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garden – part II

Posted by Gexx on March 22, 2009

Today I pulled out the saw horses with the intent of reducing my tree to manageable-sized pieces. Unfortunately, the battery for my circular saw was low, so it just couldn’t get the power needed to cut through the wood. So that’s charging. I did, however, pile all of the tree into one pile, so it’s no longer spread between two lawns. Then I set up black plastic on a patch of yard to solarize the area for next year’s garden. The theory is that the black plastic will trap enough heat to kill out all living things under it: weeds, grass seed, that damn bush that won’t die, and other stuff. Then, this fall, all I need to do is lay down newspaper, compost, leaves, and cover it with something to keep it in place, and next year I will have a 10 foot by 12 foot garden! More food!


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  1. Karla said

    Welcome to the happy world of Word Press! ^_^

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