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food… is it?

Posted by Gexx on January 31, 2009

When my mother visited the summer before last she insisted on refilling my pantry and freezer.  We returned from the store with boxes upon boxes of Rice-a-roni, instant pudding, bags of seasoned noodles, pasta/sauce, canned vegetables, baked beans, and pre-marinated giant turkey breasts, and ground beef in tubes.


not really.

I tried to work my way through the piles of chemicals, but it was just too… preserved.  I didn't touch the meats.  They were just too big.

When my brother visited I gave him all my instant foods.  He has a microwave in the dorm and just this year managed to figure out the washing machine.  I figured that with directions printed on the food it would be better than fast foods.

However, I kept the meat.  Today I cooked one up a gigantic turkey tenderloin (do turkeys even have loins?) with the intent of making turkey salad, turkey soup, and turkey pie.  It turned out to be a breast.

So I cooked it through.

It's so damn over seasoned and salty.  I'll see what I can do to counter it.  Maybe diluting it in the soup and such will work.



One Response to “food… is it?”

  1. Karla said

    I also remember her buying you all that cubed cheese and pretzels freshman year… some things never change! -_^

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