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The next drama

Posted by Gexx on June 3, 2009

Saturday I had to take NewKitty, now named Jefe (pronounced heh-FAY – It’s short for Hefenweisen which is M’s fave beer and it’s Spanish for “chief”) to the vet as per Humane Society rules. We get there for our 9.30AM appointment and find that there has been a rash of Decon-eating (Decon, the rat poison) in the Knoxville pet community. One woman there was utterly taken aback that her 6 week kitten found it behind the curtain under the kitchen sink. And to think she also has a 6 month old. We’ll see how long those two last. Another was an old man with an old Beagle. The old mad had apparently set it outside, in the rat hole, “but I put a rock over it.” The vets all looked to be at the end of their stupid quota, but these animals all had emergency priority. The whole time, the vet kept telling each of them “Decon is PEANUT BUTTER FLAVORED! Of course the animals are ALL going after it!!!!” Finally, about 10.30, Jefe and I get seen. They were a little surprised at my suddenly getting a new kitty, but they weren’t *too* surprised and everyone says that he is gorgeous. We discover that he has earmites, so I get a twice daily eardrop medicine. We get up to date on all of our shots, and we go on our way at 11 as a happy, but frustrated, and a slightly miffed kitty (he had shots, earcleaning, nail trimming, and buttworm testing… he felt somewhat violated). I get home and find that M has packed up our overnight bag and my dress for the wedding we’re attending in Nashville. The wedding doesn’t start till 3.30, but I still needed to get my friend H in NKnox and we were meeting one of M’s friends in Nashville for lunch before the wedding.

We get to Nashville and see M’s friend for a bit, we go to the wedding, we finally find our way to the reception, we drive back, aftermidnight we drop off H, and just after 1 M and I walk into my house.

I find Jefe sitting on the couch, but I don’t see Orion. I figure it’s late and she must be sleeping. I’m surprised at how cool it is even though the house had been closed up all day. I grab Jefe and his meds, drop them in his ears, and then go into the kitchen. I notice the back door is open. I look a little longer. I realize that the door is broken, the deadbolt has been kicked out, and the chain is hanging. M comes up behind me.

“Call 911” I tell him. “We’ve been broken into.” I grab Jefe and run into the bedroom, looking for Orion and damage and who knows what. I don’t see Orion. I don’t see our computers. I do see a big open space on my dresser where my jewelry box once sat. M’s on the phone “They took the computers and my jewelry and I can’t find Orion!” I realized that she wasn’t there, that I may have lost both of the kitties in two weeks, and I feel like I’m going to cry but I’m so shocked and terrified that I don’t.

M tells me that the police are on their way. While waiting, we inspect the door and look to see if anything else was taken. Nothing was ransacked, no drawers were opened. The basement is still secure. My bike was sitting in the living room, as was my guitar, viola, and saxophone. None of my papers seen to have been taken. But Orion is missing and my thesis is on my computer! We step on the back stoop, calling for Orion. I could call her any name, but I was hoping that she would come to me because she heard my voice.

Soon an officer comes. He inspects the house, takes our statement, and shines his light in the backyard. I ask him to keep an eye out for a pudgy little gray cat who like cuddling. Then, I remember that my neighbors aren’t home. Infact, I’m watching their house for them. So I ask the officer to go over with me to see if they were broken into also. He does and we go in through the front door. We inspect all the windows, and the backdoor is still locked, so she’s ok.

I go back to my house with M and I call my mother to tell her this. She tells me to calm down, to put Jefe in another room, and to make myself a cup of tea. I tell her I will after I secure the back door, and I keep saying that I don’t know where Orion is. She finally tells me to give the phone to M, so I do. He talks to her a bit and then gets off. We put some food out for Orion, like my mother suggested. Then he says “your mom said to push the drier in front of the door to secure it for the night. They won’t come back now that the police have been here.” That sounds like a good idea so I go about taking the drier off of its hose. The clasp requires a Phillips head screwdriver, but I don’t want to go to the basement. So instead I take my poultry shears and cut through the aluminum ductwork. We start to muscle the drier in place when I hear a cat meow out the door. I throw open the door and see ORION! I grab her and hug her and tell her how much she scared me and pick out the brambles in her fur and tell her she needs to stay inside and put her in the closed off part of the house.

Then M and I finish shoving the drier in front of the door, get stuff for the next morning, and go to his place.

to be continued…


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