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Posted by Gexx on March 12, 2009

I hate the concept of "traditional gender roles."  Traditional to whom?  It's not my tradition.  Instead, I want equality.  For some reason I don't enjoy being thought of as an unable individual, a second class citizen.  I want someone to treat me well because they like me and wish to be altruistic, making my life nicer at expense of their effort, not because I'm female.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

Last night my friend had a birthday party, and Morgan and I attended.  He started talking to some of our friends and some topic came up, I think it was regarding a letter that he wrote to the editor of the school paper after it had a headline stating that"Cocks bring Vols to their knees" was bad on two counts. 1) we won the game. 2) equating sexual acts with demonstration of power is really not classy and the editor should be mature enough to realize that.  He was then asked "wait, your a feminist, aren't you."  He stated, "Yes I am."  None of that beating around the bush of claiming but also attempting to educate that feminists are about equality, not non-shaving, army boot wearing, men haters.  Just "Yes I am."

My friend turns to me and says "Don't you ever date guys with balls?"

I tell her that I find the fact that he views me as a partner, as an able equal to be extremely sexy.

He offers to show her his balls if she doesn't believe him.

I think that what he said, while it should be 'expected', in this situation was openly shown hostility, and instead he didn't hide behind privilege.  It *was* rather ballsy.

One Response to “my boyfriend”

  1. Karla said

    Morgan rocks. ^_^

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