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Twilight… perhaps with a spoiler

Posted by Gexx on November 30, 2008

So for the month of December, my bookclub is reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyers.  Yes, the teenaged vampire novel.  We picked this because it would probably be a quick read and because one of the members of the club, K, didn’t like the book.  She (and multiple other reviewers) couldn’t stand Bella (female protaganist and voice)’s lack of strength.

I’ve got a weird issue with the book, though.

So after reading it:

Bella doesn’t display an extreme lack of strength.  She’s a 17 year old girl who just moved from Arizona to Oregon.  She’s dealing with new-school stuff and ends up being attracted to a vampire.  She acts like a typical 17 yo not-yet-woman: she has some angst, she’s not always sure of herself and will defer to others, she makes mistakes, and she’s sometimes preoccupied.  All in all, while she’s not someone I would list as a Feminist Role Model, she’s not a pathetic excuse of a teen drama queen. 

One thing I found interesting was that there were few chronological markers in the book.  No mention of movies, songs, fashion, or technology.  It’s generally timeless.  Maybe there was a time-revealer when discussing her car in the beginning, but I doubt it.

My issue is with Edward, the VampireLurvInterest:
Edward was born in 1901 and vampire-ized in 1918, making him a perpetual 17.  However, in the setting of the book (late 1990s, early 2000s), he’s somewhere between 90 and 100.  And he’s gitten all-up-ons a 17 year old human girl.

“That’s what I like about High School Girls: I keep getting older but they stay the same.”

This book is an old man’s (wet) dream.


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