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A regular Monday

Posted by Gexx on March 3, 2009

Answer to the riddle… and I’m going above and beyond. I found a 9 letter word that can be reduced: splitting, spitting, sitting, siting, sting, ting, tin, in, I

I found an awesome streaming NPR site: KAXE ( ) out of Grand Rapids.  They play a bunch of Jazz/Blues/World/Americana.  And their news/Human Interest are a whole bunch of green/enviro/soc articles.  For example, I just heard about a green Bar Mitzvah and a promotion for a piece of coal miners realizing that just what their impact was (what their labor was worth, that they could interrupt the power supply). Oh, and the weather is a high of 20… in Grand Rapids.  Not surprising.

What did I get done:
2- Go to Target and get new bins.
4- Check BookMovement site for accuracy
9- keep room clean



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