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Posted by Gexx on January 15, 2009

I got out of class at 11 and realized I still needed to put in about 3 or 4 hours at work. 
But I was STARVED. (and I brought no food).
Normally I'm gone at about 1, but I wanted to knock out a few things, especially since we all have Monday off. 
On the way from class to the museum is the basketball arena which has your typical slightly overpriced cafe/teria stuff and a mccalister's (sammiches and sweet tea).  I wander in and something smells really good.  I find that part of the meat and three (a southern thing?) for the day is chicken and dumplings.  I ask for a serving of that (about 3$ by itself), which the chef/cook said was his best batch ever and was about the head on my way, but I noticed that one of the "3" is steamed cabbage.  I've never been too fond of cabbage except in coleslaw until about a year or so ago.  Previous to that the vegetable had always been guilty of noxious fermentation or puke-worthy over boiling.  But then Nathan and Claire made some cooked with pepper and salt and I valiently tried it (I was in NO WAY going to offend my hosts by not eating their food!!!) and it was pretty good.  I had to get through the mental "EEEW NO  CABBAGE" block, so I don't think I ate *much* but there was no forcing of it.  Then I started finding Kimchee most everywhere!  And THEN Kim in the department made some homemade coleslaw!!
So I figured that the cabbage would likely be a bit healthier than the other vegetable, greenbeans in bacon (yum! but I'm keeping a reasonable eye on what I eat and bacon marinade is sorta… not good).  I wander the 5 floors back up and 2 floors down to my office and open it all up.  The smell is DIVINE! The chicken and dumplings remind me of home-made, not overly salty or thick.  Tender chicken, mushy dumpling.  And the Cabbage was great!!  Tender, again (remind me what to order when I forget my dentures 😉 ), and even a little sweet.
And now I need to do work.

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