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Posted by Gexx on January 19, 2009

So Morgan and I have been spending a whole bunch of time together. Like… all of it. We really started when I had no heat/hot water and then as soon as that fixed he blew his transmission, so first I camped out at his place and then he “tagged along” with me. His house is in the fort and he spends much less time on campus than I do, so he walks back and forth. I tend to meet him at his place afterwork and then we just do whatever we need, which for students is alot of reading and computer dinking. And well, reading and dinking are rather more pleasurable when snuggled with another reading dinker.

I find it odd though, as he keeps wanting to be with me. I keep waiting for him to suddenly tire of me and want “alone time.” We’ll see.

Oh, and he hums. He paces and fidgets when he can be mobile or his hands are free, it used to drive me crazy but now I’ve just gotten used to it. But when he needs to sit and read, he hums. It’s not all bad, rarely is it an earworm (rarely). Normally it’s some classical choral piece, as he did fancy classical chorus in high school, so it’s like I have a tenor section all to myself.

Except I’ve always studied in silence.

We learn and adjust.


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