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Measurements are finished!

Posted by Gexx on July 15, 2009

Yesterday was one of the last times I’ll need to make the 3-4 hour trip to my site and the 3-4 hour trip back because I won’t need the total station (surveying equipment). I need to go out of my way about 1.5-2 hours to get that equipment.

Yesterday M and I grabbed the total station and went to the site, expecting the discovered “mistake” to take all day and then some. Instead, we went through the site and found two points that did not line up for one reason or another. Additionally, the compass I used yesterday, a military compass, states that my grid is neither +20 deg or -20 deg off mag north. Instead it is ON mag north with a variance of +-2 deg from the different datums I used. I needed 5 datums for a 100m x 60m area because of the crazy vegetation (curse you Rhododendrons!!) I think that my other compass, a more simple one, may be off some. What’s really cool is that where I am is the area of 0 declination. Woot! One less thing to calculate. So the next thing to do is get a metal detector, go over the site to see if any metal (specifically ferrous) readings show up, and then I get to dig STPs at each of the 60 points that I set out over the course of the last 6 weeks.

Then I get to start on the lower level, but I’m waiting to hear from the old boss if he can come out and remove some of the big trees that have fallen over the site, threatening to damage extant structures! NOOO!


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