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On holidays

Posted by Gexx on December 9, 2008

Holiday season has started.  We had the big meal where we carbo-loaded for the marathon of shopping, cooking, wrapping, and generally celebrating.
The "specialness" of the days, however, tend to grate on me.  Perhaps I didn't realize it until last year when I was seeing someone who "doesn't do presents," but I doubt that singular experiance was enough.  Combine the current economic downturn with a parent who puts so much pressure on gifting, between the time spent picking the gift and the amount spent on the gift and the quality of the wrapping (materials *and* skill) and you have a long-time-coming-gift-giving-rebellion.
And yet I'm still giving gifts this year.
But the one aspect that has become more pronounced is that Christmas is a day of obligatory gift giving.  Obligitory – when the gift is supposed to show how much you care about a person, that you think them special enough to get a gift on that day.
I give gifts randomly, I try to have something for people on their birthday, a token showing that I remembered the birthday and I know they like _blank_ (flowers normally, or wine, once i got a friend a gorgeous necklace).
I think my frustration is more obvious, pronounced, and defendable with the concept of Valentines day.  Morgan, it seems, is used to big fancy holidays.  For Christmas (and maybe this is my birthday combined too), he is taking me to get my hair done.  This is something I find truely desireable, as I have planned to get it done and it is so nice to not have to pay for it myself.  This weekend he brought up Valentines day.  He got to listen to a brief rant where I was annoyed at the concept of ignoring the state of a relationship the other 364 days of the year and only taking one day to "celebrate" it.
If I am in a relationship, I wish to feel recognized and important everyday.  Heck, I couldn't imagine a healthy relationship consisting of one member feeling unimportant most of the time.
And this is why holidays frustrate me.  Originally serving as an amplifier for a specific mood, they have metamorphisized into the only day we need to exhibit the appreciation.
Generosity is giving more than you can. Pride is taking less than you need" – Kahlil Gibran
If we have the opportunity to be generous with our hearts, orselves, we have no idea of the depth and breadth of love's reach. – Margaret Cho

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