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same old same old

Posted by Gexx on February 26, 2009

Last night before I went to bed, I refilled the catfood bowl.  It was the last of the food, probably about 3/4 to a full cup worth of food.  I expected it to last through the morning and then I could grab some on my way home from work after they had no food for a few hours.
At 5 AM (7 hours later) I had two whining cats sitting on my chest.  I shoo them off, and try to get some rest but end up pulling out my computer and taking care of some school work.  I crawl out of bed at about 730 AM and find that the piggies gobbled up all their food.
So I'm at work, and I have two portly, hungry kittens left to their own devices at my house.
I hope it still stands when I get home later.

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