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New Years in Atlanta

Posted by Gexx on January 26, 2009

There was a line. For the museum. It was 12:05, the Museum opened at
noon, and there was a line stretching around the plaza.

Morgan and I had been toying with the idea of taking a daytrip to
Atlanta in order to see the Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit. On Saturday
we decided that we had done enough work to take a day off, so we
ordered the tickets to the High Museum and chose 2:30 for our entrance
time to the special exhibit.

We were on the interstate by 8 and stopped for breakfast at a Cracker
Barrel. We managed to pull into the parking lot of the Museum by Noon
and then took the elevator to the museum level.

Where we encountered the line. We jumped in as people slowly filed
into the building. Suddenly a black and red haired woman came out.
She announced that members should go inside immediately and go to
their special line. Then, will call (us) were directed to our lines.
The rest of the schlubs… er… people were left for general
admission. There were only 5 parties infront of Morgan and I, so we
flew through pretty fast.

When we got our ticket I looked at it and asked the woman what time we
had signed up for to see the exhibit because I was pretty sure it was
2:30, but it didn't say on the ticket and I didn't want to risk
missing our entrance time. Museum people can get rather frustrated if
you mess up their order. I would know.

"Well, we don't have that many people signed up for the afternoon, so
you can just hop in whenever you want." She responded.

So we did.

It was pretty awesome. No pictures allowed, but that's ok. There
were some complete warriors, including one like ours at the museum.
There was also a horse because the Emporer wanted chariots. They also
including musicians (how cool is that!) and birds that would inhabit
the Emporer's afterlife court.

There was also an exhibit on masterpieces from the Lourve, so we saw
some original Michaelangelos and such. And the permanent collection
was so daunting.

A good part of the permanant collection was spent investigating how
design/decorative arts evolved. When I was in the early 20th century
part, Morgan stepped outside for a cigarette. I found a desk and
chair set by Frank Lloyd Wright and sat down…. across from it.

A family comes up and is being given a guided tour. They have two
daughters, one about 5-7 the other 9-12. The youngest raises her hand
right after the guide mentions that FLW designed the piece. The guide
calls on the girl who points to a thing sitting on the desk.

"What's that?"
"Thats…" the guide starts
"Oh! I know!" says older daughter. "It's what old people use instead
of a computer. You hit the keyboard and the letter shows right up on
the paper. You don't need to hit the print button!"

The guide is trying so very hard not to laugh. So am I. The older
daughter's description of the typewriter, however, was most awesome.

By the time we wandered our way through four floors of chronological
art, we were most arted out and starting to get a little hungry.
Claire had recommended a few places, including Canton House with all
day Dim Sum. I had never done DimSum before, and the directions to
the restaurant were rather easy from the museum, so we popped on I85
jumped off to Buford Highway, and found it rather easily.

The Canton House had such huge chandeliers! And there was a black and
red laquered stage on one end with gigantic gold dragons flying along
the wall. Where we sat we saw into the kitchen. They had a tank
filled with crabs! And another with swimming fish. Talk about fresh!

One waitress explained just what DimSum was to us, and we dove in. We
started with pork in steamed dough balls, shrimp dumplings, and
stuffed mushrooms. With the next cart we got BBQ pork buns, shrimp on
sugar cane (which I missed so much from Saigon's in Albany), then we
tried beef spare ribs. We were cautious because we weren't sure how
much things were. There were two definite teirs as they marked our
order sheet, and five dishes were in the top (lowest priced) tier and
two were in the middle, the spare ribs and the sugarcane shrimps. We
felt somewhat good after that, and through this I noticed that so many
people were wearing red. And one waitress had a red envelope that
looked like what would be used for the…. Chinese New Year!

I felt so very stupid for not remembering, I was sure I had heard
something about it on NPR that day, but still….

The meal came to $22 total, our worry was totally unfounded. And it

Then we hit the road, at about 6, and unexcitedly made it back home by 9.

It was such fun!

In the spirit of the Chinese new year, I'm posting my horiscope. I'm a Piggy.
It sounds like it might be a good year!

Pig Overview
The Pig has many opportunities to shine this year. Your generous
nature is apparent in all aspects of your life. It is an admired
quality that people respect. This year, your inherent generosity plays
a large role in areas that you may not even be aware and may pave the
way to a possible career change. You have an abundance of friends and
you are well loved by your family. this year will only enhance these
relations. One area that may create some issues is that you seem to
overextend yourself to a point where there isn't any time left for
you. This could lead to a change in priorities and could promote some
better organizational skills.

Pig Rating
53% (2 favorable 9 neutral and 1 unfavorable month)

Pig Career
The Pig may feel complacency in your current job position. This could
be a year that you may need a change towards something that is more
suitable for your needs. You may gravitate towards something that is
more of a position that provides service to others, perhaps a
non-profit organization or a customer service based position. Your
busy schedule will also play a part in your work. You may be forced to
choose between certain activities, as there are only seven, not eight
days in a week. Whatever the course may be for your career, you will
fit in well with your endearing personality.

Pig Relationships
Personally, 2009 will be a year that the Pig will enjoy much
happiness. Both your social and domestic life will be endearing to
you, providing you with encouragement and advice. Your family and
friends will be the source of many memorable occasions this year. For
the unattached Pig, there will be some romantic opportunities. Be
careful who you let into your circle, as you tend to give others too
much credit. July is a particularly favorable month for all Pigs.

Pig Health
The Pig would do well to watch your health this year. There may be an
unforeseen incident that arises sometime during the year, most likely
in late April or early May. This may cause you to look at your habits
relating to your health. One area in particular is your diet. This
year could provide a change in your eating habits, which could help
other areas of your health.

Pig Wealth
There may be times this year when you are uncertain about your
financial future, but there are things in your life that take
precedence over money. You will be taken care of, but there may be
times of financial uncertainty. A change will come in the second half
of the year that will provide greater financial comfort and allow you
to live at a means that is more accustomed to your liking. Be patient,
as the change will come.

Always remember, a cat looks down on man, a dog looks up to man, but a
pig will look man right in the eye and see his equal. – Winston


3 Responses to “New Years in Atlanta”

  1. Karla said

    Yeaaa Dim Sum! Isn’t it amazing? I went with ten people once which was awesome because we could try sooo many different things. The place was really authentic too–chicken feet and all. -_^

  2. WobegonRabbit said

    Sounds like a fun day at the High! I love Dim Sum and have been trying to find a restaurant here.

  3. rebeccaclaire said

    It sounds like you had a great trip! I loved the type writer description. Dead on! And now I’m hungry and craving dim sum. I should have told you to try the sesame balls! They have red bean paste inside. Oh they are so good. I’ve made a party of 6 wait while they made more then marched across the restaurant to get them before they all got claimed. Man I love those things! I guess you’ll have to go again sometime. šŸ™‚

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