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Groundhog Battle, part A

Posted by Gexx on April 2, 2009

I have a groundhog. It’s big. I’ll get you all a picture soon. M just saw it today for the first time, and he was impressed. My friend Jim was enthralled with it last summer. It eats anything I put in the ground (hence my propensity toward container gardening the other years).

Oh, and he lives under my house.

This year, however, I do not want to give up all my succulent sprouts to the whistlepig.

So far the options are:

I don’t want to shoot it, obviously. And who do I want to burden with another groundhog? So this weekend we’re building a fence with some chickenwire and supports.

Wish us luck!

edit: found online

If you just want to keep them from eating your garden, spray the plants with the following mixture.

2 ozs. Of fish oil
1 tablespoon of dish soap
1 pint of warm water.

Mix all ingredients together in a clean bowl and strain through several layers of nylon stocking to remove any solids. Put the mixture into an old spray bottle and spray the plant leaves, top and bottom and the stems. This mixture works well on all rodents.


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