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Posted by Gexx on January 8, 2009

I had a few days to myself after I returned from PA.  Morgan’s parents came down with him since his car was still in the shop.  He finally got it back this past weekend.  Three weeks without a car!  The transmission died and something mega got sheared off in the process of the imploding (exploding?) transmission and basically it required his mechanic to make multiple trips to junkyards.

So his parents took me to dinner at Amerigos and to lunch at PF Changs.  I really enjoyed the duck/sausage pizza from Amerigos.

This, I guess brings me to enjoying my birthday gifts from my parents.  My mother actually managed to get me some clothes that I can/will wear.  Normally we have some issues with what size I am or what sort of “things” I would be seen in and much gets returned.  I also got the cookbook “Jamie at Home,” which I’m currently in the middle of as my pizza dough is rising.  I meant to half it, but I sorta forgot, so now I have an ARSE LOAD of dough.

Neci is going crazy because Orion is out getting spayed.  I called and the kitten is just waking up, but the surgery went well.  Heather will be so pleased that next time she crashes here  she can actually sleep.  That was one of my “New Year goals”

Speaking of New Year, Morgan and I celebrated well, I think i mentioned before.  And then my brother came up for my birthday.  His plan was a little tentative as he got into a fight and needed his tooth fixed.  But his next appointment wasn’t until later the following week, so on Jan 2 he popped on down south for a bit of a visit.

We had some fun on my birthday.  Before breakfast, Morgan gave me my gift, a painting by one of my friends titled “green fairy”

Green Fairy

Then for breakfast we went to Knoxville Pearl, a cereal bar and ate super gut-rotting sugar cereals until we got diabetes.  Then we dropped Morgan off at a DnD game and I took the bro to McKay’s.  He didn’t expect it to be so large.  And then he saw it was 2 stories.  Afterwards, I dropped him off at Morgan’s (he was staying there because of my cats) and he took a nap.  AND THEN I GOT READY FOR MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Cut to the Brewery!  Woot!! It was an awesome birthday.  Morgan and Vincent were there.  So were Jim and Eric, Ann and Heather, Lee and Rusty, Shannon and Lindsay, and Nathan and Claire… everyone pairs off.  Only one is married.  We had cheesy pretzals and I was drinking some yummy pints of stout.  Then, of all things, Morgan disappears.  I get all worried because he was gone longer than to go smoke.  Then he shows up with 2 mugs.  MUGS.  Like, what members of the MUG CLUB drink.  I got a MUG CLUB MEMBERSHIP!


Then a chill Sunday and we started the college adventure, but that needs to wait, the dough is done rising.


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