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Stupid Alarm Clock

Posted by Gexx on July 7, 2009

So – either my alarm clock doesn’t always work, which is possible because the cats spill water on the table and have already messed up one function, or I am able to turn it off in my sleep. One way or another, I totally missed my 4.30AM wakeup and didn’t realize it until 9AM. Normally I’m up by 630 or 7, but last night M didn’t get in until late and then he kept talking about his current entrepreneurial idea and I kept responding. Then, generally unable to sleep because I kept thinking about his ideas and my next day in the field, and it was too hot/cold, cat attacked my feet, whine whine whine, next thing I know it’s 3AM.

So at 9AM I wake up to find that my contact for equipment has texted and called me, and I respond to her. I won’t be in because to get ready will take 1/2 hour (9:30), to meet her will take another hour (10:30), to get to the parking lot will take another 1.5 hours conservatively and possibly 2-2.5 hours (noon), to hike to the site and set up will take another 1.2 hour (12.30) and to guarantee that I will be back to return the gear we need to leave the field at 2.30. 2 hours is not near enough time that I need.

So we get to try again next week.

This week (today especially) I need to take care of some serious stuff, though, since I’m not getting in the field.

– pay mortgage
– pay internet

– find something to do w M’s stuff
– help M find retailrealestate out in Mville
– laundry
– clean sink area
– organize back room (I removed some extraneous storage devices to give to Ms. S for her new apartment)
– clean under bedside table (cats always mess it up)
– finish telling break-in/insurance nightmare story
– get GexxCooksKnoxvilleStyle going
– take pix for GexxCooksKnoxvilleStyle banner
– take pix of garden
– research chicken coop plans
– bring my stuff back from M’s (the stuff we moved after the first break in

– empty out randomly stuffed (inspired by break-in) purses that have made their way back.
– enter current data into spreadsheet
– install OpenOffice

– research greenhouse plans (clear courrigated plastic on the side of the shed)
– install hook/eye on shed
– install hook/eye on laundry room door
– call Greg of Gregory’s Greenhouse
– get keys back from neighbor
– finish Bee book
– compost garden (when compost dries)
– look at recent issues of trade magazines
– order toy
– order stolen necklace

– find reciept for paint, door knob,
– fax to Wallace Miller
– Thursday: Court for second break in
– Saturday: Benefit concert for Conservation Fisheries at Shady Grove Meadery, Cutthroat Shamrock and Zombie Bazooka Patrol shows at Catalyst


2 Responses to “Stupid Alarm Clock”

  1. Karla said

    During college I discovered my own innate ability to turn off the alarm in my sleep… not just hit snooze, but turn the whole thing off. Totally possible.

    Still sucky, though.

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