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The In-laws

Posted by Gexx on July 28, 2009

(Up-date: wines chosen)

Before anyone hyperventilates, I’m not married. But M’s parents are coming into town this weekend. Apparently I’m the only person in the entirety of Knoxville whose parents don’t just decide to show up for a weekend every few months.

His parents have taken us out so many times, and I feel like such a mooch. So I offered to make dinner on Saturday. I asked M what they liked, in hopes of some guidance. “They’ll appreciate whatever you make for them. They’re like me: they don’t really care what they eat.” Gee, thanks. I was hoping for something like “Mom likes spicy food and chicken. Dad doesn’t really like broccoli.” I mean, for my parents “Mom likes tomatoes and tries to eat lean protiens, Dad likes spicy stuff and Alfredo sauce and carrot cake, Mom’s fave dish is linguine with red clam sauce. Both really like seafood or a good steak.”

So I am on a mission to find something good, fresh, unintimidating (upon pressing the question they’re meat+3 and casserole kind of people), and doesn’t require a crazy amount of prep work (we would like to do something that day). I also don’t want to heat up my house, because my poor little wall unit will struggle enough with 4 people and two hyperactive felines. I also want to have some nice wines to pair with them (awesome pairing app here if you’re ever questioning). So here is the menu as it stands:

Appetizer: Yellow Tomato Brucchetta, Mozzerella cheese
App Wine: 2007 Frascati (Roma) from Regillo

Meal: Paella (chicken, sausage, mussels/clams, scallops/shrimp) on the grill
Side: grilled veggies (squash, carrots)
Salad: fresh greens w some sort of vinaigrette
Meal Wine: 2007 Grenache/Syrah from In Fine, 2008 Organic Domaine dela Petite Cassagne; 2007 Chardonnay from Angeline

Dessert: Grilled Peaches with HD Honeybee Vanilla Ice Cream
Dessert Wine: prob won’t do wine, but I’m contemplating Limoncello with Vinho Verde

I have made Paella before, and it does require some in-house prep, but that won’t be too much. The Brucchetta topping can be made and marinating and then topped as they come in. The peaches can be tossed on as we clean up.

They’re not leaving hungry!


2 Responses to “The In-laws”

  1. Karla said

    Oh man, that looks tasty. Maybe I’ll stop by, too…

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