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I work hard for no money!

Posted by Gexx on August 9, 2009

So hard for it, honey!!

I’ve been in the field a few days this past week.  I’m dragging M out on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (yays! MINIONS!)

Today I helped M move his apartment.  He’s moving to the next town over, and he has WAY TOO MUCH FURNITURE!  He bought a full bedroom, living room, and kitchen set when he moved to Knoxville a year ago because he didn’t think he’d be moving.  Well, guess what… he’s moving.  ::sigh::

Perhaps it’s just because I’ve moved thirteen times, but it seems that so many people make moving more difficult than they need to.  I’ve moved each of my boyfriends and I get so frustrated with them.  With J, I packed the entire house in 4 hours (one evening).  It took him more than 2 days (w a Uhaul) to move it across town (the only big furniture was a bed, couch, and diningroom table/chairs).  With A, I cleaned all 2.5 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, living room, and steps in the time it took him to clean his kitchen (which he never used).  Now with M I keep trying to get him to pack stuff up in advance, but instead he ends up waiting to the last minute.  And then when I try to help pack and clean, he instead thinks he’ll let me relax but instead I’m waiting and worrying that he won’t be in good condition for the days he’s helping me in the field.  ::sigh::


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