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Happy Easter

Posted by Gexx on April 12, 2009


M and I decided to get some Easter Brunch, so we got dressed up and headed out to the Copper Cellar in Bearden. We got there early to avoid the rush and find that all the seats are reserved. The hostess then, with no one around who is taking her attention, tells us “if you want you can try to find space in our lounge.” Another waitress comes up and says “you can go find a place to eat in our lounge.”

We left, not because it was full. I don’t mind eating in a designated bar area now that there’s no smoking there. Instead, both staff members were standing around and didn’t even offer to serve us. They did not say “let’s try to find room” or “there is room.” Instead they really didn’t give a shit.

So we headed down to Big Fatty’s. M had never been!! It was a pretty cool brunch. We were greeted when we walked in the door, given an option of where we wanted to sit (all reserved seats were well marked), and had a server at our table every 2 minutes to make sure everything was going well.

The food was awesome, too. Bacon, eggs, omelets, mac and cheese, spinach maria, sweet taters, shrimp’n’grits, banana pudding. You know, the normal.

We were quite satisfied with where we went.


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