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silly art class

Posted by Gexx on August 10, 2009

Randy Millhollend of Something Positive, a comic I read, is working with a Wacom Tablet for the first time.  His result reminded me of a story….


I was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time in his brother’s living room.  His brother had kept some of the boyfriend’s artwork from art class and hung it on the wall.  One was an interesting abstract piece done in crayon of a dog jumping through a man’s body.  In the bottom corner was his name and “4”.  The boyfriend commented “yeah, that one sucks.”  I respond, “but it’s pretty good for fourth grade!  I don’t know many who can think of using space like that.  That’s definately a middle school concept!”  Boyfriend turns bright red and stomps off.  His brother informs me:

“That’s  not 4th grade, that’s High School Art, 4th Period.”

2 Responses to “silly art class”


  2. Kathi said

    Funny. I have a son that is gret with abstract art. I love tons of it and some just makes me scratch my head. Some would say the best abstract art looks like it’s done by a 4th grader.

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