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Hair removal review: threading

Posted by Gexx on August 16, 2009

I’m getting ready for back to school stuff.  I dyed my hair red.. I’ve stopped going to a salon because I’m going to the field.  I’d rather not pay the ~$200 for cut/color/style/tip that I normally do and then squish it under a bandanna all the time.  Plus I’m growing it out to do something fun with before my October trip to Boston.  But today M and I went to the mall because we’re looking for some good “stand on cement floor for 8 hours” shoes and he doesn’t like Chaco, Teva, Keens, or anything else that we tried that has good structural support.  So I found a store that sells Birkenstocks and we went.  He ended up not liking the Birks, but he did find a pair of Keens that he likes.

On the way, we passed by a kiosk where two women were threading eyebrows!  Threading is a hair removal method that involves wrapping a string around a hair and using that tension to remove the hair.  It doesn’t require the heat and trauma of waxing and unlike tweezing, it can’t grab or pinch the skin.  So I stopped and had my eyebrows done!  It wasn’t entirely painless… you are pulling out hair.  It did take some time, also, but I did *really* need to get them done and she *really* made them thinner than I normally wear them.  It was well done and it cost me (including tip and ATM fees bc they only take cash) $17.

One Response to “Hair removal review: threading”

  1. T Moore said

    where did you find this kiosk? I’ve been looking for someplace that offers threading since I moved here. Thanks!

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