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Posted by Gexx on May 29, 2009


So M and I went to Soccer Taco for lunch, which just happens to be across (and a bit down the road) from the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley. I had been thinking of looking into getting another cat as Orion was not handling the concept of “alone” well, so M and I went on in “just to look.” Over lunch I had been listing the qualities I wanted, if I were to get a new cat: short hair (I don’t like picking out matted poop), playful, young adult, likes to be held, calm, does well with other cats. The HS had a cat colony area, where there were a few adult cats living together, so we walked in and they took notice of us. This one (spoiler, he now lives with me) started playing with us right away. The others weren’t that engaged. He purred when we picked him up, and he kept pouncing on my ragged jeans hem – he filled all my requirements, and he needed a catmomma. Since I now liked a cat, I figured we could look at the other adoption locations, so we went to PetSmart and YoungsWilliams. Neither place had any cats that stood out, much less fulfilled half of my requirements.

So I went home and thought about him. I noticed Orion meowing back and forth at the outside cats, mewing when they walked away. Orion has also put on a large amount of weight since Neci first was sick because they weren’t playing any more. I figured it might be best to introduce a new cat before Orion got too used to being an only, lazy, fat cat.
So the next day we filled out the paperwork and the morning after that (yesterday) they called my vet to make sure Orion was up to date. Then we rushed over to take him home.

When we got home, we put his carrier on the floor and opened the door. Orion did some sniffing, as did he. Then he came out of the carrier and Orion sniffed some more. Orion backed away a little bit, did not puff up, but growled and then hissed. All afternoon Orion kept him in sight and growled. He just wandered and ignored her. At night, she slept by my head and growled while he slept by my feet. This morning she’s going about on her own as is he. When they meet she growls and hisses some, but there’s no physical altercation… yet.

So, he needs a name. The current choices are: Alby, Whittaker, Worely, Remy, Gawain, Theron, and Sven. Ideas?


One Response to “”

  1. Sparrow said

    He’s a handsome boy! I love the eyes.
    I’m sure the two cats will get along just fine… eventually.

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