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very sad

Posted by Gexx on February 5, 2009

I burned dinner.  That makes me sad, for many reasons.

First, I never mess up dinner.  Especially not two pounds of meat.  Second, Morgan was looking forward to dinner so much.  It was to be pot roast, his favorite meal.  Third, I used yummy wine in it.

Here's what happened,
I sauteed the onions, set them aside, seared the meat, added the broth/wine/herbs/onions.  Then I set it on medium to bubble for about an hour.  Thirty minutes later, I get up to check on it and find that there is no liquid left in the pan and the roast is a hockey puck.

I never do this!

Now I need to figure out something else for dinner and tell morgan he can't have pot roast.

or can he? I just remembered I have a big thing of stew meat…


::sigh:: so sad…


2 Responses to “very sad”

  1. WobegonRabbit said

    So did you rescue dinner or did you go hungry?

  2. rebeccaclaire said

    could you saw it up and make stew? Seems like there should be some way to save it. Of course, it’s a bit late to have that flash of brilliance now, eh?

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