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Posted by Gexx on July 6, 2009

I’ll get to the break-in story later. (have court AGAIN this week for it)

warning: this reads like a gradeschool assignment. i just got back from a 6 hour drive to find that my housesitter FAILED. more on that in here.

This weekend M and I went to his family’s place out in West TN for the FourthOfJuly. We had a pile of fun. When we got there on Friday, first thing we did was stop by the side of the road and got some fireworks. M thought that I was silly, being excited over some gigantic sparklers. I also got some little rocket things and some tanks for the kids (who, come to find out, were a lot older than I remembered from Thanksgiving). Then we hung out on his aunt’s patio looking over the Kentucky Lake (the lake w the freshwater pearl farms that I teach about sometimes) before his parents took us out for catfish at the marina. Then we went back to his aunt’s because that’s where we were staying – they have a guest apartment over their garage. On the Fourth his mom and dad took us around the countryside to a Mennonite community and we bought some veggies and such for the party. I got a watermelon!

During the party, we went out on his uncle’s boat, and he took us all along the lake. We went up by the TVA and DuPont plants and ended up seeing a big Ospray nest. We needed to dodge railway pylons and keep in some narrow marked areas, which made me a little worried considering his uncle’s Maker’s Mark consumption at that point. Then it was time to go back for food! It was like Thanksgiving in that vegetables were simply garnish. It was not like Thanksgiving as not *everything* had cheese AND bacon. It was also like Thanksgiving that there was lots of food left over even though everyone was stuffed.

Most everyone left before dark, but there were supposed to be fireworks across the lake, so M and I stayed put (not that there was really anywhere else to go). There was a little rain, but it stopped so we (me, M, aunt, uncle, other uncle) went down to the dock (down – like – 4 stories down!) to light them. Half way through:


So we all ducked out of the rain by jumping in the boat (no, not smart, but whatever) and when the storm would break some we would run out and light more of our own. Eventually, the power in the neighborhood went out, and the rain didn’t seem to be tapering much, so we made our way back up the side of the property, grabbed some beer and a flashlight and retired to our dry abodes.

We get up to our apartment and light some candles, and I find my phone. My neighbor (didn’t listen to my instructions about my keys) and broke a key off in a lock (that wasn’t even locked). She says she got it out (her dad came over) and is getting a replacement the next day (today). I text her back to not worry about it, that I have extras that I’ll just get copied, and that she has the rear door key so please go check that my cats have food/water in the morning.

We go to M’s grandparent’s place and pick up some stuff, so about 1PM we’re about to get on the road and I call. “I just got the key replaced, but I’m scared to go try it. Your cats should be fine until you get home tonight.”

At that point, my jaw dropped. We get on the road and I go a steady 10MPH over the speed limit the whole way back.

The cat’s were fine, but hungry. They still had plenty of water and the litter box was a little – full. But they’re so very happy to see me. At least that’s how I’m interpreting their spastic chase scenes.


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