomato sauces as well as beans and pasta. She doesn’t like, however, any meat that I cook. She just got her rabies shot, so my little bitty itty kitten has two big shiny radies tags. The blingbling of the feline world? The vet is actually surprised at how small Orion is, so we’re waiting as long as possible to spay her. Probibly some point in January. As she’s an inside cat, if we don’t get her before she gets fertile, it’ll be a bit annoying on our part, but it won’t hurt her. I would rather she be large enough that she goes through her surgery safely.

Neci was spayed before I was even allowed to take her home. Granted she was with a recue group, so not actually belonging to anyone, I’m sure that the sentaments if she didn’t pull through ok would be different. Neci likes to drink water… out of my glass. It doesn’t matter how much is in her water bowl and whether it was just washed or not. She goes for my water glass. I wouldn’t mind so much if she was also not so facinated witht he bathroom. She likes to walk the rim of my tub whether or not i’m in it. She also likes to watch the toilet, and once surprised a male in the bathroom by popping up between his legs and watching the happenings.

They have also learned that if my phone alarm goes off, I don’t wake up right away. That gives them time to knock it off the table and under the bed, where I won’t hear it go off again. This means that I’ll stay in bed, where they are also snuggled under the covers (except for the one to knock the phone off, who i saw go right back under the covers when I did wake up once)sucking off my body heat. Neci alone, however, has learned that if she doesn’t want music, she just needs to jump on my clock radio. In fact, I’m totally messing with her by playing music from my computer. She came over and started walking on the clock radio, knowing that if she does it enough, she’ll turn it off.


I hate school. I want to be done. And the catch 22 is that it won’t be done until i put in sufficient effort. I want real life again. I don’t mind school, but I would love to do the part time thing. Not to put the cart before the horse or jinx me in any sort, the park will be opening my old position back up. If I get it, then I can totally and entirely do my real life job, which frustrated me to no end, but at the same time fulfilled me. I just hope that everyone will be able to put up with the exhaustion and intensity that this job gave me. I do so hope that it all works out. Losing that job, even though it was from funding problems, was a huge ego drain, and I feel so incomplete without it.

Yes, I’m one of those people who define themselves by their job. If I didn’t want a job so intent and crazed, would I be killing myself at school for it? All you old schoolers know that the one thing I prided myself on was what I got paid for.


Wow – well, he’s definitly proven interesting and good. Those two adjectives are horribly insufficient, but they’ll provide a base. Well, he did halloween with me and with some of my friends. We started at Sr. Taco. While there, we invited his brother, his brother’s wife, and another friend of theirs. So there were many people enjoying themselves. After Halloween dinner, we had planned on going out, but for some reason, perhaps because it was Wednesday, we ended up going to my place to drink vodka and play with kittens. The weekend after halloween was SEAC, and well, after past experiances with official stuff and bringing a sigoth, I was a little hesitant, but he wanted to come to the friday night dance. I figured that I had built up just enough of a reputation for myself between my past job and my time put into the department that I could introduce an “outsider” to the conference. Besides, it was local so everyone from Ktown brought their spouse(-to-be). Plus, it was not the first time for my circle to meet him. We had had a pot luck a few weeks earlier, and everyone had only positive things to say about him.

So we go to the dance and have a good time. One of my friends is in the middle of an intoxicated conversation with a rather renowned SE Archie, and as we were driving her home, we had to stay with her. He insisted that the conversation continue at the hotel bar when the dance venue kicked us out (midnight).

The following evening is the department party. I was definatly wanting to bring him to this as it’s very informal anyways so it’s a good venue to debut new members of the anthropology auxilary. We all dressed up, picked up two other friends along the way, and had a blast that evening. He even met and sweet talked the prof who had been giving me relationship advice before. The interesting thing is that, if I haven’t mentioned it before, this guy went to highschool with two of my best friends (one in the department), and he graduated with my girlfriend’s sister. At this party, we found that half of the significant others in the department (ok, a bit of an overexaggeration) went to highschool with them. This is a little podunk town abotu 1.5 hours from knoxville. Apparently they train them to put up with UT Anthopologists.


I love my friends, I really do. I do with all my heart, and I would and do do most anything for them, if I can. They’ve been having it rough, both the ones down here and apparently a few of the old schoolers. Guys, you’ll all get it done. Remember what I always said in college: enough hard work will get you your way.


I’m hosting Thanksgiving! So come here! I’m doing an Orphan Thanksgiving for anyone who doesn’t have the time to head home. As far as I know, I’m doing meat, stuffing,sweet taters,a vegetable dish, and probibly I’ll make an apple cobbler just because. I currently have 4 definate guests, and two who will be showing up later (one being the boy who had originally planned on being here the whole time, but was slammed with a family obligation just this week, so I’ll deal.) I do hope that it goes well. I think we’ll be so totally fooded out, that we’ll be sooooo happy.

See – I update – occasionally

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i’m back from the dead!

Posted by Gexx on October 12, 2007

It’s starting to get chilly here. Which is good. I filled up my gas tank and exclaimed “wow – finally it’s feeling like fall”.

So – excitement – this weekend is brewers jam. Six hours of beer drinking awesomeness with bands and all that stuff. I’m going to park by my office so I can hang out there if I get to the point of not being able to drive.

I’ve been doing some pleasure reading, which is bad. i should instead be working on my many many other projects. But some days and nights I really really really don’t want to do anything intellegent.

Janet Evonavich – this author has done a whole slew of light chick books. The main character in most of them, Stephanie Plum, is a bond agent with plenty of her own foiables. With her pluck and the help of her boyfriend, a homocide cop, and her lust-buddy, a professional bounty hunter, she manages to bring in the bad guys. Sounds sorta cliche, but there’s enough twists and jokes that it’s an easy fun read.
Preferred refreashement: Laird’s Apple Brandy over ice or extra strong Mojitos (I grow my own mint). Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream

Song of Solomon – Awesome book that I picked up because I wanted to read something “controversial” for banned books week. I love her way of description, tossing out details that over the course of the story are not only important but create a seamless narrative and description.
The main plot is of a Macon “Milkman” Dead, the son of a well done landlord and the grandson of a well respected doctor growing up in the middle of the century in Michagan. The story follows his negotiation of his race (african-american / black) and class (upper middle) not in the general world, but in his community and his family. Once he thinks he realizes where he stands and how to improve the public’s view of him (become financially independant) he, no kidding, goes on a multi-state huntfor a stow of gold his father mentioned in stories. In the search, he meets individuals who were but characters in his father’s stories of childhood, causeing him to search deeper for where “his people” come from.
Preferred refreshment: hot tea and chocolate chip cookies, South Paw Light

Hocus Pocus – Kurt Vonnegut
I’ve always loved Vonnegut, I’m sorry. This book, published in 1990 tells the story of an ex-professor ex-soldier who loves older women, fought in Vietnam, taught at a college for disabled individuals, and is currently being held for trial for his involvement in a deadly prison break. Vonnegut writes with such wonderful detached sections that, after devoting some time, make sense. Running jokes, themes, symbolism: this book is an english teacher’s paradise. And his character (telling the story) doesn’t swear as his grandmother told him “profanity and obscenity entitle people who don’t want unpleasant information to close their ears and eyes to you.” One key theme in this book is how the character can’t stand his service in Vietnam, not because of the any inhumanity, horrible sites, or anti-war stance. Instead, it is brought by the futility of the war and the public’s anger of the government leading the country into such (in the end) meaningless conflict to general animosity toward the return of the soldiers. The main character is consistently jealous of World War II veterans because of the respect the country’s populous gave to them. This theme is one that the many yellow ribbon on our vehicles is aimed at preventing. Some call it “patriotism light” but instead, it’s supporting the safety and return of the troops and not the continual conflicts that the ruling class tends to get its lower classes into.
Preferred refreshment: Cabernet Savagnon or Pearl Pomegranate Vodka. Mochi

Class struggle! Class struggle! I just eat it up!!! Yum yum!!!

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Golden Compass

Posted by Gexx on May 7, 2007

I remember reading the whole series when I was in Jr. High!

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Music again! and one (two) other distraction(s)

Posted by Gexx on April 14, 2007

So – this has been a good week. On Easter I decided to take a day to myself and devoured two books. A very surreal combination, but yaay for Jane Eyre and Neuromancer. Somber British romance followed by a cyber punk dystopia of the most lurid. (interesting, cyber is not recognized by firefox as a word – irony of ironies)

Bottom line: I would recommend either to anyone.

Now I’m working on work – of course. Well, not *now.* Consider it a Newton-esque law of mass applied to time. But last night was again a break from the grind. I joined Mssr. E (a friend of Mdme. A, who appeared in an earlier post) to see a mutually enjoyable band. Cutthroat Shamrocks (of my St. Patrick’s day adventure) played at the Corner Lounge last night. The CL is approximately 1K square feet of coolness, with a bar (of course) along the side, miniscule one stall bathrooms which may or may not flush, and a barely elevated stage at the front. Posters and Tshirts of all the awesome musicmakers who graced their venue crowd the walls, ceilings, and hang from the rafters. NewKnoBrewCo on draught and $1.50 PBRs add to the shabby/chic whatever-ness of the joint. It is – a joint.

We got there, had a few beers before the band got on stage, and when the band started I noticed that it wasn’t Cutthroat Shamrock. Instead, it was a group in corpse paint doing a boyband routine. Intrigued, I made my way to the front while E took pictures (that’s his shtick). The gentlemen on stage composed Zombie Bazooka Patrol and regaled us with such songs as “worms in my head” and “undead brotherhood.” I won’t stick them in a genre, but shall instead continue with my evening.

After they played, Cutthroat got on stage. And the setlist was fricken HUGE! probably three feet long. The ZBP-ers washed off their face and hung out in the intimate rowdy crowd of the front. I ended up hanging with them a bit, talked to the bass player some, and even shared the last of my cigs with them. I love when bands are accessible. Everyone was so awesome and energetic. Being up front and on the more sober end of the spectrum, I inadvertently kept an eye on some of the sound equipment and saved a speaker (amp?) from toppling off of the milk crates that elevated them.

They played till 2 AM, at which point E and I talked with the bass player a bit more, and E showed me that he snagged the set list – FOR ME! He also, coincidently, had him a Sharpie. So I played the ironic fan-girl and snagged the signatures of the band members on the set list. I do plan to scan it eventually, but that’ll be a bit later. No worries. I also purchased a “Limited Edition EP” of Zombie Bazooka Patrol (self burned and numbered) to add to my growing CD collection. I do believe that I shall listen to it on the way home.

After the excitement of the venue, we went home. Mmmmm – the sleep after adrenaline pumping. The day of work afterwards. Back to paper writing.

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