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Let there be electricity through a metal coil that causes just enough resistance to radiate heat!

Posted by Gexx on December 9, 2008

This is the second Kitten Story of the day, the first being of India’s daring trip to the kitten emergancy room. He is recovering from a slightly embarrassing issue, but will be home and feeling better soon. Yay!

Last Saturday, an electrician came to my house to give me some estimates, 1) fixing what was broken 2) going from a fuse box to a circuit breaker. Before he showed up, I replaced all my fuses to everything that was broken, even though they looked like they were fine. None of the heaters worked, still. The hot water heater, however, did. So I did laundry and I took showers. I took a shower on Friday, and didn’t use any hot water since. Then I took a shower today (monday) and I got just barely lukewarm water. I’m worried.

On Saturday my electrician came at 9AM to install my baseboard heaters. It seemed like an easy enough task, but the last time I did any electric work in my house (replacing the Kitchen Light Fixture and replacing the dimmer switch in the office with a simple on/off switch) I ended up with my laundry room light not working. So he came to replace 4 old, broken 8′ baseboard heaters with 4 new, efficient 4′ baseboard heaters and replace the bathroom light (Dave and I almost killed ourselves (possibly)) replacing it this summer), and figure out what was wrong with the laundry room light.

I was to provide my own materials, and I had 4 heaters and 4 thermostats. Except they weren’t the thermostats that went with the heaters. Stupid Home Depot. So the electrician went and got the stuff. I then realized I never bought the new fixtures, so I ran to Home Depot (returning the crap stuff in the process). Just after this run, however, he went out to look at my fusebox, or his truck, or something, and I followed him to look at the snow. When I went back inside, I must not have closed the door all the way, because after I went over to tell Morgan about the snow (he was reading in my bedroom) I went back to the living room and saw the door open… and Orion was outside. So I grab her and realize I hadn’t seen Neci in a while. I ask Morgan to look for her inside while I go outside to see if she’s wandering.

Neither of us can find her, and the electrician tells me that I bought the wrong type of light fixture (I needed a pull chain), so I go back to Home Depot to buy the correct fixture (closest place to mine, even thought they screw up), delegating the entire cat hunt to Morgan. While driving I call my neighbor, knowing that if I don’t the next day we’ll have a conversation that consists of “Yesterday I saw a cat that looks just like Neci!” I’m starting to freak out, feeling like a horrible, irresponsible pet owner. When I adopted Neci I needed to fill out pages of references claiming that I had never lost a pet to neglect and could give the proper supervision and that she would ALWAYS be inside!

Then I start thinking about how Orion will feel. She has barely known any time alone since I adopted Neci. How will she handle it. And it’s not like I can just substitute it with another cat, we’ll both know it’s not right, and I failed Orion. I’m ready to cry and am getting pissed off at my inability to care for another being when Morgan calls and says that he found Neci passed out under my bed.


So now everything is ok…. except for my sudden lack of hot water. We’ll work on that. The hot water heater was warm…



2 Responses to “Let there be electricity through a metal coil that causes just enough resistance to radiate heat!”

  1. Betel said

    Who’s India?

  2. gexx said

    A friend’s cat.

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