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Posted by Gexx on May 27, 2009

This past Thursday I got to see Neci. She was in a crate at the vet’s hooked up to an IV. She was so skinny and had patches shaved because of all the tests and bloodworks that she underwent. It took about five minutes before she recognized M or myself. She couldn’t move much because her front paw with the IV was immobilized to keep her from messing with it. After I pet her and gave her chin scruffies for a while, she started to purr very weakly. She had some gunk on her fur as she had just vomited an attempt to give her oral meds.
Her GI cancer was so bad that any treatment would kill her because she was too weak for chemo. Exploratory surgery would put her in shock or cause a bad infection: her immune system was gone. I could leave her at the vet’s on an IV so she could slowly, miserably, and agonizingly waste away. Or I could take her home and she would waste away more painfully and quickly.
I didn’t think that any of those decisions would be fair to her – they all involved drawn-out, painful deaths.
So I had to make a decision which I hated.
After much thinking and much crying, I called the vet’s on Friday morning and Neci was put to sleep that day.
Neci on Guard

2 Responses to “Neci”

  1. Karla said

    Oh E, I’m so sorry. ~huuuuuuuuuuug~

  2. Claire said


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