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Open letter to Amazon

Posted by Gexx on April 13, 2009

Dear Amazon,
I am outraged at the current issue regarding de-ranking books.  While Publisher’s Weekly may have claimed that it was “a glitch,” your own company had earlier released a statement claiming that these products, including same sex parenting books and Foucault’s sexual theory books, are inappropriate for your normal searching public.
By these standards, I am assuming that you view your purchasing population to be closeminded, heteronormative, and not intelligent. If not, why would all these feminist, gender theory, and queer narratives (Ellen DeGeneres’s biography is inappropriate!?) be removed? 
Gay rights are human rights. If you refuse to represent these books, you are standing in the way of equality.  Instead you promote books that will “heal” homosexuality. 
I am a heterosexual, feminist, intellectual advocate for human rights, and I will not support a company that disenfranchises any author.  I believe in the power of voting with my dollar. Therefore, you have lost a customer.



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