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stepping back… after x steps forward

Posted by Gexx on February 27, 2009

I have been on the search for my drill bits for days.  I want to make a LED seed starter.

I searched through three tubs of stuff.  You know that stuff, the stuff that accumulates because you don't know where to put it.  I ended up putting it in a series of laundry baskets and tupperware totes.  After I went through them, seperating out what was going to Goodwill, seperating out the paperwork/old mail for further detailed perusal, and finding places for everything else (if it had no place, it was Goodwill), I still had no drill bits.  I was so certain that the bits were in them because that's where I threw everything when my parents visited.  So, no bits.

Onto the next possibility: The dinning room drawers.  This is a set of drawers that came from Justin's parents.  The top drawer is full of catchall stuff, rolls of scotch tape, fuses, lightbulbs, spools of thread, ribbon, dry-erase markers, all that good stuff.  I emptied the drawer into one of the now-free laundry baskets, searching for the drillbits.  They're in a blue nylon book, so it's somewhat obvious.  Still no drillbits.  I take the opportunity to re-pack the drawer.  I use gladware: one for batteries, one for screws and nails, one for fuses, one for sewing stuff.  I stack up all my appliance manuals on one side.  I find places for my tape measure, my screwdriver set, and my hammer.  I take all the random wrenches, pliers, and other hardware and set it aside for it to be brought into the basement.

Then onto the bottom drawer.  This drawer ended up being stuffed so full of stuff that the front was pulled off, leaving the drawer more like a cubbyhole.  One side is stuffed with fabric, which I refolded for the purpose of getting it to fit better.  I ended up finding some lovely brown and blue fabric that I was going to make into my bedroom curtains but I think I'll use for a dress or skirt (depending on how much I have) and some red and cream fabric that was going to be a pillow but will work for another skirt.  They're both rather stiff, but that will be ok.  Working on the other side I pulled out a plethora of other hand tools that migrated up from the basement, and in them was the pack of drill bits!

My first project was to reattach the doors to my kitchen cupboard.  They were taken off when I re-did the kitchen.  I attached the handles and the hinges to both and then carried them to the kitchen.  For some reason I ended up purchasing the wrong style of hinges.  I'm not sure how that happened.  So one project still not done.

Then I wanted to build the seed starter that I had mentioned for last weekend.  I pulled out the tupperwares for it, but for some reason when I bought them, I never checked that the lids fit on the bottoms.  ARGGH! 

So needless to say, I'm a little peeved that I can't do what I wanted, but at the same time I'm glad that I was able to clean up those piles of junk.


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