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Why can’t girls have trucks? An arguement on the internet

Posted by Gexx on July 20, 2009

Ok, I find this somewhat amusing (and somewhat frustrating – because people don’t agree with me). But either way it’s not much of a big deal as I’m now not following the blog mentioned.

I had been following a recipe blog on my RSS feeder because the author focused on quick recipes she could make while still focusing on her young children. I love quick recipes for good food. I don’t have young children, but I do have the whole grad student thing and I don’t want to spend hours cooking. So that day, I check my RSS feed and notice that this blog has updated. I check on it and find that instead of a recipe the author has posted a craft for children with the title “Attention Parents of Truck Loving Boys.”

At that point I realize that unless something changes, I can’t follow the blog anymore. So I comment, admittedly not deferentially but very very briefly (one sentence), that it shouldn’t only be for boys, and remove the blog from my RSS reader. I expected that to be the end of it.

See, there is a huge issue when from birth we create a gender for our kids. It’s something that had been slowing down but in the mid/late 80s picked up more speed with the huge increase of consumer culture. Basically, if a company make a GIRL toy/onesy/room-decor-line and define it as that, the parent can’t reuse it if they then have a boy. So the company is guaranteeing repeat sales of everything.

If a parent buys into this, like my generation’s parents did, children are then told from an early age that girls are princesses, pastels, castles, and passiveness. Boys are told that they are bold primary colors, trucks, and aggresive sports. Continue this by the parent acting as if these products actually do define the child’s gender and eventually the child’s self. This limits the child.

Why can’t girls have trucks?

Like I said, I expected that to be the end of it. Since then I have noticed significantly increased traffic on this blog. So instead of not visiting the site again, I was curious and went to check it out.

The comment thread turned into taunting ad hominins. Oh well. I have better things to do than argue on the internet.

Things like:
-check under black plastic
-measure area for lumber
-buy lumber, landscape fabric
-pick up metal detector
-hit site
-get examples of site forms, customize
-build new container garden
-check tomatoes again
-harvest peppers
-update 101 in 1001
-make Jalapeno Cornbread

And to show how pissy I *can* be

-the only person of color is a hypersexalized gay stereotype
-all the women look “normal” and bland
-while the men are goofy and stand out so they have individuality

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