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Belle Chere and a busy Monday

Posted by Gexx on July 27, 2009

Saturday M and I trecked the two hours over to Asheville to go to Belle Chere, a “it’s a street-fair, not a music-fair” music festival. I’ve been wanting to go for years, but it always seemed to happen either when I was backcountry (aka: camping for work) or when I was broken up with and feeling like I didn’t want to do anything, stupid world!

We got to the shuttle at the mall about 1130, so we made it to the fair just after noon. I really wanted to see Christobel and the Jons, so we hustled past the delicious food smells, the cool vendors, and the crazy preachers to her stage. We caught the tale end of her act and promptly set about looking for some beer wristbands. Once they were secured I purchased a 22oz Magic Hat No9, an apricot flavored IPA, M wanted to try whatever was being sold for $1 so he ended up with some horrible something or other. With beers in hand, we wandered through lots of local vendors and stores.

M had never been to Asheville, so I wanted to show him lots of its downtown. We got truffles at the Chocolate Fetish (basil-pistachio, chai moon, and chocolate) with our beer, wandered through the Woolworth’s Walk where I discovered Sarah Faulkner’s works with our beer, answered questions for 2010 census swag with our beer, and were part of a pick-up drumming circle (we put the beer down for that).

There were four official stages, the drumming circle, a Karaoke set-up, and innumerable buskers, so music was always around us.

There were also some street preachers who were annoying. See, Asheville is a very liberal city for this area. It is very supportive of environmental groups, its LGBTQ community, non-christian religions, and hippy-love in general. So when the central park of Belle Chere which used to be used for drumming circles when I lived in Asheville for a bit, was being used by people with huge Fundy signs, I got upset. One sign said:

Fornicators, Drunkards, Homosexuals, Atheists, Monosexuals, Liars, Hypocrites, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Thieves, Porn Watchers, Mormons, Murderers, Jehovah Witnesses

Another person had a 10 foot tall sign listing more people going to hell. They were standing in the middle of the ampitheater where people sat just to get off their feet. They were yelling at the people, telling them that beer and masturbation and sex would send them to hell. They were saying that everyone there would go to hell and they were to save the participants.

Thankfully, the participants of Belle Chere weren’t cool with that (pic), standing up and shouting over the preachers and making their own signs.

Ashevlle accepts (LGBT)
Drunks Liars Fornicators (Butt Sex) God Haters, Homosexuals, Drugs, Porn! & YOU

Now, one thing that confused me is that one of the catagories of people needing saved were Monosexuals… o.O

After recieving my daily dose of other people’s clean laundry, we went and did lunch (with beer) as Salsa’s, my fave Asheville eatery. We go so stuffed there on the 3 salsa sampler (avacado tomatillo, banana curry, and fire-roasted tomato peanut) and the meal with it that we didn’t get to try any of the other awesome street food. Like the bengeits!

We wandered more, and between the thunderstorm, M got to try out some new Nintendo Wii games at a stand. I beat him, but his batteries were dieing.

The last stop of the day was to see Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band! They were really exciting and I was having fun, but we left about half way through because we still had a shuttle ride and a two hour drive home. As we hiked back to the shuttle, I stopped in at a vendor I was admiring at lunch. She had awesome skirts, and I ended up buying a green cotton one with leaves painted on it. She has an Etsy store with more cool stuff on it!

– get Ammo boxes from surplus store
– get wood, parts for shaker screens
– make 2 shaker screens
– talk to E about sending me paperwork, if I can borrow equipment for when I have volunteers
– send email to local pres association about state of work
– update 101 in 1001
– M’s meeting with real-estate people at 8PM (shower and look nice for that)
– update template or something (I *hate* the look of this blog and I don’t know CSS. please be patient)
– figure out what I’m doing with gexxcooksknoxville

Things I need to look for / buy for winter
-cold weather coat: my cordoroy and shearling one went missing suspiciously after a break-up, and my purple one is looking its 8 years old
-brown, dark green, purple, red sweater: mine are looking ragged


One Response to “Belle Chere and a busy Monday”

  1. Karla said

    I like the purple. ^_^

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