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Posted by Gexx on June 24, 2009

More substantial post about recent events. But right now, I have my place all to myself for the weekend. M has left for Origins, a Gaming conference off in some flat state next to the Mississippi (I think). This leaves me with time and space, since he’s been staying with me since the TWO break-ins. So:todo list of what I need todo. Also, my new computer has a stiff keyboard, so please be forgiving of occasional missing letters.

-finish telling break-in/insurance nightmare story
-clean kitchen counters
-get GexxCooksKnoxvilleStyle going
-take pix of garden
-research chickencoop plans
-install screen
-install hook/eye on shed
-install hook/eye on laundry room door
-make banner for Gexxcooksknoxville
-help H get WoW pet
-clean bathroom

-find my can opener
-eat while using all the yummy veggies that I still have
-finish organizing dining room.
-clean off brown desk
-clean off black desk
-organize dresser
-finish beet salad
-pickle beets?
-make peach cobbler (or sorbet 😉 ) (or something with this surplus of peaches)

-take pix of kittycats
-downsize kitchen
-organize mantle
-get Prodigal Summer by B Kingsolver
-read Prodigal Summer
-next door neighbor’s Birthday
-Cutthroat Shamrock Friday
-Downtown Wine+Spirits for : Prosecco, Limoncello, Campari, Rye whiskey, and Gin (Tru2 or another florally, organic type)
-Farmers Market in Market Square on Saturday
-Paint new back door
-Vacuum dining room
-Vacuum living room

-Vacuum office
-Run to Goodwill
-Get Storm Door
-Go to bank

-Go to pharmacy
-Clean off office floor

6/24, 16:00 – only crossing one thing off but adding a pile of others
6/28, 19:10 – rearrangng stuff so it’s not so mixed up


2 Responses to “ToDo”

  1. Tammie said

    Hey hows it going? Origins is in Ohio. You know the one right next to PA. Rodney is also there with his work he is doing some seminars and a few of his books are up for awards. Im very glad my todo list isnt as long as yours. We should talk SOON!!

  2. Tammie said

    o and one more thing. You have research chickencoop plans on your list, have you ever heard of a chicken tractor? i heard about it on NPR today. i guess its somekind of cage that the chickens live in that moves around your yard and they act like a lawn mower just eating the grass and stuff. You should check that out since you have a yard.

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