Gexx in Knoxville

This blog is about Gexx, in Knoxville


Posted by Gexx on February 18, 2009

Morgan: "It's best if I explain this as a metaphor. It's like a
ragged old bear that likes berries. And then it hibernates in the
me: "Bears don't hibernate."
Morgan: "Damn, it's because of people like you that Jesus wasn't
recorded for the first 30 years. He's up giving the Sermon on the
slightly daunting precipice and says 'Life with faith is like trying
to cook bread over a fire…' and some smartarse interjects with 'but
bread needs convection or it won't cook.'"
me: "but bread *can* be cooked over a fire…"
Morgan: "SEE! THAT'S IT!!"


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