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New Year Resolutions, sorta

Posted by Gexx on December 3, 2008

I don’t really *do* New Year Resolutions. It really makes no sense to me to suddenly decide that you need to change something and actually expect to break all your old, bad habits in one day that culminates the end of the stressful holiday season. Heck, the day after New Years is the national day of recuperation!

But, I do realize that I need to change a few things, and the next month will have plenty of new starts: new semester, new reign administration, new heating system.

So – I am going to propose a few changes to my current way of life. This is not seperate from the 101 in 1001 plan. In fact, it is most likely going to augment it. But I realize that I both need and want a few changes.

I’ve decided to break it into two parts: things I will continue through the year and things I want to get done over winter break.

So within the next month, I will set up the infrastructure for a year of:

  1. Keeping my house as neat/clean as I did from April 2007 – Sept 2007.
  2. Consuming consciously. This entails purchasing from local vendors and responsible companies. This includes food, toiletries, alcohol, cleaning supplies, and gifts.
  3. Successfully gardening at least two food objects (ie: tomatoes and eggplants) and 3 spices/herbs.
  4. Keep my bills organized.
  5. Run .

Over break I will:

  1. Enroll in auto-pay for my mortgage
  2. Figure out what is going on with my ATT bill
  3. Clean my desk
  4. Install my kitchen cabinet doors
  5. Clean out my kitchen supplies
  6. Install my coathooks
  7. Play with my kittens
  8. And generally simplify my possessions
  9. Create my mother’s website
  10. Figure out my financial aid situation for the following year
  11. Mount the headlight on my bicycle
  12. Organize the basement for easy bicycle access
  13. Get Orion and Neci their yearly shots
  14. Spay Orion
  15. Cuddle the kittens
  16. and at the end…. update my 101 in 1001 blog!

Plan plan plan…. Now to just DO!


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