Gexx in Knoxville

This blog is about Gexx, in Knoxville


Posted by Gexx on May 13, 2009

Yes, it’s Wednesday. Yes, I’m not at my site. To put it shortly: my stadia rod holder needed to deal with something today.
So let’s update the itinerary:

– update and email collection management plan
– get vermiculture started
-buy worms (where in Knoxville can I find little worms, not big nightcrawlers!?)
-buy soil
-start setting up paperwork for site
-bring books to library
-get in contact with Erik
-call Ann
-email Lee

Tomorrow: go to site. take shower. sleep.

-make cake
-boil potatoes for salad
– buy vodka, beer, charcoal, lighterfluid
– set out meat to thaw
– pick up extraneous stuff in office
-recycle microwave on campus

– prepare recycling/compost buckets for party
– clean bathroom, like, really clean, for guests
– make potato salad
– make burgers
– make guacamole
– set up drink station (ice, limes, etc)
– set up foods
– frost cake
– set up tiki torches
– sprinkle mosquito repellent (all natural plant oil granules) on property
6PM – set up grill, soak coals, chill
630 – light coals
7PM – start grilling


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