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system restart again

Posted by Gexx on February 2, 2009

some how i ended up with a virus.


just when i got my rss feeds organized and my bookmarks reset.

thank goodness for delicious.

i think the antivirus i had before wasn't good enough.  i couldn't get the university's AV program to work because I couldn't fully uninstall the fragments of Norton that originally came with this computer, so I got Mcaffy (macaffry, whatever).

Now I managed to get norton to uninstall, but still can't get the university's program to completely install, it get to 99% and then i get an error message.

so we're going to try Trend Micro, as recommended from my girlfriend who used to work for 'cow box computer company' tech support


i hate technology some times


One Response to “system restart again”

  1. Karla said

    Get Avast ( NOW. It rocks, is free (for the home version), is super safe (I’ve had it on three machines and no problem yet)… and did I mention it’s free?

    I just read the rest of your post… if the cow box thingie doesn’t work, then. ^_^

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