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Sick cat and Savannah

Posted by Gexx on May 19, 2009

Morgan and I brought Neci to the vets on Saturday morning. She was only 6 lbs (she was 11 before she got sick the first time in March and lost weight for that, I think she was down to 8 pounds then). She is extremely anemic, lethargic and wasn’t eating. So the vet kept her for the weekend, ran some tests, and kept her on an IV. She’s still there, on an IV. Based on current blood tests, the vet thinks that this is either
1) GI cancer – mast cell tumor in the small intestine, spreading big time
2) autoimmune disease
3) parasites on the red blood cells
Today he is extracting cells to send to the lab to decide wether or not it is cancer.
On Thursday we’ll sit down with him to determine “what we’ll do next.”
I really don’t like the sound of that.
Through this whole issue, I’ve needed to remind the vet that I won’t be in town this weekend.

::sigh:: my poor kitty.

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