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101 in 1001 Day 454

Posted by Gexx on August 4, 2009

I have 46 days until my 500 day deadline, so let’s see what I’ve done and what I should be working on!

3. Meet with my Thesis Advisor at least 3 times a semester
I have met with my advisor 3 times already this summer. Let’s see if I can keep this up for the fall semester!

10. Change my mortgage payment to automatic withdrawal
COMPLETED! Finally!!

16. Keep going to doctor
I went this spring!

22. Do yoga … alone

29. Host 3 Dinners/Parties/Dinner Parties
I hosted two this summer, which brings my total up to four out of three. Therefor this one is COMPLETED! I had M’s party at my house, and I had Claire and Jim over for dinner one night

45. See 3 plays/ballets/operas
M and I saw Midsummer’s Night Dream on Market Square

47. Go to the movies 5 times
M and I have seen Up, Wolverine, and Battle for Terra which brings my movie count to five of five, and it is COMPLETED!

50. Attend 4 fests or festivals
M and I have gone to Belle Chere, bringing this count to two of four

65. Go to a music venue outside of Knoxville
Since we went to Belle Chere, this one is COMPLETED!

84. Grow tomato plants
That one is laugh, I have gigantic tomato plants this year!

85. Keep Lavender alive for the winter
86. Keep Rosemary alive for the winter

I have started both of these this summer.

92a. Get rid of 101 objects through donation/ sale/ giving
This one is COMPLETED and then some! My friend Claire’s sis-in-law just graduated and needed some stuff for her new apartment, so I took advantage of that to find a new home for some of my redundant kitchen goods.

93 – I still haven’t figured out what this is anymore. It *was* something with my now ex. It wasn’t quite pinned down, but whatever. I’ll work on coming up with this.


So, technically I still have 71 tasks to complete, even though 18 are completed.  In two months I’ll be going through and seeing which are reasonable to restart, and which are no longer applicable or approriate.  I see myself exploring some more grains (I have amaranth in the cabinet).  I guess I also need to sit down and complete some book reviews.  Also, my car payments should be done by the end of the year (YAAAY!), and when I get my student loan I will replace my roof.


One Response to “101 in 1001 Day 454”

  1. Karla said

    Gotta love the feeling of getting stuff done! Way to go!

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